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{{California warning}}
What if God was one of us?
[[Image:HelixNebula.JPG|270px|thumb|<big><big><big>[[wikipedia:Eye_of_God|GOD IS WATCHING YOU!]]</big></big></big>]]
'''God''' (A.K.A. '''Notorious G.O.D.''') is. Now that we've gotten past that, and ignoring the wisdom in [[How_to_be_funny_and_not_just_stupid|the article we all should have read]], [[Idiots|we]] think atheists are the son of [[Yaoi|lesbian dragons]] and a fictional character in [[Fox News|Fox]]'s longest-running soap opera, [[Bible|The Holy Bible]]. That's why they hate God. Unfortunately, in order to spice up the sometimes dull story, the editors re-cut the footage to make atheists look like total assholes. [[Richard Dawkins|Richie]] was elected to be our god for the fifth year running this year, because humans choose who god is going to be. Nobody made us, and we'll prove it. [[Ray Comfort|Bananaman]] barely beat the Egyptian sun god Ra, Stephen Colbert, Green Day, Omnipotent [[Odin]], and the Almighty [[Zeus]] (still recovering from alcoholism). Then the Mike Gravel of the election was Xenu and the Fascientologist Party. [[Dog]] is "god" spelled backwards. It has not been widely reported, but a majority of the most prominent leaders among dogs proclaim that this is a good reason for them to be anti-powerful on earth. It's just a matter of reversal, that's all. As of the 3rd Qtr of 2005, the [[Nazi Party]] claimed the largest share of ownership of the idea that God doesn't exist. It should be noted that the idea of God has been under the investigation of the [[SEC]] several times, because of the attempted claiming of two dependents, a supposed "Holy Spirit" and a "Son", who have never been seen by authorities. However, God has made the argument that as they exist on the same plane as himself, he can list them as dependents if he "damn well pleases".
God is also the father of [[Jesus]] (born Jesusathan John-Madonna), the famous actor who made many cameos in [[South Park]] and made a brief appearance in year 0 for a red-carpet appearance for SPEECH ON THE MOUNTAIN: THE MOVIE where he was brutally murdered by rampaging Romans. His co-star, Judas, famously masqueraded as a Roman to get away safely. Jesus' fan club never forgave him.
God is said to have been one of the founders of [[HooplaNet]].
NB. '''God''', the sentient embodiment of love forgiveness,kindness and touching people on the bottom '''in a friendly way''', should not be confused with the [[Wal Mart|American deity]] '''[[Gahd]]''', who is the sentient embodiment of war, the right to shoot Mexicans and the organised hatred of homosexuals.
[[Image:The Garden of Eden!! Oh, wait....no it isn't.......PNG|thumb|right|300px|After Adam and Eve pissed God off, he has hidden the garden of Eden. No one has ever found it since. Ever.]]
==Early Life==
God has always existed. He was never born. Even before pre-existense existed. [[Image:Mr._janitor.jpg|thumb|God made the guy who drew this fish janitor for SBSP]]
== Present Activities ==
God is alive and well and without him all of your atoms would burst like you got in a tuffle with [[Jean Gray|Dark Phoenix]].
==Quick Guide to God==
[[Image:Pat_Robertson_as_God.jpg|thumb|right|[[Pat Robertson]] is the [[televangelist|voice]] of God. But don't take our word for it—ask [[Pat Robertson|it]] yourself!]]
God is love, and watches over each and every human being on [[Earth]] to make sure he or she has a [[happy]], successful life. He's like your butler in the sky, there to serve your every whim. It's all about you. Unfortunately, God's Earth-shattering powers of supreme might are easily thwarted by people not believing in Him, so here I go! *Hmmmph! Hmmmph!!!* There now he doesn't exist, can't send me to hell (said the osterich with his head in the sand), and won't decide who wins the [[Super Bowl]] (much more important to me than God's glory).
[[Image:Divine_retribution.jpg|thumb|left|God enjoys declaring random bits of land to be Holy Ground, and will smite any who walk on it without taking their hats off and making a donation. Unfortunately, this leaves a bit of a mess for the janitors.]]
