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Writers who've scored a hat trick (3 features, or better) in the game of Uncyclopedia. Names are in alphabetical order where number of features is the same. Mostly. If you're that concerned that your name is out of order, you should probably get out more. (Or, write another featured article.) Not listed? Add yourself.

Rank Name Features Titles
1 Savethemooses 12 Pot v. Kettle, Mediocre Britain, Spanish Inquisition, Seven Deadly Sins, Teletubbies, Phonics, Open-Heart Surgery for Dummies, Lord Byron, Kool Aid, World War I (video game), iPod yocto, J.D. Salinger
2 Cap'n Ben 7 1927, Aesop's Fables, Fascist, Stereotype Reassignment Surgery, Certificate of Hitlertude, Alternative Medicine, Old Tech
3 EvilZak 6 Banana Phone, Crimes inspired by video games, Internet (video game), List of weapons that don't exist, but should, National Try To Assassinate The President Day, Random humor
3 Slackerboy 6 English-American Dictionary, Niggers, WMD(Donuts), The Oldest Trick in the Book, Gibberish, World War I
5 KP 5 Red Shirts, Newmath, Bloodbath, Quantum Economics, War on Terra
5 David Gerard 5 Fountainhead Earth, Keira Knightley In A White Corset And Kate Beckinsale In A Black One, KITTENHOEFFER magazine stand, UnNews:New "voice chat" feature proposed for mobile phones, X Window System
5 Todd Lyons 5 Fecal E.Coli, The Night After Christmas, Richard M. Stallman, OCD, The Root of All Evil
5 RadicalX 5 St. Peter's Basilica, Axis of Evil Hot Dog Eating Competition, Idiotic Table of the Elements, The GI Joe-Transformers War, Redundancy
9 Doug 4 Toilet Door Communication, Worst 100 Ways to Deliver Bad News, VCR Manual, Vladimir Nabokov
9 LeeHarveyKennedy 4 The Official List of the Best Things in Existence, Racoon Tail v. Super Mario Cape, Much Ado About Yokels, Fanfiction.net
9 Some user 4 Finding Your Inner Sock Puppet, Neuroipods, Humility, QuoteUnquote:Cthulhu
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