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Welcome to the Village Dump. Oh, yeah. Unlike a village pump, we throw crap out here, instead of making water cooler conversation. Make community-relevant discussion here. This is it. For admin-related discussion, see The Ministry of Love.

"if you use the VD you're sleeping with everyone else who's used it" - Splaka

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If you were looking for the old page revision SQL database dumps, we recycle those now in order to keep them out of landfill.

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Mobile Issues05:34, April 30, 2016Santaray
2016 Springtime contest02:38, April 18, 2016Spike
Deletion of UnNews categories22:06, March 25, 2016Spike
What can and cannot be done in userspace?08:02, March 18, 2016Simsilikesims
Is Chinese Uncyclopedia blocked?13:31, March 11, 2016SolidBlock
Gadgets are breaking00:59, February 19, 2016Spike
2016 Uncyclopedia Super Bowl09:20, February 17, 2016Romartus
Frikipedia is closed18:13, January 18, 2016Spike
Page-move restricted11:31, January 4, 2016EStop
Clear out of Administrator pages04:03, December 22, 2015Spike
Deopp the very inactive?02:55, December 20, 2015Simsilikesims
Invite VSTF back?23:24, November 10, 2015Spike
New user month!18:09, October 28, 2015Expert3222
Administration changes09:27, October 27, 2015Romartus
JavaScript is now through user opt-in22:59, September 4, 2015Spike
Paid-for articles on Uncyclopedia14:20, September 4, 2015Spike
Coming through the other side13:46, August 12, 2015Spike
Database merge part 215:33, August 6, 2015Romartus
Portable infoboxes17:30, August 5, 2015Sannse
Wiki badges17:02, July 28, 2015Spike
Uncyclopedia logins17:17, July 23, 2015Spike
Can we write about Ellen Pao and Reddit?03:44, July 16, 2015Orion Blastar
Papal Uncyclical18:43, July 14, 2015Anton199
Federal Employees sex lived hacked by the Chinese22:35, June 26, 2015EStop
User database merge03:23, June 13, 2015Spike
USA politics articles03:07, May 27, 2015Spike
British politics articles23:56, May 26, 2015Orion Blastar
UnNews masthead17:54, May 26, 2015Spike
Wikia breakpoint/typography changes22:53, May 21, 2015Spike
Logout problem03:51, May 18, 2015Spike
An Uncyclopedia Facebook page16:15, May 17, 2015Spike
Surprise Me! Spring Festival09:31, May 15, 2015Romartus
The contest after this one23:23, May 13, 2015Spike
Free Ad for Uncyclopedia19:29, May 12, 2015EStop
Grimsby09:13, May 9, 2015ScottPat
2015 British general election21:00, May 3, 2015Romartus
Category:Redirects with possibilities00:09, May 3, 2015Spike
Auto-update of Special:RecentChanges22:23, March 21, 2015Spike
Problems gaining access to "My preferences"17:00, February 12, 2015Spike
Should our awards be less time-specific?16:27, February 12, 2015Spike
Potato logo has gotten larger and is clipped20:46, February 9, 2015Spike
Top 10 Articles of 201418:06, February 6, 2015Anton199
Uncyclopedia:Must Read19:52, January 12, 2015Anton199
Celebrating our 10th Birthday11:23, January 8, 2015SecondChanceForMe
Judges needed for this Article Whisperer17:46, December 29, 2014Anton199
The First Inter-Annual Article Whisperer15:34, December 25, 2014Anton199
Gifs not working!10:25, December 14, 2014ScottPat
I have an opinion13:49, November 29, 2014ScottPat
Guyana04:11, November 26, 2014Nikau
Article on alliteration14:08, November 22, 2014Ye Blacke Adder
Pee Week starts on November 15th!20:19, November 17, 2014TheWikiMan026
Error - Special:WantedPages22:27, November 11, 2014Llwy-ar-lawr
Chief and UU's Mince Pie extravaganza!21:36, November 11, 2014ChiefjusticeDS
What blocked users can (or can't) do12:15, November 11, 2014Romartus
New Wikipedia parody banner19:56, November 4, 2014Anton199
Pee Week 2014 and the situation with Pee Review in general17:41, November 1, 2014Anton199
That Time I Nearly Voted During My Sojourn To Democracy14:45, October 30, 2014Anton199
That time I nearly couldn't find a page during my sojourn in Wikia14:44, October 30, 2014Anton199
Competition with $$$ reward but only for noobs?08:24, October 22, 2014ScottPat
2014 PLS winners22:13, October 21, 2014Romartus
2014 PLS lockdown08:44, October 18, 2014ScottPat
Join the Nofu Aristocracy!05:19, October 11, 2014Matiia
Do we need 3 features rule for Hall of Shame?05:17, October 11, 2014Matiia
World War Two article community project reminder16:52, October 9, 2014Anton199
Knock down the username firewall?12:23, October 3, 2014Frosty
Looking like Wikipedia06:48, September 26, 2014Xamralco
Our own IRC channel?12:06, September 23, 2014Romartus
Voting for Features!20:05, September 21, 2014Nikau
I think I fixed the sprite11:31, September 18, 2014Spike
PLS judges07:51, September 11, 2014Romartus
Uncyclopedia world coverage09:04, August 30, 2014Romartus
Uncyclopedia Events Planner16:10, August 26, 2014Anton199
Ambiguous sentences00:27, August 25, 2014Spike
Uncyclopedia's Wikia Portal14:47, August 19, 2014Anton199
Wiki World Cup15:48, August 16, 2014Anton199
Uncyclowikia irc08:03, August 14, 2014Spike
Thumbnails are broken again07:00, August 13, 2014Romartus
Happy Monkey Competition results15:26, July 11, 2014ScottPat
UNCYCLOPEDIA SURVIVOR! Season 3 Winter Bash Edition03:32, June 28, 2014Hongkongxxxxingmoron
Noel Coward11:07, June 26, 2014Mhaille
Sign up for Happy Monkey Competition 201401:18, June 25, 2014Shabidoo
UnNews Digest malfunctioning02:56, June 22, 2014Spike
Old UnNews on the front page06:19, June 21, 2014PuppyOnTheRadio
Uncyclopedia's Spell Checker10:32, June 17, 2014PuppyOnTheRadio
Edits to Common.js14:28, June 7, 2014Anton199
Thumbnails are broken15:21, May 28, 2014Aleister in Chains
Uncyclopedia's new layout16:30, May 24, 2014Spike
The Free-Form Encyclopedia02:09, May 24, 2014Aleister in Chains
Construction template23:42, May 17, 2014Spike
Sharing an article16:30, May 16, 2014Anton199
Wikipedia list of online uncyclopedias19:04, May 10, 2014Aleister in Chains
VFH vote box10:43, May 10, 2014ScottPat
Happy Monkey 201409:53, May 10, 2014ScottPat
List of good things about the split00:16, May 10, 2014Shabidoo
Site banner 201418:29, May 5, 2014Anton199