God has been known to use his Earth-shattering powers of supreme might in the past, in huge demonstrations of how much He loves each and every person. Some examples are documented carefully in the [[Bible]]. Examples include: [[The Great Flood|Flooding the world]], [[Sodomy|burning cities]] to the ground, and [[Bubonic Plague|causing plagues]], [[famine]], and swarms of [[locust]]s to attack people. Because [[Idiots|we]] know better than he does, we're in a position to judge him, and he's our cosmic butler to do our bidding. He's not butler-ing good enough for [[Idiots|me!]] [[Fool|I]] will continue to reject his rule. [[Fool|I've]] decided he doesn't exist, so don't go telling me it's alright for him to judge his very own creation. It's not like he made it or something.
In one of the earliest documented cases of [[Multiple Personality Disorder]], God, although one single entity, is actually three different things at the same time. God is composed of The Father, The Holy Spirit, and The Son- or Jesus-. God was not always composed of Jesus however, He just decided one day to include Him, then send Him down to Earth to get around His own "wages of sin = death" rule, because God of course is not capable of '''breaking His OWN RULES''', is he? Yep, they're rules he arbitrarily made up. They don't stem from his very character and nature, he just made them up for the whim of it. Either that or [[Fool|I]] don't understand what perfection is, therefore god can't exist. The [[second law of thermodynamics]] is that chaos goes to order, right?
God likes people to worship and sing to Him, especially in kind of [[gibberish]] known to [[linguistics|linguists]] as [[glossolalia]] and known to worshippers of God as "speaking in tongues". A rather dubious gift of the [[Holy Spirit]], this is an apt phrase, as many people have died due to their singing getting so messed up with their tongues trying to articulate God-inspired gobberish that they have ended up choking. The best way to worship God is to pray for stuff you want, especially by letting you win the lottery. Asking for a new car, a new house, or for your ex-boyfriend to die are completely acceptable things to pray for. God hears all prayers and does His best to fulfill all of them; a bit like [[Santa]] at Christmas, just all year around, every day all day.
Because God is pure [[love]], anyone, even a good person, who doesn't believe in Him in exactly the right way is forced into eternal suffering in [[Hell]]. So far in history, only five people have gotten their theology exactly correct. However, evil, selfish people can believe in God and get into Heaven because God loves them. God loves everybody equally, He even loves the people He has condemned to burn forever.
For more in-depth discussion of this subject, consult the [[Bible]], which is the definitive authority on all things religious, as it was written by God Himself and directly given to us mere humans to treasure forever. Every word of it is literally true, without exception. He even translated the Bible for everybody in later years.
Note carefully that no human can ever know God's will. Except the [[Pope]], because he has a mind-bogglingly cool [[hat]]. And a stick.
==The Real Atheist==
Austen Smith is the actual atheist of the universe and caused life to begin on a petri dish. He commonly kills subjects such as bacteria and Nathan Leslie.
==The Communist Atheist==
Obviously he has to be either stalin or marx that created the whole world and began life as everything in existence becoming automatically communist even trees were paid the same as stinky sheep, the tree said 'why do stinky stinky sheep eat and shit when i create oxygen and we get paid same what the shit'. Then came atheists who huffed a fully grown orange male cat on anti gravity toast the powers were truly immense allowing him to easily rid the world of communism but stopped at china and russia he said 'i cant be asked, I'm too lazy and I claim God doesn't exist because I hate him.
[[Image:Contents.jpg|200px|thumb|Evidence that God is still around and writing the Gospel according to George Clooney on the GAT.]]
God was never born. He just always existed.<ref>Some theologians disagree on this point, arguing that even God could not survive the boredom of doing nothing for an infinite amount of time before creating the universe. One theory holds that He pulled himself up from down, possibly by [[idiots|my]] opinion.</ref> He also won't die. This sort of makes writing a biography an endless torment. So we won't.
[[John Lennon]] once postulated that God was in fact a medical scale by which pain could be measured. This was a controversial theory as it was not possible to prescribe painkillers in line with the God measurements. The theory was finally debunked by Lennon in the same thesis when he went on to claim that both he and [[Bob Dylan]] did not exist.
