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“You are traveling into another dimension. A dimension not merely of free content but also free of content. A wonderous land whose boundaries are that of the Wiki Administrators. There's the Main Page up ahead, your next site: the Uncyclopedia Zone!!”
~ Rod Serling on Uncyclopedia
“All this shit, bullshit.”
~ Rod Serling on his work on the Twilight Zone

Rod Serling was born on April 20, 1924 in Ridgeview, Ohio, a town that was well known for diners featuring fortune-telling napkin holders. Serling had a very distinguished voice since childhood, earning him his first part-time job at Cleveland Hopkins Airport, where he earned money broadcasting public announcements such as, "This is a no parking zone," and "The red zone is for loading and unloading only." With the money that he earned, Serling was able to move away from home and rent an apartment at the age of 16 in Hamilton County, Ohio, where his incredible speaking abilities managed to secure him a position on the Hamilton County Zoning Commission in 1941.

In 1944, Rod Serling moved to San Francisco to establish himself as a writer. Serling spent the next several years attempting to write screenplays for film and scripts for television sitcoms. None of his projects ever took off, including early stories such as Who Framed Senator McCarthy, as well as a very early draft of Saving Private Ryan.

Rod serling

A rare Rod Serling "ghost" sighting in the halls of the United States Supreme Court.

Finally, Serling's deep social convictions got the best of him, and he decided to pursue a career in politics. He tried to run for California governor in 1954, but he was defeated by Republican Goodwin Knight, who said of Serling, "There's no way in heaven or on earth that any mass entertainer could ever become the governor of our wonderful state."

Shortly after the 1954 election, Serling disappeared without a trace. Some have speculated that he was abducted by aliens, while others have suggested that he ran away to become the CEO of Kelloggs Cereal. It wasn't long, though, before people began to report sightings of Serling's ghost. He would appear at random to ordinary people shortly before those same people would experience strange supernatural phenomenon or meet with an untimely fate. The Serling craze became so great that it inspired the creation of the very first television reality series, The Twilight Zone, which captured real sightings of Serling's ghost, whose one-of-a-kind voice would seem to announce the uncertain future of an average passerby. A passerby on his way to the grocery store. A store that is uncannily situated near a clock factory which in turn manufactures a very special timepiece. A timepiece which, if turned upside down and backwards turns into a camera. A camera that takes the most peculiar photographs. Photographs which, if inspected closely, reveal a secret. A secret that is often times overheard, in the farthest reaching corners of the bathroom stalls in the Twilight Zone.

Nobody has yet been able to confirm whether Rod Serling is dead or alive. Some reports suggest that he actually died in 1975, but this has recently appeared to be a false statement issued by Serling's second cousin, Mel Brooks. Investigations are still being conducted.

The Works of Serling

Having never written a script that became a hit while he was alive, most of Serlings works were "discovered" after his disappearance, as with many classical artists. Since his disappearance, several of his works have been adapted for television and cinema, and many have been produced as very popular television mini-series. Some of these works include:

  • Ferris Bueller's Day Off
  • Who Wants To Be a Millionaire?
  • Joanie Loves Chachi
  • Ronald Reagan's 1983 State of the Union Address
  • The O.J. Simpson Trial
  • Mr. Roger's Neighborhood
  • The Terminator
  • The Book Of Revelations

Recent Sightings

The most recent Rod Serling sighting has been in an exclusive interview on CNN's Larry King Live. A short transcript of the show has been recorded below:

Serling and larryking

Rod Serling on a recent interview with Larry King.

Larry King: Hello, and welcome, Rod Serling! You know you have been an enigma among American people all over the country, and many people have questions that they would like to ask about your incredible legacy.

Rod Serling: I'm proud to be here, Larry, and welcome to the Twilight Zone.

Larry King: Yes, who can forget that classic reality series. Now, Serling, for the questions that all of America are waiting to here.

Rod Serling: I'm ready for them, Larry.

Larry King: Question number one. What is your favorite color?

Rod Serling: Well, Larry, I submit for your approval many shades of gray.

Larry King: That's incredible. And your favorite food?

Rod Serling: I don't eat food, Larry.

Larry King was reportedly hospitalized after the interview. No future sightings have yet been reported.

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