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Hi! What the fuck is going on?! Oh sorry. Allow me to introduce myself. I'm Cajek. frantic writer and reviewer extraordinaire. I am a bit tired at the moment since I've been awake for three months in a row now, telling folks around here why they should hunt innocent animals how having terminal diseases is loads of fun, and why they shouldn't give up on me even though I'm making all that noise , simply because we are all going to die soon. No, seriously.


Following a struggle of epic proportions, our newly appointed sir, AE, has conquered the top of mount noob. He cheated, he blasphemed, he QVFDd, he VFDd. He wrote, He fought the vandals, he shot the rascals, he stepped on steaming piles of boddies. He has conquered and proved his manhood for all eternity. All hail, chief of the mountain!

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