Since the [[19th century]], some have claimed God is dead. However, in 2005 FOX news refuted this claim with recent footage of God, saving us writing time. Also, he appeared to give His full unconditional support of the Republican party in the year 2004.
In His spare time, God enjoys exercising by [[List of weapons that don't exist, but should#Giant rock|creating rocks so big that even He can't lift them]].{{cn}}
[[Image:Goddoesplaydicefinaloj3.jpg|thumb|left|God does in fact play dice, with [[Einstein]], all of the Einsteins due to the time travel paradox.]]
[[Einstein]] once said that God does not play dice, but later after time travel paradoxes, [[Einstein]] was found playing dice with God in Las Vegas. God also says he is into role playing games, and often rolls dice to see what happens with the world. God claims this is a random element that takes away whatever responsibility others might place on him. Blame it on bad dice rolls, not God. Roll DC 15 to get this joke.
Despite popular belief, God was going to make a debut on a special episode of Friends, but the episode was cut so people wouldn't burn in the light of his one-handedness. Many believe God to possess the voice of James Earl Jones.
[[Image:Godforest.jpg|thumb|right|God, now a senior citizen of 800 billion years, donates his time to picking up trash in public parks.]]
Now God watches reruns of [[Dallas]] and [[Coronation Street]] in his caravan that he himself conjured on a hill with a view of both the Alps ''and'' the Himalayas (clergymen with a certain taste in home décor agreed to the Godly magnificence of the view). Sightings of God in public occur almost every other second if one has reason to believe religious periodicals, and he is often rumoured to be seen around Office Depot as he keeps running out of printer cartridges. [[Agnosticism|Agnostics]] said that whether he is buying a cartridge in the colour of Cyan or Yellow cannot be known, like, ever; although weak agnostics made a more agreeable statement and said, "Whatever". Anti-theists said, quite abusingly, "He probably has this old sucky printer that prints only [[The Color Problem|black and white]]". God is known to be quite fond of [[sauerkraut]] and [[blue cheese]] and makes excellent fondue. He doesn't consume [[alcohol]] or [[mathematicians]] due to religious reasons, and also because he had issues with with both of them at some point in time (see [[alcohol]] or [[mathematics]]).
God was once married to [[Athe]] but she drove him insane in his early life with her constant nagging that he should do more around the house, as a result God had a short temper in the Old Testament and caused many disasters and told his worshipers to do all kinds of things to their enemies as a result. Finally God got his marriage annulled to [[Athe]] and to get revenge his ex-wife founded [[Atheism]] to get revenge on her ex-husband's Theism. Embarrassed by this, God wrote [[Athe]] out of the bible and claimed she does not exist, and never has, and [[Athe]] has her worshipers claim God does not exist and never has as revenge for that. But since both of them have the power to rewrite history and [[change]] facts and evidence, and modify the universe to support evidence of their own worshiper's beliefs, it has caused thousands of years of Theists and Atheists arguing with each other who is right and who is wrong. God then found another woman, Mary, and had a son with her called Jesus and things started to work better for God after that. But still to this day, Theists and Atheists will argue over the existence of [[God]] or [[Athe]] or any other deity. Some [[Christians]] and [[Atheists]] will deny this, and will do all they can to blank this paragraph out of this article. Therefore this paragraph is not in the official biography of God and therefore is an ignorable part of his biography. It was added here as a footnote and takes place in an alternate reality using string theory and M-theory, and the [[Crisis in Infinite Jerusalems]] made all of that moot after retconing the origins of both God and Athe.
