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The End can have several meanings and uses:

1) The End Is Nigh is a phrase commonly used by politicians to breed fear into their respective populations. It is also common as a newspaper headline for articles about nuclear weaponry and Iran.

2) It is often used to denote the end.
However it is not the end. Somebody will tell us when it is THE end.

3) In many literary texts (though not fairytales) the phrase the end is quickly being replaced by the pharse, To Be Continued. Which therefore gives the composer room to write a sequel. Possibly end up writing a trilogy. Finally, to have their work made in a bad Hollywood film.

Contrary to popular belief, The End is not the sole ally of anyone in particular.

The End of Time

The end of time will occur when Chuck Norris and Elvis are returned by Celiek the alien. The omniverse will implode causing all to end heaven and hell and thr hit Rossane and only I, will live with norris in space on a gaint rice crispy

End Of The Internet?

The end of the Internet is here. A fake end is also located here However, Some have reason to believe that this is the true end of the internet: True End of the Internet?

It's important to note that both cases of the "end of the internet" are merely farces constructed by smart-ass know-it-alls.

The End of Everything
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