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*[[Saber-Tooth Cat]]
*[[Saber-Tooth Cat]]

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Forest Fire Week 2006

Beginning article count:18,591
Current count: 31,384

Remember: only YOU can prevent bad articles.

Forest Fire Week is a chance for Uncyclopedia admins and users to forgo the usual formalities in removing mediocre content (i.e. anything that has been created since the previous FFW). It's like spring cleaning but much more violent and pleasurable.

During Forest Fire Week admins have more leeway to delete bad articles, and you - yes, YOU - can help us out. List bad articles you find in the space provided below - you can skip the NRVing, Ugly-ing, and everything else. Of course, the admins will remove anything sufficiently not terrible, so try to exercise good judgment, yes? And do check the page histories first to look for vandalism.

For premium results, we recommend Random Page Roulette. Simply click Special:Randompage until you find a bad article, list it here, rinse and repeat. Or you could check Category:Rewrite or another pages tagged with a maintenance template. It's up to you. If we happen to delete an article you really really like, and you'd do anything to get it back, check the Huff Log to see which admin deleted it and take it up with him or her. If you can't find it in the log, make a note of it on the talk page of this article.

List huffable articles below this line

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