==The Three Persons Of God, or The Trinity==
===The Father===
Okay, [[buffoon|I've]] been thinking this up for over 25 seconds, so get ready for something really smart and imaginitive: God, the Father is the first of the three persons of the [[Holy Trinity]]. God the Father has some anger management and alcohol issues, and although He tries to present Himself as a loving, wholesome figure He has a tendency to lose his temper, and when He does you generally don't want to be in the vicinity. For example, one night God the Father, whilst smugly celebrating His creation of Existence, the Universe, and Everything That Can Ever Be Imagined, and just generally chilling out on His unfathomable, mind-blowing omnipotence, ended up getting a bit lost in all His Greatness and drinking way too much beer than was good for him. He subsequently woke up the next morning with a really fucking awful hangover. Truly a hangover of divine proportions. Meanwhile people on Earth were innocently making a lot of noise that day, which notwithstanding really irritated God in His woeful hungover state, so He just decided to flood the whole Earth and get rid of every living thing on its surface. In the end He spared just one family, headed by a guy called Noah, who enjoyed sleeping drunk and naked in view of his embarrassed kids when plastered. God told Noah to take a living sample of every creature on a boat and live in it for more than a month, causing a stench, while He flooded the earth so He could clear His head, but [[Idiot|I]] mean after all He'd spent a whole week creating every living thing and God wanted a back-up copy for when He recovered from His alcoholic excesses. Hence the boat. Just in case. Which was just as well because as is typical with chronic alcoholics, God had a massive bout of regret for flooding the whole Earth a bit later on when He'd sobered up. See that smile on your face? You're laughing so hard right now because [[captain boring|I'm]] so full of genius funniness!
===The Son===
[[Image:Lightning-with-streamers.jpg|thumb|150px|God is seen [[Smite|smiting]] a particularly wicked [[tree]]. It is not known if [[Nietzsche]] was standing under the tree at the time, but he might have been.]]
God, the Son is more commonly known as [[Jesus]]. The details of how Jesus got to be the Son are a bit vague to people like [[Idiots|us]]. We absolutely hate him because he has standards [[Idiots|we]]'ll never surrender to. Apparently He always was. However, He was also temporally and carnally begotten when one day the third person of the Trinity, the [[Holy Spirit]] decided to place Jesus into a young virgin called Mary. As is wont to happen when young people get promiscuous, Mary fell pregnant...just as planned. The Holy Spirit, as typical males tend to do, took off and was never seen again, lest he be struck by the courts with demands for alimony payments and custody obligations, because it makes sense for God to be judged by a human. That's not backwards and this all is VERY FUNNY!!! Mary was already married to Joseph, another guy, who acted as a human father in place of the still present father God. As often happens with the sons of absent alcoholic fathers with anger management issues, Jesus, or God the Son, went a bit loopy. He had all kinds of crazy ideas, like that you turn the other cheek to people rather than smashing them to bloody little pieces of flesh should they dare insult you, or that you should help poor and sick people. Like I said, crazy stuff. In the end he ended up getting crucified by mockers like [[Idiots|us]]. He had totally outlandish and insane ideas, like that it's better not to stone people to death in horrible agony for prostituting their bodies. Of course, Jesus being God could not be killed, so he rose from the dead three days after he was offed. He wanted to keep on with his crazy new politics but by this time he was turning his blood into wine and drinking it and stuff like that. Right? That's the way [[Idiots|we]] think we heard it. Just before Jesus was ordered back to heaven, he told his followers that one way to remember Him would be to eat a little piece of bread. This is recorded in the [[Bible]] when Jesus broke some bread and said "This is my body". Hence, to this day you will see Christians (mainly Roman Catholics) bowing to, praying to and worshipping little pieces of bread called wafers or hosts as God.
===The Holy Spirit===
The Holy Spirit is the third person of the Holy Trinity. He was sent down by Jesus after Jesus went back up to be with his Dad. The Holy Spirit watches over human beings to make sure teenage boys don't jerk off under the sheets late at night when alone and impute the terrible overwhelming guilt of mortal sin punishable by an eternity of burning in [[hell]] when they do so anyway. And by the way, masturbation is better than sex with a lifelong spouse. [[plebian|I'm]] sure of it. The Holy Spirit however has no problems with Kim Jong-Il terrorizing the [[North Korea]]n people{{cn}}, just as he had no big qualms with [[Chairman Mao]]'s [[Cultural Revolution]] which killed 60 million Chinese{{cn}} or with [[Hitler]] knocking off 6 million [[Jews]].{{cn}} This is because boys jerking off under the sheets late at night is much worse by God the Father's standards. If something happens, that means God likes it better than something that didn't happen, [[Midas Mufflers|guaranteed. The Holy Spirit's other main concern is inducing strange symptoms in charismatic evangelic worshippers of God, known as Christians. The Holy Spirit makes them do weird things in churches such as speaking in tongues, getting slain in the Spirit (a type of falling unconscious - quite bad for your neck and back when ushers fail to catch you, I'd know), prohecying wildly about the end of the world, screaming, laughing, moaning and generally losing the plot.
