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Whoops! Maybe you were looking for Tampon?

“Hey, at least they're not the Mets!”
~ Oscar Wilde

“In Soviet Russia, last place finish YOU!”
~ Stalin on the Tampa Bay Rays
“I think they're the only team that hasn't overpaid me.”
~ Alex Rodriguez on the Tampa Bay Rays
“What about us?”
~ The Pittsburgh Pirates on the previous quote
“They don't count.”
~ Alex Rodriguez on the Pirates
“They gave me a bad name.”
~ The Devil on the Tampa Bay Rays
“You're shitting me!”
~ A man who was in a coma since March on hearing the Tampa Bay Rays being in first place
“I wish they had tiny dongs!”
“I've ALWAYS been a Rays fan!!!”
~ Everyone who lives in Florida on The Devil Rays
File:Suzumiya Haruhi-1-.jpg

In the mid 1990's, Sith Lord Bud Selig wanted to put an end to the million year Yankee/Red Sox war. Bud had run out of things to do after Wedge Antilles led the crack team into Japan on a mission to save the Milwaukee Brewers. Selig assigned his apprentice Steve Phillips (then General Manager of the New York Mets and current ESPN analyst) to find the solution for this task. Phillips came to the conclusion that a team other than the New York Yankees and Boston Red Sox had to win the American League East. Bud Selig and Steve Phillips each decided to create their own team to accomplish this task. Phillips created the Arizona Diamondbacks while Bud Selig created the Tampa Bay Rays. New York Mets catcher Paul Lo Duca bet Bud Selig $25 million that it would be Steve's team that would end the war first. Bud took the bet, and then placed the Diamondbacks in the National League West to ensure it was impossible for them to win the AL East. This caused LoDuca's massive gambling debts. The Rays began playing Pro League Baseball in 1998.

Early Team History

Owner Vince Naimoli decided that the Devil Rays would play baseball at Tropicana Field. Not long after the team first started playing ball, it was discovered that there were many various catwalks above the field. Naimoli then decided to create a team that was unable to ever hit the ball high enough to be interfered with by the catwalks. As the Rays forever downspiraled, Bud Selig felt betrayed by Naimoli. It didn't look like the Devil Rays would be winning the AL East anytime soon, so Selig felt betrayed.

The Sith Lord then constructed the fall of Enron and renamed Enron Field to Minute Maid Park. This began the Orange Juice Wars between the Tampa Bay Devil Rays (playing at Tropicana Field) and the Houston Astros. (playing at Minute Maid Park) The Orange Juice wars came to a close during the 2006 season. The Devil Rays (boobs) surrendered after the Astros beat the pulp out of them, and as a token of their goodwill the Devil Rays traded Aubrey Huff to the Astros.

On June 6, 2778, The Devil rays finally fulfilled the prediction that they would end the million year Yankee/Red Sox war. They defeated the Chicago Cubs in an epic 4 game sweep. Upon hearing that the Devil Rays won the World Series, Chuck Norris committed suicide.


The day the World Ends

Tampa's Recipe for Success

  • Step 1) Hire a bunch of old veterans to draw in fans. Make sure these veterans peaked in their careers 15 years ago.
  • Step 2) Stay out of the way of the million year Yankee/Red Sox war by staying in the bottom of the division.
  • Step 3) Make the Chicago Cubs look like a good baseball team.
  • Step 4) Keep the team payroll under $7.29.
  • Step 5) Every list needs a five.
  • Step 6) Try your best to look like a baseball team not a minor league hockey Team (see Tampa Bay Lightning and Florida Panthers).
  • Step 7) Do your best not to be shown on any ESPN highlights.(Similar to the Carolina Panthers).
  • Step 8) There are "Angels in the Outfield". Do you believe in miracles?
  • Step 9) ????????????
  • Step 10) PROFIT!

The Rays other wise known as the Gays! Are a team that has a nation of fair weather fans. The attendence was 5 on opening day then the rays sold out soon as all of the retired oldies decided they had nothing better to do so soon as the fans came th rays started winning. Kansas City Royals:take note

Recent Ray's News

During the 2004 season, Bud Selig's frustrations with the Devil Rays continued. His apprentice foresaw his firing as the Mets GM so he used force persuasion on his assistant Jim Duquette. Phillips convinced Duquette to trade Scott Kazmir to the Devil Rays for Victor Zambrano. To complete Phillips' revenge, Zambrano's arm later fell off while pitching against the Atlanta Braves during the 2006 season. Kazmir has become the centerpiece of this pathetic Devil Ray team. In 2006, he attented his first all-star game. Steve Phillips predicts that in the 2007 season, Scott Kazmir will have a record of 60-2 with an era of -3. He'll win the cy young award and the MVP. The Devil Rays will finish the 2007 season with a record of 63-99, and will win 3 games that kazmir did not start. All 3 games will be against the Mets at Shea Stadium, and Kazmir will hit a pinch hit grand slam in all 3.

Tampa Bay Rays: 2008 ALCS Champs (THE END IS NEAR!!!)

In 2008 the Rays made to the World Series by beating the Boston Red Sox signaling the end of the world will happen within a year!!!

Famous Tampa Bay Rays

  • José Canseco Joined the Devil Rays after he stopped taking steroids, and never accomplished anything in Tampa. Mewtwo seems to like him.
  • Wade Boggs Once said he wanted to wear a Devil Rays cap when he was inducted into the Hall of Fame. After fighting on both sides in the million year Yankee/Red Sox war, he just wanted to stay neutral.
  • Fred McGriff Not to be confused with McGruff.
  • Scott Kazmir Just like Nolan Ryan, he came up through the Mets farm system and was traded for virtually nothing.
  • Greg Vaughn He was half the man Mo Vaughn was. Literally.
  • Lou Pinella Once got into an argument with an umpire over whether or not gravity exists. He also was Alex Rodriguez's shoulder to cry on when the New York Media said such nice things about A-Rod that it brought him to tears. Happy tears.
  • Rocco Baldelli Is probably on the disabled list. Currently involved with the million year Yankee/Red Sox war, but is not on the disabled list .
  • Michael JacksonJoined the rays in the late 2300's right after they won the little league world series for their first ever recorded win.

Soriano's Prediction


The prophet Alfonso Soriano as he stands frozen mid-swing

It was forseen by Alfonso Soriano that the million year Yankee/Red Sox war would end when a team from Tampa Bay finally won the world series. Once Bud Selig heard of this prediction, he confronted his apprentice Steve Phillips on the issue. Once finding out that it was the World Series the Devil Rays needed to win and not the AL East, he forever banished Phillips to the studios of Baseball tonight where he has to sit next to Orel Hershiser and John Kruk for all eternity.

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