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{{T hp = ''4500^3 | prey, roam without fear, fornicate to watchful cameras of the conservationists and multiply freely. Because many doubt the efficacy of this method or even the numbers NatGeo and Disco periodically publish, a ratio has been devised that expresses the total number of photos of tigers (in the custody of NatGeo & Disco) to the total count of tigers on [[Earth]] at any given point of time -- this ratio helps gauge the performance of the two wildlife bodies and also set a "security threat" or "level of alert" system that the sanctuaries can use for taking preemptive measures. This ratio is mathematically expressed as:
Tigers are gay
:<math>TigerPhotos : TotalTigers \rightarrow \ \aleph_0</math>.
If there is only one tiger on Earth, then this is expressed as:
:<math>TigerPhotos : TotalTigers \rightarrow \ 2^{\aleph_0}</math>.
If there are no tigers in the world, then this is expressed as:
:<math>TigerPhotos : TotalTigers \rightarrow \ \infty</math>
Tigers are usuallly found in rural habitats, such as your backyard or water closet.
==Ode to the tiger==
[[Image:India_coa.jpg|thumb|right|175px|This is a [[cow]]. It is not a tiger. [[You]] can tip this cow but you cannot tip a tiger $100<ref>[[Wikipedia]], the satirical parody of [[Uncyclopedia]], carries a funny essay on tipping cows that claims "cow tipping" is scientifically impossible, <big>LOL</big> - [[Wikipedia:Cow tipping|External link on "Cow Tipping"]]</ref>]]
[[Image:Tigerdog.jpg|thumb|175px|right|Still not a tiger, but it's getting warmer. (Actually it was the last [[Tasmanian Tiger]] before a hunter shot it)]]
[[Image:Tigerhug.jpg|right|thumb|The common domestic tiger is a loving, gentle creature.]]
:'' '''<big>The Tiger</big>'''
:''Tiger, Tiger, burning bright
:''In my house middle of night
:''O what will happen if it dies
:''Will my house become a cemetery?
:''In what distant deeps or skies
:''Did thee decide to burn thine eyes?
:''O what foul odour thine expires?
:''O what wicked brimstone fires?
ss_.28GUN.29|GUN]] | [[UnBooks:Author of the Month|AotM]]| [[Uncyclopedia:Writer of the Month|WotM]]| [[Uncyclopedia:Uncyclopedian of the Month|UotM]] | [[Stoned]] </small> </font>(1757-1827)
==See also==
*[[Bangladesh#Flora_and_fauna|Royal Bengal Tiger]]
*[[Tasmanian Tiger]]
*[[Sri Lanka|Tamil Tiger]]
*[[Game of Thrones]]
*[[Pogo Snake]]
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Tigers are gay

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