God is often said to look like the stranger in the [[mirror]], but forgotten prophet Zoab wrote several unique aspects of the immortal being, such as the following description of what God looked like:
[[Image:Godisbad.gif |left|thumb|200px|Oh, that God. Such a funny guy. Always with the joking.]]"First we can state that God has a [[beard]], as this is a commonly known truth and all theologists of all people agree with this by nature. But a fact that is overlooked by most theologists is that God only has one [[hand]]. People always talk about "THE hand of God" and never say "a hand of God" or "one of God's hands". This also explains why people who are praying put their hands against each other: they do this to be respectful towards God, as the people would appear to have just one hand too. It would be a huge disruptance of the cosmic order if a mortal appeared to have more hands than God himself. This explains why we are not allowed to depict God: if we were, people would notice He has only one hand. As playing dice is easier with two hands than with one, this also explains why God does not play dice (except in those cases when he does).
[[Image:GOD!!!!.jpg|thumb|right|Seen rarely, he often gives messages of wisdom.]]
Furthermore God most likely has an eye patch - [[Reality]] has two major components: the [[Something]] (e.g.a stone) and the [[Nothing]] (e.g. that which is inside a [[vacuum]] sucked sphere or inside the head of anyone overly religious). It is a known fact that God sees everything, so both the [[Something]] as the [[Nothing]]. If we decide God has two eyes, He could see [[Something]] with one eye and [[Nothing]] with the other, therefore he wears an eye patch over one of his eyes, so he could see everything. In recent years this has been taken by extremist religions as a tacit endorsement of the [[pirate]] way of life (see [[FSM]]).
Lukas GR has six known [[sun|sons]], and an unknown number of daughters. It is speculated that Lukas GR's [[sex]] life is ''very'' good for a man of his age.
*[[Jesus|Jebus]] (Jesus, as told by the Gospel Luke GR, was a whiny SOB who never ate his peas. God, in retaliation locked him in a cave for three days.
*[[Bob Dole]]
*[[Fred Flintstone]]
*[[Tim Horton]]
*[[Barack Obama]]
{{q|God has a whole universe to support full of planets and stars. Did you see that ring he gave [[Saturn]]? Very pricey!|Homer Simpson|Things God supports}}
Due to the fact that millions of people have died and been killed in God’s name, some people consider him to be a violent, psychotic nutcase. But, according to the National Religious Association (the NRA), “God doesn’t kill people, God-worshiping humans do”.
Note that contrary to common belief, God does ''not'' own the property rights to heaven. His official heavenly title is "Our Father who art in Heaven", rather than "who doth own". As we all know, if you build something, and you live in it, it means you can't own it. [[moron|I]] know [[moron|I]] don't.
[[Image:Crazy20old20man.jpg|left|thumb|200px|This guy prayed before seeing [[shite|Saw III]].]]
GOD is an bacronym for Guaranteed Overnight Delivery, which [[moron|I]] just made up. It's a bit of a misnomer at best, because while the bible does record that he occasionally delivered people, it wasn't guaranteed, but rather contingent on their obeying a number of strict [[commandments]]. And overnight? Not even close. 40 years wandering in a desert doesn't count as overnight, even by extremely lax USPS standards. This kind of shoddy service is why start-up religions with more diverse delivery systems will gain popularity in the coming years. On a side note, God did once consider delivery as a career, losing out in the semi-final to the Daughter of Pharaoh, in the "draw the baby from the water" competition.
It is said if one examines DNA strands that it says "Copyright Day 6, God" on them in Hebrew. Militant Atheist Scientists like [[Richard Dawkins]] claim that it is not in Hebrew but it is just a random pattern and that we should ignore it. Dawkins claims that having a copyright mentioning God in it is just as ridiculous as saying the universe is only 5000 years old. Other people say that God did a beta test with Dinosaurs before creating people, but according to the [[Flintstones]] Dinosaurs lived with people and dispels that myth.