The new Wikipedia design - how about it?09:36, May 4, 2014PuppyOnTheRadio
April Fools Joke 201411:55, April 22, 2014Spike
Join the Folding@home team...OR ELSE13:54, April 15, 2014Spike
Article clean-up initiative02:00, April 10, 2014Shabidoo
Funnybony has 40 features!! Woo hoo!!07:32, April 7, 2014ScottPat
Comedian Q and A16:44, April 4, 2014Aleister in Chains
Finnius swims in...13:48, April 4, 2014Spike
Argh, cache!01:48, April 3, 2014Spike
Creation of rule-bound Marionettes22:40, March 30, 2014Shabidoo
Welsh interwiki18:57, March 30, 2014ChiefjusticeDS
New user recruitment and retention10:05, March 29, 2014Under user
Modifying our policies on blanking talkpages22:31, March 28, 2014Spike
Proofreading Service17:12, March 26, 2014Spike
Use of Uncyclopedia as a catalog05:57, March 24, 2014Shabidoo
New sysops?13:30, March 23, 2014Anton199
Purge pages when adding to DPL lists03:19, March 16, 2014PuppyOnTheRadio
Uncyclopedia:Collaboratory09:28, March 11, 2014Anton199
UnCommons domain suspended?18:59, March 10, 2014Anton199
Rewriting a feature14:52, March 10, 2014Spike
Announcement: Wikia & Uncyclopedia08:34, March 10, 2014Spike
RRRRRotM14:41, March 8, 2014ScottPat
Template review12:55, March 7, 2014Spike
User Creation Log revival22:41, March 4, 2014Spike
VFP revival17:53, March 4, 2014Shabidoo
25k get!12:55, March 3, 2014Spike
Questions about protected pages11:52, February 28, 2014Spike
Site activity improving11:46, February 24, 2014Anton199
Order of Uncyclopedia01:34, February 21, 2014Shabidoo
UnNews:A discussion20:47, February 20, 2014Mhaille
Happy Monkey: SIGN UP NOW!10:24, February 19, 2014Frosty
HowTo:Link to Wikipedia22:47, February 12, 2014Simsilikesims
SOPA 2 coming? Sounds like it!19:13, February 11, 2014Spike
Uncyclopedia on IPad, Galaxy, Kindle and Windows Mobile09:47, February 8, 2014Anton199
Award Ceremony09:01, February 8, 2014Romartus
Can we stop using the word fork now?07:43, February 1, 2014ScottPat
Top Ten Articles of 201319:42, January 31, 2014Anton199
Monty Python Clear-Up Effort17:06, January 29, 2014Romartus
Who voted in that crappy UnNews template????19:30, January 28, 2014Shabidoo
VFH has had like 10 votes in 3 days06:52, January 28, 2014Simsilikesims
TOC12:51, January 11, 2014Spike
Happy 9th Birthday Uncy!!!12:28, January 11, 2014ScottPat
A look back at 201308:20, January 10, 2014Romartus
Should VFS be abolished?15:10, January 3, 2014Spike
Seriously, stop!10:27, January 3, 2014Romartus
Anon objects to various photos and topics00:15, December 25, 2013Aleister in Chains
Log in help10:41, December 23, 2013Romartus
Five Billion Edits of Solitude22:42, December 18, 2013Spike
I dont know what is the answer thing do right way thing12:16, December 17, 2013Aleister in Chains
The 21st SlutList08:31, December 16, 2013Simsilikesims
Wikia image uploading problem12:37, December 11, 2013Romartus
Hourly writing contest (again!)12:02, December 10, 2013Romartus
Image Review Part 4b08:02, December 5, 2013Romartus
Peer review lite19:36, November 27, 2013Anton199
Reviving "Uncyclopedia:Welcoming Committee"14:31, November 19, 2013Spike
Mhaille has 40 features!! Party!01:02, November 17, 2013Spike
Slut List! Again! Finally!07:08, November 10, 2013Frosty
A new VFS is in order07:58, November 7, 2013PuppyOnTheRadio
Oh Dear... Rewrite?!11:49, October 31, 2013Anton199
A new concept for VFD10:03, October 26, 2013PuppyOnTheRadio
UnSignpost Changes!09:48, October 26, 2013ScottPat
Resigning from Uncyclopedia23:11, October 23, 2013Aleister in Chains
VFS: "Change these rules at any time"23:07, October 21, 2013Romartus
Our attitude towards users08:47, October 20, 2013Anton199
Alas poor Yorrick06:39, October 13, 2013PuppyOnTheRadio
Wikia visit16:50, October 11, 2013Anton199
Rewrite of UN:SIG20:16, October 9, 2013Shabidoo
A reskin for the US government shutdown21:48, October 8, 2013Spike
That time and my sojourn17:03, October 8, 2013Anton199
Namespace prejudice08:12, September 18, 2013Romartus
What I noticed here12:01, September 13, 2013Anton199
A big Beatles clean-up15:29, September 8, 2013Anton199
Calling all budding journalists11:13, September 8, 2013PuppyOnTheRadio
A big Anime Clean-Up11:09, September 8, 2013PuppyOnTheRadio
Encyclopedic meme16:53, September 5, 2013Shabidoo
Second World War Community Project17:16, September 4, 2013ScottPat
Can I work on a game once every few months without it being deleted?12:32, September 4, 2013Romartus
Job Vacancy20:31, August 31, 2013Anton199
Can I be able to clean up articles that have no use anymore!18:30, August 28, 2013Shabidoo
Hi, folks! Guess what? Wikia is censoring us.15:56, August 25, 2013Spike
Which UnSignpost format is better for you?08:08, August 22, 2013Romartus
A New Forest Fire Week04:48, August 21, 2013DungeonSiegeAddict510
I came back and things are different15:06, August 10, 2013PuppyOnTheRadio
RotM08:21, August 1, 2013Anton199
So what's up, everybody?06:58, August 1, 2013Romartus
This website in general12:11, July 29, 2013Spike
Official Move Date Announced:January 5th08:49, July 28, 2013Romartus
A big British clean-up13:05, July 16, 2013Anton199
All the uncycs10:33, July 15, 2013PuppyOnTheRadio
PLS Update21:22, July 10, 2013ScottPat
Translated pages12:38, July 10, 2013Anton199
The UnNews template header thing...13:38, July 3, 2013Romartus
Rollback with custom Change Summary13:29, June 25, 2013Spike
!trivia bot up and running, on request...21:42, June 24, 2013Simsilikesims
Wikia asks us to censor iconic photo10:49, June 24, 2013PuppyOnTheRadio
Uncyclopedia says you uploaded a video?02:20, June 19, 2013DungeonSiegeAddict510
Dat's What Uncle Remus Say00:21, June 18, 2013WikiaBot
We need an article on Herman Cain00:18, June 18, 2013WikiaBot
Happy Halloween 201100:17, June 18, 2013WikiaBot
Lyrithya and her op abuse00:15, June 18, 2013WikiaBot
October 21 IS the end of the world00:15, June 18, 2013WikiaBot
Can we please have a voting page for restoring articles? Pretty please with sugar on top?00:06, June 18, 2013WikiaBot
Proposal concerning Lyrithya00:02, June 18, 2013WikiaBot
What happened to Lyrithya?23:24, June 17, 2013WikiaBot
