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This page is a piece of crap. The author acknowledges this fact.
“You're a politician too?”
~ Bill Clinton on Sonia Gandhi
“What a damned toilet roll”
~ Sonia Gandhi on Saree
“I shouldn't have kissed her”
~ Sharad Pawar on Sonia Gandhi after he was diagnosed with lip cancer

Sonia Gandi is a dirty old bitch of ‘national fetish party’ who aspired to be the prime spinster of india but ended up being called an italian (hot)dog by a rapist rogue Mr. Shit Power(president:BCCI). She is a sex bomb(er) and is the most popular bikini babe of the nation. She has pierced her nipples and asshole. Though her son is an expert in crossdressed belly dancing in the late night mujras only, she preferred his hands in getting herself pierced. On inquiry she told that the piercings were for wearing ring so that she can lock her nipples and ass and no one can steal milk or shit from her when she is busy pole dancing in her banned maharashtra bar.

She was so deeply shocked when she heard that her husband Racheap had been killed by a sri lankan slut using a condom bomb in a cheap brothel in colombo that she could not see baywatch that night. Her daughter is a very polite woman. She never allows her mother and brother to hang out together in bed unless they allow her to get in.

Sonia once got involved in a mms scandal when Gandiji was recorded putting his head inside her blouse , with tiger and other endangered animals as observers.This had enraged Faneka Gandi, the chairperson of ‘animal film censor board’ as these animals were supposed to be under 18 years of age and not supposed to see mature political games. But later it was discovered that the 10 rupees note(that Sonia kept inside her blouse) on which the photo of ghandiji and the animals were printed was fake and was given to her by a customer called Dhooni(international ass smeller) who drinks two glassful of ‘Sonia dairy milk’ daily. A recent study has shown that her milk Has high pesticide content which is supposed to have sedimented in her mammary when she made herself pregnant with her son by a mule fed with adulterated fodder by Mr. Aalu P. Yadab(milkman of b_haar). This has affected Dhooni’s performance as a wicketkeeper (whose job is to smell batsman's ass and grab (his)balls whenever he allows him to do that) and he complained of unusual orgasm and dick mutiny during matches.

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