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User:MacMania/Paul is undead

This is awful. Bring on the comments and suggestions! Thanks in advance—MacManiasig.png MacManiasig-cheerios.png MacManiasig-holmes.png MacManiasig-starwars.png MacManiasig-firefly.png MacManiasig-pixar.png MacManiasig-oregon.png MacManiasig-lesmiz.png MacManiasig-doctor.png 16px-HalLogo.png Portal16px.png UncycLensFlare16px.pngDalek16px.png 16px-ChekhovSig.png16px-JapanSig.png Sir MacMania GUN[22:41 19 Jul 2010]

Humour: i think the article is very good, exept that you should make the top picture the two exact same pictures and then say: "look at the vast majority of differences etc." that would it funnier to any reader.
Prose and formatting:
Final Score: Not reviewed yet
Reviewer: Darkwalrus
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