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Playwright, novelist, musician, poet, philanthropist, historian and short story writer: these are just some of the professions of individuals that Oscar Wilde has corrupted with his rampant sexuality and Rabelaisian appetites.

A man whose wisdom touches on nearly every conceivable topic, often without consent, which in turn has led to several lawsuits. Reknown'd for his beautiful diction and his skilled oratory, Oscar is without doubt one of the leading literary figures of the last few millennia.


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Yesterday's featured article

Anne Frank

The diary of Anne Frank, the child prodigy and mathematical genius, was only discovered shortly after her very early death in 1945. Born in Germany, Anne spent her childhood in Amsterdam which she described in her diaries as "like, boring!"

Her fixation on her classmate Klaus and their blossoming relationship is heartwarming, acting as a counterpoint to the violence of World War II that was exploding all around them.

Anne resolved to begin a "Diary Project" in which the life of the entire nation would be chronicled, thus creating a vast reserve of propaganda to fight World War II with. Unfortunately, she couldn't figure out who to fight, finally settling for squaring off her mom against Mrs. Van Pels (Mrs. Van Daan) in the wrestling ring, and calling it a day. Over the next four years her diary expanded to twice the size of War and Peace, with little of the Russian classic's gravitas or import. Still, the Diary is a sentimental favorite.

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