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|+ style="margin-left: inherit; font-size: medium;" | '''Mas Selamat Kastari'''
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| [
| '''Birthday'''
| June 06, 1932 BC
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| '''Net worth'''
| Priceless
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| '''Current job'''
| King of Singapore, killer of Robo lee
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| '''House'''
| Fomerly Whitley Detention Centre, now in the castle of robo lee
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| '''Crimes'''
| Killing of Robo Lee
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| '''Dynasty'''
| Kastari Sultanate
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| '''Supreme Leader'''
| [[Mas Selamat Kastari]]
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| '''First Consul'''
| [[Lee Hsien Loong|Robo Lee II]]
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| '''Establishment'''
| 1965 (First detention centre built)
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| '''[[Currency]]'''
| Any
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| '''Official religions'''
| Ashokanism
'''Mas Selamat Kastari''' is the newest Supreme Leader of the used to be '''Democratic Republic Of Singapore'''. Now, Singapore is known as the "Terrorist Kingdom Of Selamat's Singapore"
==Early Life==
Mas Selamat was a little noob born in [[Indonesia]] in 1932 and after a few minutes of life, he was accidentaly dropped by doctors. That has caused his permanent limp on his left leg. In school,he was always called 'Shorty". He met [[Osama Bin Laden]] when he was 10. Osama came to visit bullied children to invite them to join the [[Al-Qaeda]] which Selamat thought could help him eradicate bullies. He then was trained to use his limp left leg and do roundhouse kicks with it. His left leg is still limp but it is more powerful then his right leg.He also stores machine guns and SMGs in his left leg. He was caught by the Singapore Police as they were afraid Mas Selamat could do roundhouse kicks and kill [[Robo Lee]].
==The Holy Escape==
On 27 February 2008, Mas Selamat was escaped from the Whitley Road Detention Centre by the toilet. He told guards that he wanted to poo and needed his hands to wipe his backside.So,the guards let him and also took off his handcuffs. He managed to escape by the toilet with magical powers that he his magical left leg has. Singapore was surprised that he could escape as Singapore thought it had the best security in the world.
==The Rise of Selamat==
Hours after the escape,he managed to arrive at Robo-Lee Castle and killed him with his left leg special roundhouse kick. It killed Robo-Lee and he became the Supreme Leader of Singapore. Terrorist around the world celebrate this moment as finally,this dumbasses have controlled a country, though [[Singapore]] is a little red dot.
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==Where is Mas Selamat==
After successfully killing Robo Lee, he escped to Soviet Russia, the paradise where <nowiki>Obama</nowiki>
Osama meets him with 12 virigins. Mas Selamat then tells Osama that he is a virgin and also a homosexual. He also revealed some secrets about the Singapore Armed Forces and how Robo Lee is also a terrorist.
==Mas Selamat's health condition==
He is now limping with his <nowiki>left</nowiki> right leg after Osama tried to kill him but shot his right leg instead. He went to America and stole Stephen Hawking's wheelchair. Yes, the guy who ran over my cat and left an obscene message on my answering machine.

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