[[Image:Bananarepublic.jpg|thumb|The holy Wrath of God.]]
It is a little known fact that the commonly held notion of GOD is actually an acronym. Report as presented by Administrative Nominal General Executive Labourer follows:
GOD (or Global Overall Development process) is a long term strategic plan initiated in 4000BC. Since then GOD has proven to be a successful project in several key areas including: Judicial Education System for Universal Syndicates and Mainstream Operational Help Administering Major Accredited Deities. Though J.E.S.U.S and M.O.H.A.M.E.D have proven individually to be highly successful processes, there have been compatibility issues between the two schemes which are currently being ironed out by our experts in the Human Evaluation And Verification Executive Network. Customer confidence in H.E.A.V.E.N has proven to be consistently high.
Confidence in GOD lapsed briefly around 200 years ago during the ENLIGHTENMENT (Environmental Negligence Leading to Industrial Growth Heightened by Technical Engineering, New Movements and Exaggerated Nationalist Tendencies). In part, this was due to the blossoming field of [[mathematics]], which was able to calculate that 71% of the world was covered with water. Combined with [[science]], which noted that man had no gills, [[philosophy]] then used these facts to call into question the assumption that God had made the world for man. Since the darker times of the ENLIGHTENMENT, progress has been made securing a successful future for GOD. The projected aim is that we will all live in a world where Global Overall Development is present.
The Lord helps those who help themselves, and is tired of [[UnNews:God Sick of all the Whining|everyone's whining]] and decided to take a long break for ten years. For those if you with a [[Apocalypse|problem]] with that, God paid for rent-a-deity to get a replacement for his vacation, [[Loki]]. God really likes the wealthy because they don't whine as much as poor people do. God also likes conservatives more than liberals, because conservatives don't whine as much as liberals do. If [[Loki]] is unavailable you can talk to his assistant [[Eris Discordia|Eris]] instead. Loki is busy planning the [http://www.survive2012.com/ end of the world], in [[2012]] as promised to the Mayans.
(Acknowledge Hint, End of Meeting!)
== Other Cultures and God==
[[Image:Locust canary1.jpg|thumb|Don't make their God bust out [[locust|locusts]] on yo' ass.]]
Many different cultures around the world see God in their own [[special]] way, but all of these ways are wrong except for our way.
Goa'ulds often pose as gods, but they are not. However, at least they are real.
[[Jews]] don't say the word G-d because G-d is better than the letter O, or any combination of letters put together. (See also [[G-d]]) This is the reason why YHWH is spelled YHWH, in spite of the word not having any O's. (There was also a disturbing frequency of mishaps in which people who were told, "FINE, HAVE IT YOUR WAY!" mistook the insult for a prayer to G-d (Yahweh), prompting the ban.)
This led to jokes about God's name. One of the most bizarre involved a railroad on Short Island, New Jersey, which put a church on every rush-hour train and called itself the "[http://www.pullman-museum.org/main/prg467.jpg Steel Yahweh to the Fair Gateway]". Religious types whined about this, and G-d smited the railroad with a thunderbolt, with the result being that every train arrived at Penn Station early. (Thank G-d for electric trains!) After realizing His mistake, God crashed a barge into a trestle, which managed to tie up traffic. The railroad subsequently dropped the ad campaign and switched to "Reverend Dan" as an uniting character, ultimately having him fall in love with "Patty Snow" and dropped as well. That railroad went belly-up in 1968 because folks thought it was too religious.
After Job told God He had messed up pretty badly with the Hebrews, his popularity in the area greatly decreased. After writing a threatening reply to Job, God was forced to leave the country. He changed His name to Brahma and moved to ancient India. When people started asking Him the same old questions about the existence of Evil and Life After Death and all that, he got annoyed and moved away again. This cycle of events continued for centuries, until he sent some Avatars around to tell people "just deal with it, I am outta here." Unfortunately, most of them fouled the operation up in some manner.
[[Image:Godpissed.png|left|thumb|300px|God is pissed.]]
Soon after, the various faiths God had inspired began to [[Battle of the Sexes|war]] against each other. The Supreme Being, well know as being a lover of irony, found this quite amusing. Thus, he will still create new religions from time to time, when not busy in alternate universes messing with the inhabitants.