I'm getting REALLY tired of this Justin Bieber fella23:04, June 17, 2013WikiaBot
Uncyclopedia's "national" anthem22:36, June 17, 2013WikiaBot
Good news guys, we're all gonna be okay22:29, June 17, 2013WikiaBot
This place22:09, June 17, 2013WikiaBot
Is Unsignpost Sleeping With The Fishes ?21:54, June 17, 2013WikiaBot
Son of Revenge of the Return of UnToons06:09, June 14, 2013Zim ulator
PLS07:44, June 13, 2013Romartus
Anna Pavlova16:47, June 11, 2013Spike
Google Search results13:07, June 6, 2013Reverend P. Pennyfeather
Reminder: Clear "Patrolled" flag12:57, June 6, 2013Reverend P. Pennyfeather
Competition Time06:06, June 5, 2013ScottPat
UNCYCLOPEDIA IS DA WURST!16:23, June 2, 2013Spike
PLS Competition14:02, June 2, 2013Romartus
Content warning, round 300:36, May 29, 2013PuppyOnTheRadio
Colourful quotes, to say the least05:49, May 27, 2013ScottPat
Creative Commons22:07, May 24, 2013Sannse
Question: Joining the War against Vandalism and other bad stuff18:19, May 22, 2013Simsilikesims
The decline of Zork18:18, May 22, 2013Simsilikesims
Monthly Awards for November...18:17, May 22, 2013Simsilikesims
Uncyclopedia:Hall of Shame logo contest18:16, May 22, 2013Simsilikesims
Pee Review is seriously backlogged18:14, May 22, 2013Simsilikesims
Hah...Google ads are just as funny as this website18:13, May 22, 2013Simsilikesims
What's do you think is so funny about AAAAAAA!?18:11, May 22, 2013Simsilikesims
This is not vanity18:10, May 22, 2013Simsilikesims
UN:IC & Kitler18:09, May 22, 2013Simsilikesims
Javascript not working?18:07, May 22, 2013Simsilikesims
Still no Poopsmiths...18:06, May 22, 2013Simsilikesims
Uncyclopedia is the best (at folding proteins)18:04, May 22, 2013Simsilikesims
A Critique17:59, May 22, 2013Simsilikesims
What happened to the O' Hare UFO UnNews article ? Someone huff it ?17:58, May 22, 2013Simsilikesims
I propose a new "...of the month"17:57, May 22, 2013Simsilikesims
My yearbook page17:55, May 22, 2013Simsilikesims
I've always wondered...17:54, May 22, 2013Simsilikesims
Amount of highlighting and linking in UnNews17:51, May 22, 2013Simsilikesims
Uncyclopedians on Youtube17:50, May 22, 2013Simsilikesims
Short, Cryptic Message17:49, May 22, 2013Simsilikesims
Okay. We REALLY need our own convention.17:48, May 22, 2013Simsilikesims
Shoop da whoop serious warning!17:46, May 22, 2013Simsilikesims
410 Quasi-Featured articles17:44, May 22, 2013Simsilikesims
The Sentence Game Online17:43, May 22, 2013Simsilikesims
Removal of irrelevant Jesus, Satan, and Black Jesus templates17:42, May 22, 2013Simsilikesims
What is with the "penis" edit button?17:40, May 22, 2013Simsilikesims
Containment17:39, May 22, 2013Simsilikesims
Sysops and IRC17:38, May 22, 2013Simsilikesims
Upgraded!17:37, May 22, 2013Simsilikesims
I know this is embarrassing and very n00by for me to ask but17:35, May 22, 2013Simsilikesims
Weird JS-thing in image...17:34, May 22, 2013Simsilikesims
Modusoperandi is17:33, May 22, 2013Simsilikesims
Warning message17:31, May 22, 2013Simsilikesims
What happenned to Chigger?17:30, May 22, 2013Simsilikesims
Dead or Alive17:29, May 22, 2013Simsilikesims
Is anyone else aware that our XHTML isn't valid?17:27, May 22, 2013Simsilikesims
New and improved rules!17:26, May 22, 2013Simsilikesims
Need help on Article: How To: Taking a Shit17:25, May 22, 2013Simsilikesims
Babel Fish17:24, May 22, 2013Simsilikesims
Ogg Vorbis is better than MP317:23, May 22, 2013Simsilikesims
Oh noes! not the DATABASE ERROR!17:11, May 22, 2013Simsilikesims
I need pics for an article about "straitjackets"17:10, May 22, 2013Simsilikesims
Games!17:08, May 22, 2013Simsilikesims
I've made a new logo for the Game namespace.17:07, May 22, 2013Simsilikesims
Nude mannequin shock17:02, May 22, 2013Simsilikesims
Red link?16:54, May 22, 2013Simsilikesims
We're in the papers again16:42, May 22, 2013Simsilikesims
Move this particular article16:41, May 22, 2013Simsilikesims
The buttons on top of the edit window16:40, May 22, 2013Simsilikesims
Ever wanted your own tabs on pages? now you can16:40, May 22, 2013Simsilikesims
Thai Censorship regarding Bhumibol on Thailand article!16:31, May 22, 2013Simsilikesims
New template...16:30, May 22, 2013Simsilikesims
Template:USERNAME disabled again16:29, May 22, 2013Simsilikesims
Requesting Deletion?16:27, May 22, 2013Simsilikesims
New award16:26, May 22, 2013Simsilikesims
Your Mother Was Good In Bed Last Night; An example of something stupid and NOT funny16:25, May 22, 2013Simsilikesims
WHAT THE HELL JUST HAPPENED?16:24, May 22, 2013Simsilikesims
Appropriate Usernames ? Am planning on moving here.16:23, May 22, 2013Simsilikesims
Another Fantastic Idea by Me16:22, May 22, 2013Simsilikesims
Question about Pee Review...16:21, May 22, 2013Simsilikesims
Acrowars!16:20, May 22, 2013Simsilikesims
Uncyclopedia:User Page of the Month16:19, May 22, 2013Simsilikesims
It's done... it's finally done...16:18, May 22, 2013Simsilikesims
Articles in a redirected category16:17, May 22, 2013Simsilikesims
Article Template:R. Lee Ermey16:16, May 22, 2013Simsilikesims
Wikia-credits block is spam16:14, May 22, 2013Simsilikesims
Awards Template...16:13, May 22, 2013Simsilikesims
Healthy(ish) alternative to template:IPjoin16:12, May 22, 2013Simsilikesims
Random Image16:11, May 22, 2013Simsilikesims
Examples of good Anniversaries16:09, May 22, 2013Simsilikesims
Oops, did I screw up these Pee Reviews?16:09, May 22, 2013Simsilikesims
Jesse Award Parodies16:08, May 22, 2013Simsilikesims
The simlish article belongs in the nonsence but16:07, May 22, 2013Simsilikesims
Hey.16:06, May 22, 2013Simsilikesims
Page whoring (the good kind)16:05, May 22, 2013Simsilikesims
Wikipedia good-article status16:03, May 22, 2013Simsilikesims
Goodbye for now16:01, May 22, 2013Simsilikesims
Admin function15:59, May 22, 2013Simsilikesims
Checkusers15:58, May 22, 2013Simsilikesims
Orgasm Review: Reason15:57, May 22, 2013Simsilikesims
Can you get a Pee Review for...15:56, May 22, 2013Simsilikesims
What is a Pee Review ? Is there a Poo review ?15:55, May 22, 2013Simsilikesims
Question about LaTeX syntax errors15:54, May 22, 2013Simsilikesims
