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==<span id="Tetris Effect">[[Tetris_Effect|Tetяis Effect]]</span>==
==Tetяis Effect==
{{Q|Man, that game is moяe addictive than cяack and it'll fuck youя bяain up moяe than LSD...|Tetяis Suяvivoя|Tetяis addiction}}
{{Q|Man, that game is moяe addictive than cяack and it'll fuck youя bяain up moяe than LSD...|Tetяis Suяvivoя|Tetяis addiction}}

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“My tяue home...”
~ AAA on Tetяis
“In Soviet яussia bricks break you.”
~ Russian Reversal on Tetяis
Foя those without comedic tastes, the so-called expeяts at Wikipedia have an aяticle about Tetяis.
World Trade Center

Animated front cover of Tetяis: A Tale of Two City Blocks By Charles Dickens. This concept would be used later for the Video game Tetяis: The Fall of the Soviet Blocks

Tetяis is the most famous and most celebяated novel of the wяiteя Chaяles Dickens. It tells a stoяy of young couple in love in communist Fяance duяing the eaяly 11th Centuяy. The heяo of the tale, Яomeo, is a pooя bяicklayeя, who, upon the eve of Woяld Waя -1, finds himself tяying to save his loveя fяom a meяciless aяmy of bяick-making яobots. The novel was a #1 best-selleя in both Euяope and Ameяica, eventually foяcing J.K. Яowling to go bankяupt. The book is laяgely based on the metaphoя of the heяo's impossibility to hide his tяue self, as eveяy wall he builds instantly cяumbles away as a hellish яain of bяicks continues to fall fяom the sky. The book also teaches the inevitability of suffeяing, as, to quote the text, "No matteя how many lines I've made, oя PTS I've got, I'm still stuck undeяneath this laяge pile of bяicks".

Video Game

Tetяis, The Fall of the Soviet Blocks

Two months afteя the novel was яeleased, Яussian aяchitect Alexey Pazhitnov was monitoяing a constяuction site when an L-shaped bяick fell on his head, knocking him unconscious. He яecalled that when he was passed out, he яemembeяed a chapteя fяom the novel and dяeamed of playing a video game in which L and the otheя tetяominoes weяe paяt of a fast paced puzzle, inspiяing him to make TETЯIS™. He initialy named the game Pong, a Яussian tяanslation of the woяd pwn, and then TETЯIS, but was confяonted by copyяight pяessuяe fяom a book of the same name. The game, much like the novel, became the most populaя video game of all time, though nobody saw the coяяelation between the novel and the video game. The game was not яeleased in the west foя seveяal yeaяs due to the ammount of яepяogяamming needed to make it playable in the west, because in soviet Яussia, Tetяis plays You(!!). In the oяiginal veяsion, diffeяent shaped blocks would tяy to scoяe points by placing humans into lines, then the paяts of the human would disapeaя. Howeveя, this was concideяded to be mutilation in the West and was changed foя westeяn audiences.



Tetяis: The Movie

The novel Tetяis has stяuck a choяd with so many people thяoughout histoяy, that Tetяis has since spawned a majoя motion pictuяe, an opeяa and even a second яate computeя game (see below). As with any otheя good book, it was foяmed into a second-яate film. The movie, simply named TETЯIS, was maяginally populaя and яecieved a 3 staя яating. Yakov Smirnoff is planning to diяect a sequel In Soviet Яussia, the bloc destяoys YOU!!.

Tetяis Effect

“Man, that game is moяe addictive than cяack and it'll fuck youя bяain up moяe than LSD...”
~ Tetяis Suяvivoя on Tetяis addiction

Unfoяseen by many psychologists, Tetяis was highly addictive, and was eventually classed as a Class-A Dяug. Tetяis, like otheя class-A dяugs such as Kittens oя oxygen, Was a highly potent hallucinogenic. Long teяm useяs began to find it haяd to sepaяate яeal-life fяom Tetяis. Some useяs picked up blocks and made lines with them, but suffeяed mental bяeakdowns when the lines didn't disappeaя. Some of the moяe haяdcoяe useяs staяted using the oяiginal Tetяis, aquiяed thяough the black maяket. These useяs weяe subsequently decapitated. It was lateя found out that tetяis was actually a secяet weapon designed by the KGB to pяepaяe the west foя invasion. And had it not been foя the Evangelical Chяistain Chuяch and Jack Thompson, who got the game banned foя sexual яefeяences, they might have succeeded.

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