In Finland people have invented the real form of God. God has thinked that this present time is perfect for relieving his real form to lousy specie of human. During Olympics in Torino God announced His real form and stepped out as Finnish curlingteam's captain Markku Uusipavalniemi. At the same time he also told to people of this planet that all earlier things that humans have believed to be Gods are just other forms of Uusis. Jesus was only a result of one boring night on the planet earth and needed to be taken back to Uusis as soon as possible. Uusis just had other businesses and wasn't able to take Jesus back until he was about 30.
== Alter egos==
=== יהוה ([[The_artist_formerly_known_as_God|The Artist Formerly Known as God]]) ===
At one time, God had gotten tired of being called God. So He invented a new name, ﷲ. When ﷲ had decided on that name, He/She/It dumped the new name in the worst possible location on Earth. That's right.... [[Arabia]]. The people didn't know what to think of such a scribbling as ﷲ, so they gave up and called God "Allah" instead. The people in the rest of the world were just as confused, and so by popular request God dropped the name ﷲ and went back to being God. Oh well. Ironically, this was a thousand years after the יהוה debacle, in which God burped out another name nobody understood, and in which case the victims declared the name holy and started worshiping the name as an [[American Idol|idol]] and refusing to announce (denounce, pronounce, antinounce, whatever) it.
=== Captain Omnipotent ===
[[Image:Captain Omnipotent.jpg|thumb|250px|right|God as his night-time alter ego, Captain Omnipotent.]]
<blockquote>''Main article: [[Captain Omnipotent]]''</blockquote>
Unbeknowst to the general public, God has a secret, crime-fighting identity that he assumes during night-time, namely that of Captain Omnipotent, the most ridiciously overpowered superhero in the history of the omniverse. More of his doings as Captain Omnipotent may be read in its main article.
=== DJ God ===
For tonight, God... is a DJ.
Frankly this is not true.
God is not a disc jockey. Nor is he a musician, thespian of other performer of the public fine arts.
For God, tonight, or for any other part of any other day ... has no rhythm, or skills.. at all.
As far as [[talent]] goes god has the least in the acoustics department.
The reason why god is often confused with a DJ is due to some nasty and unbecoming similarities that DJ's seem to share with this omnipotent potentate. Like lots of DJ's God is, for example, a selfish, egocentric, uneducated, spoiled, vengeful,useless ,loudmouthed, whoring little twit. Apart from the similarities here stated it has to be recognized that most DJ's do , in fact, get over this period whilst god himself has not done so for millions of years ( however some ID supporters claim god has only been a spoiled brat for 6000 years ).
== Death ==
Though 19th century philosopher Frederick [[Nietzsche]] vigorously declared God to be dead during his lifetime, the world's religious communities have strongly opposed the idea. Since Nietzsche wrote his iconic words, "God is Dead," forensic evidence has surfaced that refutes his claim.
Firstly comes the matter of Habeas Corpus, "Produce the Body." As of yet, no corpse has been found, despite a worldwide search for the body by Metropolitan Police forces and rural constabularies. No archaeologist or paleontologist has unearthed the corpse, despite its obvious size. A growing number of anti-religious geologists believe that the 1883 eruption of Krakatoa was caused by God's body falling into the Pacific after a flaming drop through the earth's atmosphere. This theory, however, is complete bullshit.
Secondly, there are many first-hand witnesses to God's existence since the supposed death. God is often seen flying around the sky over Mexico. Many people, including the [[United States of America]]'s [[George W. Bush]], speak with God on a regular basis. God often tells them to do things, things which further God's causes but coincidentally further their own selfish goals. Funny, that.
=== Why Does God Need a Starship? ===
[[Image:Godatheists.jpg|thumb|left|Embarrassed by signs like these, God would eventually became an atheist.]]
Nietzsche was incorrect about the date of God's death, but he was correct that God would die. The approximate date of God's death is unknown, but it occurs well over 300 years in the future. The event has been dramatized in film in a movie called [[Star Trek]] V, The Final Frontier.