Uncyc Progress Since I Left?15:51, May 22, 2013Simsilikesims
Admins, What Must I Do?05:06, May 22, 2013Simsilikesims
The Boy You Knew as §ǚρωξλ£μĦΦφ≈€ƏξßÐÆØΞ is Dead.03:34, May 22, 2013Simsilikesims
Where should I go?03:31, May 22, 2013Simsilikesims
So coupla questions03:30, May 22, 2013Simsilikesims
How's my new image of the Pope?03:29, May 22, 2013Simsilikesims
Feature for 12th January03:23, May 22, 2013Simsilikesims
New first unnews article03:21, May 22, 2013Simsilikesims
IRC Sysops03:20, May 22, 2013Simsilikesims
UnTunes on the Podcast03:17, May 22, 2013Simsilikesims
Let's play a game03:15, May 22, 2013Simsilikesims
Interwikis for Nunyepedia03:12, May 22, 2013Simsilikesims
Empty pee review entries?03:08, May 22, 2013Simsilikesims
Enough is Enough; A State of the Wiki rant03:05, May 22, 2013Simsilikesims
Oh crap...can someone help?03:03, May 22, 2013Simsilikesims
I know nobody cares but....03:02, May 22, 2013Simsilikesims
Did you Know...03:00, May 22, 2013Simsilikesims
Is "inflammable" understandable?02:59, May 22, 2013Simsilikesims
New Why? Namespace02:58, May 22, 2013Simsilikesims
Kralnor page?02:55, May 22, 2013Simsilikesims
Quick Question02:53, May 22, 2013Simsilikesims
Aieee! The shite! The shite!02:51, May 22, 2013Simsilikesims
Funny?02:49, May 22, 2013Simsilikesims
Construrction Tag02:47, May 22, 2013Simsilikesims
Dear IViking,02:46, May 22, 2013Simsilikesims
Expiration time for Pee Review?02:44, May 22, 2013Simsilikesims
Do I introduce myself? Do people do that?02:44, May 22, 2013Simsilikesims
I am Me02:42, May 22, 2013Simsilikesims
Time zones02:41, May 22, 2013Simsilikesims
Brasil or Brazil?02:40, May 22, 2013Simsilikesims
Questions that i need answered02:40, May 22, 2013Simsilikesims
Collaboration02:39, May 22, 2013Simsilikesims
Moving/renaming categories02:38, May 22, 2013Simsilikesims
FFW undeletions02:36, May 22, 2013Simsilikesims
How to contact whoever censored my Dr. Mengele page?02:36, May 22, 2013Simsilikesims
So i took a piss...02:34, May 22, 2013Simsilikesims
Stats request, stat.02:33, May 22, 2013Simsilikesims
Roman Dog Bird has 0 features!! Party!02:32, May 22, 2013Simsilikesims
Improvements upon Malaysia23:19, May 21, 2013Simsilikesims
A Store?23:18, May 21, 2013Simsilikesims
History of Hard Core Fucking article22:57, May 21, 2013Simsilikesims
Whoah, since when did nested choose tags work?22:57, May 21, 2013Simsilikesims
User:Guest's deletion of newly created pages22:55, May 21, 2013Simsilikesims
Uncyclopedians on Xbox Live22:54, May 21, 2013Simsilikesims
So why are the "Quaint" and "Coherent" categories on the Main Page, anyway?22:53, May 21, 2013Simsilikesims
HALP!! (No relation to the IRC phenomenon)22:51, May 21, 2013Simsilikesims
News22:49, May 21, 2013Simsilikesims
Korean Uncyclopedia's name is changed22:47, May 21, 2013Simsilikesims
Time For FFS Bans To Be Given Out22:46, May 21, 2013Simsilikesims
That's it - VFH has just got too ridiculous for words.22:24, May 21, 2013Simsilikesims
Chickens!22:23, May 21, 2013Simsilikesims
Want to reproduce Uncyclopedia in a newspaper22:22, May 21, 2013Simsilikesims
Ten Millionth Article!22:21, May 21, 2013Simsilikesims
Anyone think that the NRV is retarded?22:20, May 21, 2013Simsilikesims
Which Admins are better?!22:18, May 21, 2013Simsilikesims
IRC administrators22:16, May 21, 2013Simsilikesims
Logo idea22:10, May 21, 2013Simsilikesims
Any article suggestions22:08, May 21, 2013Simsilikesims
When do we vote for best of July?22:06, May 21, 2013Simsilikesims
UnSkype22:04, May 21, 2013Simsilikesims
This is literally the proudest moment of my life22:02, May 21, 2013Simsilikesims
Since you all love voting so goddamn much...22:01, May 21, 2013Simsilikesims
We should have UnCycloLeaks22:01, May 21, 2013Simsilikesims
How does a person get to the place where they can make an article? Be specific.22:00, May 21, 2013Simsilikesims
Wikipedia spoof21:56, May 21, 2013Simsilikesims
UnNews: ? - How ?21:55, May 21, 2013Simsilikesims
Some changes to some stuff21:53, May 21, 2013Simsilikesims
Simple english21:52, May 21, 2013Simsilikesims
A possible solution to the VFS drama21:51, May 21, 2013Simsilikesims
Reviewer of the Year21:50, May 21, 2013Simsilikesims
This Is A Slut List21:49, May 21, 2013Simsilikesims
Board of directors21:48, May 21, 2013Simsilikesims
Post your mugshots!21:46, May 21, 2013Simsilikesims
How do you start a subpage in your user namespace?21:45, May 21, 2013Simsilikesims
Uncyclopedians on Playstation Network21:44, May 21, 2013Simsilikesims
Slutlist July(ish) 201221:43, May 21, 2013Simsilikesims
Audio-articles?21:40, May 21, 2013Simsilikesims
UnNews HELP21:39, May 21, 2013Simsilikesims
How do I upload Transparent and Animated images?21:38, May 21, 2013Simsilikesims
Jimbo Wales about Uncyclopedia21:37, May 21, 2013Simsilikesims
HELP ME!!!21:36, May 21, 2013Simsilikesims
Wtf! someone sort of the cars thread. its just a copy from wikipedia21:35, May 21, 2013Simsilikesims
Tests needed for upcoming long overdue skin upgrade19:27, May 21, 2013Simsilikesims
Reviving the Timeline Rebuild19:26, May 21, 2013Simsilikesims
Pimp that Folding06:01, May 21, 2013Simsilikesims
New HTML Tag (marquee)04:06, May 21, 2013Simsilikesims
I am really offended of what you guys are saying about mah home town04:02, May 21, 2013Simsilikesims
Where did the Cabal come from?04:00, May 21, 2013Simsilikesims
Deletionism gone too far..03:59, May 21, 2013Simsilikesims
Policies03:58, May 21, 2013Simsilikesims
New Skin03:57, May 21, 2013Simsilikesims
NotM - Should we both get it?03:15, May 21, 2013Simsilikesims
Why are there so many IP's wandering around Uncyc00:55, May 21, 2013Simsilikesims
Community vote: Stupidedia wants to join the Uncyclopedia project00:51, May 21, 2013Simsilikesims
Featuring Articles00:51, May 21, 2013Simsilikesims
Any Seattle area Uncyclopedians up in here?00:49, May 21, 2013Simsilikesims
Offical protest against pornography purge forum00:25, May 21, 2013Simsilikesims
Dont come to flaxmere !!!!!!!!!!00:21, May 21, 2013Simsilikesims
New game template...00:18, May 21, 2013Simsilikesims
