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Blue check This page is considered an ignorable policy on Uncyclopedia.

It has wide acceptance among editors and is considered a standard that everyone should follow, unless they don't want to, in which case they are free to ignore it, in which case nobody will care. Please make use of the standing on one knee position to propose to this policy.

Finding VFD Candidates

An article might be a candidate for VFD if it falls into any (or all) of these categories:

1.) It looks like it took ten seconds to write. We'd prefer if you'd send such articles to QVFD, because unless you're a skilled typist, you're not going to get a whole lot done in ten seconds.

2.) It looks like it took several hours to write but the writer was unable to string together a coherent series of thoughts.

  • These articles tend to ramble and ignore common conventions of written English (such as punctuation or grammar), or common conventions of Uncyclopedia (such as actually including humor).
  • Sometimes, these involved but misguided articles don't make any intelligible sense - if it doesn't make sense, chances are pretty good that it's not funny.
  • Keep in mind new articles may appear rough and simply need copyediting. Always check the history of a page to determine if the author wrote the page in a fit of absinthe-fueled madness and has forgotten it exists. Or don't - there's really no way for anyone to check if you did, and even if you didn't, you can always say you did.

3.) It doesn't make you laugh. Generally, if you read through an entire article without laughing, there's either something seriously wrong with the article, or something seriously wrong with you. Make sure you have laughed in the past in response to written material intended to be humorous: if you have never done so, you probably shouldn't be at Uncyclopedia in the first place, and possibly have deeper psychological issues to deal with.

  • Because everyone has a different sense of humor, if you think something isn't funny but aren't sure, put it up for VFD.
  • If you don't have a sense of humor, you're in for a long, long, life, and not in the sense that it will be enjoyable.

4.) It is copied directly from Wikipedia or another source and minimally altered. Uncyclopedia allows sporking (for example, copying a Wikipedia article whole and then heavily editing its contents) to a degree, but the emphasis here is on writing your own material. For other circumstances, such as writing for Wikipedia, Uncyclopedia encourages you to plagarize to your heart's content. Be careful in an academic setting, though - colleges tend to frown upon such activities.

5.) It appears to be constructed in "mad libs" format. Writers using this method often reference Chuck Norris, ninjas, and pirates, usually in the same sentence.

6.) It is made entirely of lists, lists, lists. Although there's nothing inherently wrong with lists, articles that are primarily lists of things are not going to cut it.

  • Try not to use lists
  • If you do use lists, use them sparingly
  • If you use too many lists, use yourself sparingly
  • If you are being used by lists, please call the police

7.) It is vanity and is not funny. No one really understands Uncyclopedia's byzantine Vanity Policy, but a good rule of thumb is that vanity alone doesn't merit inclusion on VFD - unfunny vanity merits inclusion. However, since all vanity is inherently unfunny because the jokes (if there are any) reference a person who no one is familiar with, it won't be funny. For example: You should never hire Ted Kilcommons as a babysitter isn't funny because not only do we not know who Ted Kilcommons is, he's very good with children. The moment we change the name, giving us You should never hire Michael Jackson as a babysitter, the sentence still isn't funny, but at least people now have a frame of reference without the writer having to spell it out. Think about it, won't you?

The Process

Eight days bear

The magical eight-days-gestating bear reminds you to VFD carefully. If you don't, he may cry!

1.) Write {{vfd}} at an easily-visible spot on the page and add the entry to Uncyclopedia:Pages for deletion.

  • If you have a problem not writing in captial letters, use {{VFD}}. Be warned that this can be construed as shouting, and we Uncyclopedians have tender ears. Shouting makes our monocles fall out!

2.) Sign your nominations or they may be deleted. Note that if you're an anonymous user, you can create a bloody account first - it takes about ten seconds, the same amount of time it takes to write a QuickVFD-worthy article.

3.) If a page exists primarily or entirely to link to an outside website or images, you can add it to QuickVFD and it will go away faster.

4.) If a page is mostly vandalism, or gibberish, or written in Mandarin, for the love of God, send it to QuickVFD! We really don't have time for such crap at VFD.

5.) Keep in mind that all of this is completely ignorable.

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