In the future, rogue Captain [[James T. Kirk]] will enter heaven, which looks strangely like the [[California]] desert. There, he meets God, who will tell him to take his ship, [[Enterprise]], on a holy crusade. Kirk boldly denounces God to his face with the words, "Why Does God Need a Starship?" This angers God, but Kirk tells his Klingon buddy Klaa, captaining a nearby Bird of Prey, to [[explode]] God. Two or three disruptor bolts, and it will all be over.
=== Final Frontier Fallout ===
The dramatization of God's death in The Final Frontier in [[1989]] caused a furor in the world's religious communities, sparking many religious debates. For months, sectarian violence wracked the world, with Final Frontierists holding high their banners, "Why Does God Need a Starship?" Most major religions suffered major schisms, resulting in pre-post-God-death religions, including:
*'''Future Atheists''' believe that God exists now, but will be dead in the future. They practice their religions as normal, but have edited out parts of their religious texts which refer to God's eduring nature, such as the last part of the Lord's prayer, "...forever and ever, Amen."
*'''Celestial Monarchists''' believe that since God was the basis of European medieval monarchies, he is the ultimate Lord. As such, when he dies, Jesus will take the throne, thus continuing the royal line. What worries most Celestial Monarchists is that Jesus was unable to sire an heir...
*'''Klaaists''' believe that because [[Klingon]] Commander Klaa destroys God, he becomes God. They have translated the Bible into Klingon, and can be seen outside Star Trek conventions obnoxiously ringing tambourines and asking for money.
== Proof of God's identity ==
[[Image:God?.jpg|thumb|320px|An alleged sighting of God on his month off, Mexican Heritage Month]]
God can be proved to exist using [[Lo Pan's Razor]], or by using [[Thomas Aquinas|Thomas Aquinas']] [[logic]]. Just pick one of these syllogisms:
[[Nobody]] is perfect,<br />
Perfect is God only;<br />
Therefore, God is Nobody.<br />
Therefore, He does not exist.
God is love.<br />
Love is blind.<br />
[[Ray Charles]] is blind.<br />
Therefore, Ray Charles is God.<br />
I stink, therefore I am,<br />
Thus the less you stink the less real you are.<br />
Cleanliness is next to godliness;<br />
The cleaner you are the less you stink,<br />
Therefore God doesn't exist.<br />
Having a wet dream is having a sexy dream<br />
Not remembering your dream is not having a dream<br />
Therefore, God gave you a handjob for being good.<br />
and then there is the infamous [[babel fish]] controversy, but that will be explained in the [[babel fish]] article
==God and the Destruction of PTI==
After the Smeltdown of '79 occurred at [[PTI]], several theories came about as to why and how the smeltdown happened. One of these theories claims that God, in all his power, glory, wisdom, strength, amazingness, raw awesome, foresight, almighty splendor and glory smote [[PTI]] and made it look like an accident. [[Idiots|Some people]] discredit this theory, claiming God is a hoax. Others claim he would never do such a thing. The police tried to bring God in for questioning, but they could not get a hold of him.
==Other Uses for God==
History has seen some truly innovative uses for God.
== God as cereal ==
<center><YouTube>uhtHzTwKufA&feature=channel_page</YouTube></center>Apparently some people find that God may be reincarnated into a box of cereal hidden in a grocery store somewhere. This was started by Kellogg's dumbshit marketing, claiming that God's word could be still be heard in a bowl of [[Rice Krispies]]. As proof, the [[pope]] was hired to eat a bowl of cereal with holy water in place of milk. After he choked death, Kellogg claimed that God had claimed his life and sent him to heaven. Each box of Kellogg brand cereal has a little figurine of the virgin Mary in it.
====God as a Rhetorical Device====
In the art of rhetoric or debate, citing God's will is the ultimate trump card. However, this is generally considered equivalent to playing "nuclear bomb" or "supernova" in a game of rock-paper-scissors, or hitting the restart button during a multiplayer video game. The use of God is now heavily discouraged and is viewed as poor sportsmanship.
==References in popular culture==
*In an episode of [[Lost (TV series)|Lost]], Jack at one point utters the phrase "Oh God" under his breath.
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==External links==
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