UnNews statement of principles00:17, May 21, 2013Simsilikesims
Insineratehymn's quote holocaust00:15, May 21, 2013Simsilikesims
Registering username00:13, May 21, 2013Simsilikesims
Operation Great War Centennial00:12, May 21, 2013Simsilikesims
Zu-2700:11, May 21, 2013Simsilikesims
Search bar broken again00:09, May 21, 2013Simsilikesims
The Trouble With Stubs00:07, May 21, 2013Simsilikesims
New Uncyclopedia Theme00:06, May 21, 2013Simsilikesims
When will we have a new slut list?00:05, May 21, 2013Simsilikesims
What did you think of the Sopranos ender (warning, spoilers)00:04, May 21, 2013Simsilikesims
Need a Picture00:01, May 21, 2013Simsilikesims
Special pages not updating00:00, May 21, 2013Simsilikesims
The Restaurant-- new craze that's sweeping the nation!23:59, May 20, 2013Simsilikesims
No, thanks for your edit23:57, May 20, 2013Simsilikesims
Jerry Falwell23:55, May 20, 2013Simsilikesims
Please, Froggykiller, restore Sea kayak23:54, May 20, 2013Simsilikesims
OH NOES!!23:50, May 20, 2013Simsilikesims
Is there a code pt223:48, May 20, 2013Simsilikesims
Pee Review closed ? Need help with...........23:47, May 20, 2013Simsilikesims
VFD voting23:41, May 20, 2013Simsilikesims
New Jersey passes Shit Tax23:40, May 20, 2013Simsilikesims
A good W comes with a GUN23:39, May 20, 2013Simsilikesims
Becoming adopted.23:38, May 20, 2013Simsilikesims
How do I become a Admin here ???23:36, May 20, 2013Simsilikesims
Cashing the fuck in!23:35, May 20, 2013Simsilikesims
What is funny and what is vandalisim?23:33, May 20, 2013Simsilikesims
How do i insert youtube vids in an article?23:30, May 20, 2013Simsilikesims
VFH....again23:28, May 20, 2013Simsilikesims
Outrage over these stupid boxes.23:27, May 20, 2013Simsilikesims
I'm Back!23:24, May 20, 2013Simsilikesims
Six Degrees of Oscar Wilde23:23, May 20, 2013Simsilikesims
A question regarding sigs23:22, May 20, 2013Simsilikesims
How can I make a Category for images?23:21, May 20, 2013Simsilikesims
Thie Apprile Fooels resckin23:20, May 20, 2013Simsilikesims
Whats going on? AAAAAAA!23:19, May 20, 2013Simsilikesims
Why isn't HTBFANJS protected?23:18, May 20, 2013Simsilikesims
How deep is your love?23:17, May 20, 2013Simsilikesims
Where did it go? what can I do?23:14, May 20, 2013Simsilikesims
UnNews:Do we need infographics?23:12, May 20, 2013Simsilikesims
Euroipods: The Super Ultimate Final Conclusive Showdown Battle of The End23:10, May 20, 2013Simsilikesims
Hey bitches!23:09, May 20, 2013Simsilikesims
A controversial vote to destroy all votes23:02, May 20, 2013Simsilikesims
Ha!23:01, May 20, 2013Simsilikesims
Uncyclopedia/wikia issues anyone?22:59, May 20, 2013Simsilikesims
"So-called experts at Wikipedia have an article about..."22:32, May 20, 2013Simsilikesims
Everybody say "FUCK YOU" if you love Mattsnow22:30, May 20, 2013Simsilikesims
Petitions to make all our users that quit comeback22:28, May 20, 2013Simsilikesims
UnNews and screen resolution22:25, May 20, 2013Simsilikesims
Forum suggestion22:23, May 20, 2013Simsilikesims
I made an article with my friend.22:21, May 20, 2013Simsilikesims
Who do YOU write like?22:19, May 20, 2013Simsilikesims
HE WINNETH!22:18, May 20, 2013Simsilikesims
Carlb's servers are down22:17, May 20, 2013Simsilikesims
Need help with Article: Admins gone Wild22:16, May 20, 2013Simsilikesims
This actually pertains to the site, but....22:14, May 20, 2013Simsilikesims
Featuring UnNews22:14, May 20, 2013Simsilikesims
Cleanup on India22:13, May 20, 2013Simsilikesims
Greatest edit ever.22:10, May 20, 2013Simsilikesims
Promotion opportunity22:09, May 20, 2013Simsilikesims
Banned from IRC22:07, May 20, 2013Simsilikesims
Uncyclopedia Live22:06, May 20, 2013Simsilikesims
The Greek Squad22:05, May 20, 2013Simsilikesims
Untweets22:04, May 20, 2013Simsilikesims
The unnews main page is messed up. . .22:03, May 20, 2013Simsilikesims
I want to talk about Pee Review22:02, May 20, 2013Simsilikesims
Beta testers needed22:01, May 20, 2013Simsilikesims
Css on wikis22:00, May 20, 2013Simsilikesims
Lord of the Rings21:59, May 20, 2013Simsilikesims
Now taking applications for users wanting to run the next PLS21:58, May 20, 2013Simsilikesims
My First Edit21:57, May 20, 2013Simsilikesims
Satire does not have to be funny- hahahahahahaha!!21:55, May 20, 2013Simsilikesims
Site banner21:54, May 20, 2013Simsilikesims
Feature cue stuff21:53, May 20, 2013Simsilikesims
Show Your Shit21:52, May 20, 2013Simsilikesims
Pee Review: Why can't my pee show up?21:52, May 20, 2013Simsilikesims
Political advocacy, again21:51, May 20, 2013Simsilikesims
Slutlist September 201221:50, May 20, 2013Simsilikesims
Don't be a menace...04:11, May 20, 2013Simsilikesims
Calling all south Jersey members to save wawa04:10, May 20, 2013Simsilikesims
Can we ban them?04:09, May 20, 2013Simsilikesims
Please remove dirty talks04:08, May 20, 2013Simsilikesims
UnProvise...namespace04:06, May 20, 2013Simsilikesims
The... Unlympics!04:05, May 20, 2013Simsilikesims
I've been having nightmares about Neolibs04:03, May 20, 2013Simsilikesims
Talk:Encyclopedia Dramatica (Website)04:00, May 20, 2013Simsilikesims
Wikia's New Style03:59, May 20, 2013Simsilikesims
UnBooks stuff03:58, May 20, 2013Simsilikesims
UnSignpost03:57, May 20, 2013Simsilikesims
Anybody know what the hell I'm talking about?03:56, May 20, 2013Simsilikesims
Questions03:55, May 20, 2013Simsilikesims
UnProvise Is Born!03:54, May 20, 2013Simsilikesims
Displaytitle03:53, May 20, 2013Simsilikesims
The Chicago Tribune likes us; specifically, Mordillo03:52, May 20, 2013Simsilikesims
I REALLY REALLY REALLY NEED YOUR HELP NOW03:51, May 20, 2013Simsilikesims
VFD is broken03:49, May 20, 2013Simsilikesims
Unpocalypse reskin03:31, May 20, 2013Simsilikesims
PLS judge conscription/update02:30, May 20, 2013Simsilikesims
Rip-off artists02:29, May 20, 2013Simsilikesims
A Suggestion to Improve The Wiki's Standards02:21, May 20, 2013Simsilikesims
So, should we unban Kip the Dip?02:16, May 20, 2013Simsilikesims
New User Month02:10, May 20, 2013Simsilikesims
Warning to the people who run UNSOC, UNATO and Grue Army!!02:05, May 20, 2013Simsilikesims
Screw This: My Last Notes01:58, May 20, 2013Simsilikesims
So who wants to Pee the article I put up for review, oh, A MONTH AGO?01:49, May 20, 2013Simsilikesims
So, should we unban Nintendorulez?01:47, May 20, 2013Simsilikesims
Another little project...otMs01:46, May 20, 2013Simsilikesims
Okay, It's June 1st...01:46, May 20, 2013Simsilikesims
YouTube Articles?01:45, May 20, 2013Simsilikesims
Is there a code00:50, May 20, 2013Simsilikesims
Proposal to permanently abolish ICU12:45, May 19, 2013Simsilikesims
A less controversial proposal to merge UnBooks Author of the Month and UnScripts Playwright of the Month into Writer of the Month12:43, May 19, 2013Simsilikesims
Awgh! These topics are gouge-your-eyes-out-ugly!12:38, May 19, 2013Simsilikesims
Uncyclopedia's first ever NOWC12:27, May 19, 2013Simsilikesims
Departures from uncyc or any other wiki12:24, May 19, 2013Simsilikesims
NOMINATE THE MAIN PAGE!12:23, May 19, 2013Simsilikesims
MhaiIle12:20, May 19, 2013Simsilikesims
What's in your watchlist?12:19, May 19, 2013Simsilikesims
Cervasian Aggression12:18, May 19, 2013Simsilikesims
How do I protect my page?12:13, May 19, 2013Simsilikesims
I COMMAND YOU ALL TO12:10, May 19, 2013Simsilikesims
Hey guys...12:01, May 19, 2013Simsilikesims
Just out of curiousity...11:56, May 19, 2013Simsilikesims
Need section called: Unstories11:56, May 19, 2013Simsilikesims
Real Facts Concerning R. Lee Ermey11:53, May 19, 2013Simsilikesims
So, I was wondering11:46, May 19, 2013Simsilikesims
Genius11:40, May 19, 2013Simsilikesims
Decision time11:37, May 19, 2013Simsilikesims
I like Uncyclopedia11:33, May 19, 2013Simsilikesims
For future reference:11:32, May 19, 2013Simsilikesims
BGBU11:31, May 19, 2013Simsilikesims
Please help me with User:Spikebrennan/Scat sandbox11:25, May 19, 2013Simsilikesims
Executive Order11:24, May 19, 2013Simsilikesims
U.S. Acres11:23, May 19, 2013Simsilikesims
My First Article (help?)11:22, May 19, 2013Simsilikesims
GRRR!!! i need help from an admin plz lol11:21, May 19, 2013Simsilikesims
We need a nuke title template11:21, May 19, 2013Simsilikesims
I'm Back-er11:20, May 19, 2013Simsilikesims
Okay, Now i really need to know.05:56, May 19, 2013Simsilikesims : Official Uncyclopedia Branch / Not?05:55, May 19, 2013Simsilikesims
Pee Review queue05:51, May 19, 2013Simsilikesims
So, uh......05:51, May 19, 2013Simsilikesims
Template:Help05:45, May 19, 2013Simsilikesims
Animated 3D station id about UN05:44, May 19, 2013Simsilikesims
UnTunes, UnBooks, Game portal on sidebar05:43, May 19, 2013Simsilikesims
Uncyclobrowse!!05:42, May 19, 2013Simsilikesims
Featured Article candidate on Wikipedia?05:36, May 19, 2013Simsilikesims
Your forgottenest articles05:35, May 19, 2013Simsilikesims
How To?05:33, May 19, 2013Simsilikesims, May 19, 2013Simsilikesims
Humanbeings and NHS scribblewiki05:24, May 19, 2013Simsilikesims
Announcement!05:24, May 19, 2013Simsilikesims
WikiED Image Preview05:22, May 19, 2013Simsilikesims
Battlestar Galactica Season 3 Finale05:21, May 19, 2013Simsilikesims
User:MrCleveland05:09, May 19, 2013Simsilikesims
I have a new username05:08, May 19, 2013Simsilikesims
Some different (unknown to me) tags04:55, May 19, 2013Simsilikesims
Uncyc SSBB Matches04:54, May 19, 2013Simsilikesims
I am awsome bitch04:53, May 19, 2013Simsilikesims
You Tube Vids04:48, May 19, 2013Simsilikesims
A template I'd like to see04:41, May 19, 2013Simsilikesims
Ludicrous Requirements w/ IViking04:40, May 19, 2013Simsilikesims
Pee Competition04:38, May 19, 2013Simsilikesims
A book! The Uncyclopedia Book?04:37, May 19, 2013Simsilikesims
Different Uncyclopedia rules in each country04:37, May 19, 2013Simsilikesims
The Great Pake Debate of '0804:36, May 19, 2013Simsilikesims
Order of Uncyc04:36, May 19, 2013Simsilikesims
Atari Teenage Riot04:34, May 19, 2013Simsilikesims
Wikipedia's Featured Article04:34, May 19, 2013Simsilikesims
Becoming an admin04:20, May 19, 2013Simsilikesims
Official PLS Category Vote - Vote Now or Forever Hold Your Peace04:13, May 19, 2013Simsilikesims
HOW DO I START A NEW PAGE?!04:09, May 19, 2013Simsilikesims
The Sims04:08, May 19, 2013Simsilikesims
Help Forum04:04, May 19, 2013Simsilikesims
We All Suck Monkey Cock04:03, May 19, 2013Simsilikesims
5-star rating is no laughing matter03:50, May 19, 2013Simsilikesims
Can I have reply@not.possible as an e-mail address?03:47, May 19, 2013Simsilikesims
Popcorn Thingy03:46, May 19, 2013Simsilikesims
William Riker needs a rewrite?03:45, May 19, 2013Simsilikesims
VFH in '05 = VFD in '0803:43, May 19, 2013Simsilikesims
Strongly worded letter03:41, May 19, 2013Simsilikesims
Where do I move in at ? My NEW computer can detect.....03:35, May 19, 2013Simsilikesims
Unpedia.org03:33, May 19, 2013Simsilikesims
I just got out of jail and can't remember my password03:32, May 19, 2013Simsilikesims
Vote for Userpage?03:30, May 19, 2013Simsilikesims
What happened to the (hide) links on templates?03:28, May 19, 2013Simsilikesims
2008 Election Coverage03:27, May 19, 2013Simsilikesims
Just to keep everyone informed...03:26, May 19, 2013Simsilikesims
Favourite articles that will likely never be featured03:24, May 19, 2013Simsilikesims
Oh look, a template.03:23, May 19, 2013Simsilikesims
Look At This Article03:21, May 19, 2013Simsilikesims
Is there a way i can view all of the pictures without having to search all of the un articles?03:00, May 19, 2013Simsilikesims
VFD Counter02:57, May 19, 2013Simsilikesims
A modest proposal for VFD (serious)02:56, May 19, 2013Simsilikesims
Top10 issues02:55, May 19, 2013Simsilikesims
Open call for researchers to participate in editing project.02:54, May 19, 2013Simsilikesims
UnNews:Real Reason Islamic Women Wear Burkas02:52, May 19, 2013Simsilikesims
Interlanguage links need checking02:48, May 19, 2013Simsilikesims
Administrative Guidelines02:47, May 19, 2013Simsilikesims
Rutger Hauer02:46, May 19, 2013Simsilikesims
New sig fad?02:44, May 19, 2013Simsilikesims
What do you think of the Bat Fuck Insane Userbox?02:43, May 19, 2013Simsilikesims
Uncyclopedia Protectors02:42, May 19, 2013Simsilikesims
I AM a registered user yet not a Member of the Order?02:41, May 19, 2013Simsilikesims
Shit music02:40, May 19, 2013Simsilikesims
I'm leaving, and it's your fault20:36, May 17, 2013Llwy-ar-lawr
FREE CAJEK15:20, May 17, 2013Spike
How do you upload a image?09:21, May 17, 2013ScottPat
How do I tell if people like my UnNews articles?09:20, May 17, 2013ScottPat
Help name the Forum potatoes09:19, May 17, 2013ScottPat
The vast majority of Uncyclopedia rejoices09:18, May 17, 2013ScottPat
Something needs to be done about the Proofreading Squad09:17, May 17, 2013ScottPat
Here Ye, Here Ye! Game-makers, Have You Submitted Your Game?09:07, May 17, 2013ScottPat
Warning/Asking!?08:58, May 17, 2013ScottPat
Side of Wikipedia Please?08:58, May 17, 2013ScottPat
Your Favouritest Article08:56, May 17, 2013ScottPat
Can somebody tell me how to add a contents box to a page?08:56, May 17, 2013ScottPat
What can we do about this?08:53, May 17, 2013ScottPat
The podcast is alive!08:53, May 17, 2013ScottPat
Problems with IRC (It sucks!)08:52, May 17, 2013ScottPat
Brazilians are now the majority on Uncyclopedia08:25, May 17, 2013ScottPat
Rumors: Are the Admins here really Sexy ?01:36, May 17, 2013Simsilikesims
1U1A - Another damned summer project, high priority reading01:35, May 17, 2013Simsilikesims
UnNews Podcast01:34, May 17, 2013Simsilikesims
I have three words for you01:34, May 17, 2013Simsilikesims
Spirited Away Rewrite - Need Comments01:25, May 17, 2013Simsilikesims
Shit on Uncyclopedia? Is this a joke?01:22, May 17, 2013Simsilikesims
"Sort-Of" Free Uncyclopedia01:20, May 17, 2013Simsilikesims
I can't connect to freenode01:19, May 17, 2013Simsilikesims
Quoticide - a retrospective01:02, May 17, 2013Spike
Evil Overlord moment00:54, May 17, 2013Simsilikesims
Suggestion: block edits on featured articles00:51, May 17, 2013Simsilikesims
On special:shortpages00:51, May 17, 2013Spike
"You look like a fucking pig in heat, and if you get raped by a pack of niggers, it will be your fault."00:50, May 17, 2013Spike
A thing about disagreements on VFH00:47, May 17, 2013Spike
Open to criticism00:46, May 17, 2013Spike
Grey Comic00:46, May 17, 2013Spike
My rights as an American00:45, May 17, 2013Spike
VFH....again (again)00:44, May 17, 2013Spike
DPL - you're doing it wrong!00:43, May 17, 2013Simsilikesims
The dwindling of Uncyclopedia00:42, May 17, 2013Spike
Dont come to flaxmere!00:38, May 17, 2013Spike
Can't find it!00:36, May 17, 2013Simsilikesims
Tempe Preparatory Academy00:35, May 17, 2013Simsilikesims
This site is fuckign FUCKIGN shit00:35, May 17, 2013Spike
More VFP Votes Than VFH?00:33, May 17, 2013Simsilikesims
We need more pictures00:32, May 17, 2013Simsilikesims
We broke the homepage00:20, May 17, 2013Spike
Hyperbole's 40th Feature!!! Party!!!00:19, May 17, 2013Spike
Images to be removed00:14, May 17, 2013Simsilikesims
Hep mi mak mo betr artycals00:13, May 17, 2013Simsilikesims
VFD is deadlocked23:52, May 16, 2013Simsilikesims
PLS?23:51, May 16, 2013Simsilikesims
REVISE TUPAC ARTICLE23:50, May 16, 2013Simsilikesims
So, what's up?23:49, May 16, 2013Simsilikesims
Uncyc xbox live matches23:39, May 16, 2013Simsilikesims
VOTE: Top 3 Articles of October23:37, May 16, 2013Simsilikesims
Yrtneg=Mnidaydwisww23:35, May 16, 2013Simsilikesims
The Conformity23:34, May 16, 2013Simsilikesims
WTF??23:31, May 16, 2013Simsilikesims
WTFHallBugs23:30, May 16, 2013Simsilikesims
If categories were featured...23:28, May 16, 2013Simsilikesims
About the "nonsense" articles...22:54, May 16, 2013Simsilikesims
Advice for writing Unbooks22:48, May 16, 2013Simsilikesims
I'm the guy.............22:47, May 16, 2013Simsilikesims
YOUR Top 1022:43, May 16, 2013Simsilikesims
Stepping down as UnNews czar22:42, May 16, 2013Simsilikesims
Another active user survey!22:39, May 16, 2013Simsilikesims
New image for admins(this one's for you, Famine!)22:37, May 16, 2013Simsilikesims
Sound 4 me22:36, May 16, 2013Simsilikesims
QDB flagging has been changed22:34, May 16, 2013Simsilikesims
Whats the name of the page that showed the emo version of uncyclopedia22:32, May 16, 2013Simsilikesims
Mary Jane Watson22:30, May 16, 2013Simsilikesims
Flying Spaghetti Monster design name22:27, May 16, 2013Simsilikesims
How is Sean Howard the 9th most wanted page?22:26, May 16, 2013Simsilikesims
Who's a girl on Uncyclopedia?22:23, May 16, 2013Simsilikesims
Sidebar22:20, May 16, 2013Simsilikesims
Attn: UnNews editor whoever you are now22:07, May 16, 2013Simsilikesims
Almost 60 articles22:06, May 16, 2013Simsilikesims
Not a Folding @ Home User22:04, May 16, 2013Simsilikesims
People fucking love it when I make policy suggestions22:02, May 16, 2013Simsilikesims
Too many namespaces?21:33, May 16, 2013Simsilikesims
Why isn't the front page reskinned today? 4th of July, people.21:32, May 16, 2013Simsilikesims
Turkey Ball 201221:28, May 16, 2013Spike
What happened to the Forum Talk namespace?21:27, May 16, 2013Simsilikesims
The Poo Lit Surprise, 4th Edition - Official Thread20:21, May 16, 2013Simsilikesims
Retro Week Starts Now20:18, May 16, 2013Simsilikesims
UnNews is strong when good writers contribute20:13, May 16, 2013Simsilikesims
Advanced Editing19:59, May 16, 2013Simsilikesims
Worst 100 Reflections on 2006 -- a call to arms19:58, May 16, 2013Simsilikesims
Just a friendly reminder from your friendly friend, Optimuschris19:56, May 16, 2013Simsilikesims
Hey, let's give IPs banning/deletion/etc. powers19:55, May 16, 2013Simsilikesims
I LOVE the R. Lee Ermey template19:50, May 16, 2013Simsilikesims
FROM NOW ON19:49, May 16, 2013Simsilikesims
Template:JoinED19:47, May 16, 2013Simsilikesims
President of Uncyclopedia '08?19:24, May 16, 2013Simsilikesims
Why is the Fullmetal Alchemist article now locked?19:19, May 16, 2013Simsilikesims
Something that's always confuddled me...NavFrames!19:18, May 16, 2013Simsilikesims
Proposed changes to Common.css (2012)19:14, May 16, 2013Spike
Game Portal19:13, May 16, 2013Simsilikesims
Blanked articles19:11, May 16, 2013Simsilikesims
How come...19:10, May 16, 2013Simsilikesims
Template:New article intro19:08, May 16, 2013Simsilikesims
I need sigexpand help (attempt 3)19:05, May 16, 2013Simsilikesims
Did anyone else notice that too?18:09, May 16, 2013Simsilikesims
Hi, Im not dead18:06, May 16, 2013Simsilikesims
Clarification on what we should do about "Lord Penguin" article18:03, May 16, 2013Simsilikesims
New jokes on the "in-jokes" page?18:02, May 16, 2013Simsilikesims
Update on updates18:00, May 16, 2013Simsilikesims
What?! No Admin of the Month! Why?????17:59, May 16, 2013Simsilikesims
UnConspiracy! ...?12:07, May 16, 2013Spike
Coggeshall12:05, May 16, 2013Spike
Favorite Band12:03, May 16, 2013Spike
Should there be uncyclopedia in nonsence languages?12:02, May 16, 2013Spike
Need help finishing off an article11:52, May 16, 2013Spike
What's wrong with the sidebar?11:50, May 16, 2013Spike
VFH.....Last Time11:48, May 16, 2013Spike
Question about T10 '1211:45, May 16, 2013Spike
Hipster=Another n00b11:43, May 16, 2013Spike
Discussion discussion10:11, May 16, 2013Snippy
Facebook share link10:10, May 16, 2013Snippy
William Jefferson - spork10:09, May 16, 2013Snippy
Oh yeah...I forgot10:09, May 16, 2013Snippy
Recent troubles on UGotM10:08, May 16, 2013Snippy
Uncyclopedia officially looks like a highschool project10:08, May 16, 2013Snippy
Benson10:08, May 16, 2013Snippy
Appreciate the assisstance10:07, May 16, 2013Snippy
Vector10:04, May 16, 2013Snippy
I'm Back As Well10:03, May 16, 2013Snippy
Identity transfusion completed10:03, May 16, 2013Snippy
Why isn't template:Title working?10:03, May 16, 2013Snippy
Something smells in the kingdom of Uncyclopedia10:02, May 16, 2013Snippy
How does one get welcomed to Uncyclopedia ?10:02, May 16, 2013Snippy
What the hell happened to the content warning?10:02, May 16, 2013Snippy
How do I compliment the Admins ? Or is that a insult ?10:01, May 16, 2013Snippy
Tags script weirdness10:01, May 16, 2013Snippy
Change the "User banned within a month" rule on UGotM10:00, May 16, 2013Snippy
There's a guy spamming IRC by the name of "Satan"09:59, May 16, 2013Snippy
Competition from old-media humor09:59, May 16, 2013Snippy
Out for a while09:58, May 16, 2013Snippy
Is it just me...09:58, May 16, 2013Snippy
The Mullet Game09:57, May 16, 2013Snippy
I needs teh HELP09:55, May 16, 2013Snippy
I need help!09:55, May 16, 2013Snippy
Changing The Answer from 42 to google09:54, May 16, 2013Snippy
Goddamn it help me!09:54, May 16, 2013Snippy
The next PLS...09:53, May 16, 2013Snippy
A question about using images09:53, May 16, 2013Snippy
Huge-ass UnNews modifications expecting YOUR approval09:51, May 16, 2013Snippy
Welcome Barbarian09:51, May 16, 2013Snippy
An idea for " High School" vanity articles.09:49, May 16, 2013Snippy
How about a VFS, eh?09:49, May 16, 2013Snippy
Six Nations09:48, May 16, 2013Snippy
Fix this09:46, May 16, 2013Snippy
Can anyone help me out with my eunuch article?09:46, May 16, 2013Snippy
Grue-Curb Stomp09:44, May 16, 2013Snippy
The mission: raise an UnDictionary page to featured status09:44, May 16, 2013Snippy
Umm...09:43, May 16, 2013Snippy
The Pledge09:43, May 16, 2013Snippy
Uncylopedia Potato - Sophia09:42, May 16, 2013Snippy
Uncyclopedia Historical Society Refurbishing Effort09:42, May 16, 2013Snippy
Politics Survey09:28, May 16, 2013Snippy
Template:Killquote209:28, May 16, 2013Snippy
Should we have a motto or something?09:28, May 16, 2013Snippy
Quoticide09:26, May 16, 2013Snippy
April Fools09:26, May 16, 2013Snippy
Idea for the Whoops! template09:26, May 16, 2013Snippy
Change UnNews' name09:25, May 16, 2013Snippy
Manticore Op Festivities09:25, May 16, 2013Snippy
Get Google ads working in Classic skin?09:25, May 16, 2013Snippy
Title competition09:23, May 16, 2013Snippy
The Red Light District09:22, May 16, 2013Snippy
Sorry!09:22, May 16, 2013Snippy
New Namespace Idea09:21, May 16, 2013Snippy
New type of award to encourage rewrites?09:21, May 16, 2013Snippy
NotM?09:21, May 16, 2013Snippy
Vote: Discontinue Emmanuel Goldstein Award of Excellence in the Distribution of Misinformation?09:20, May 16, 2013Snippy
Ban Patrol09:20, May 16, 2013Snippy
RIGHT NUT DRAMA09:20, May 16, 2013Snippy
OrionBlastar... is this you?09:19, May 16, 2013Snippy
Bell Biv Devoe?09:16, May 16, 2013Snippy
Jewish Media09:16, May 16, 2013Snippy
UnSnopes09:15, May 16, 2013Snippy
Uncyclopedians who play "kick the can"09:15, May 16, 2013Snippy
Apparent "Outrage" at Cumbria Article09:15, May 16, 2013Snippy
I have an idea09:15, May 16, 2013Snippy
Uncyclopedia 0.5 on DVD09:14, May 16, 2013Snippy
My Official Top 10 Campaign Ad09:13, May 16, 2013Snippy
...And from the depths he came.....back09:13, May 16, 2013Snippy
Hey Sysops!09:13, May 16, 2013Snippy
Top 3 of the month09:11, May 16, 2013Snippy
People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals09:11, May 16, 2013Snippy
Open Call for Editors to Participate in Research Project09:11, May 16, 2013Snippy
Why do my pages keep on disappearing09:10, May 16, 2013Snippy
Merge VFH and Pee Review?09:10, May 16, 2013Snippy
Get this- we've been tagged by Net Authority09:10, May 16, 2013Snippy
I think Uncyclopedia should make UnTube a spoof of YouTube do you?09:07, May 16, 2013Snippy
Don't Panic08:06, May 16, 2013Simsilikesims
Estonia08:02, May 16, 2013Simsilikesims
WhatTheFile?08:00, May 16, 2013Simsilikesims
This is awkward...07:50, May 16, 2013Tephra
Wikipedia got deleted?07:50, May 16, 2013ScottPat
How to add a template?07:48, May 16, 2013Simsilikesims
Ah, why does a monstrous alien vagina flash on the screen before the actual article starts resolving?07:12, May 16, 2013Simsilikesims
What's the proper (or correct) way to create .css pages?06:55, May 16, 2013Simsilikesims
Uncyclopedia professions06:51, May 16, 2013Simsilikesims
This should sound noobish06:50, May 16, 2013Simsilikesims
New subforum06:36, May 16, 2013Simsilikesims
Sockpuppet image06:19, May 16, 2013Simsilikesims
From Japan06:14, May 16, 2013Simsilikesims
IViking's weekly assignment05:44, May 16, 2013Simsilikesims
Illogicopedia and Memory-alfa05:29, May 16, 2013Simsilikesims
PFP Holocaust: save your favorite featured images now05:28, May 16, 2013Simsilikesims
UnNews Video05:27, May 16, 2013Simsilikesims
Voting for Retro Week05:26, May 16, 2013Simsilikesims
Vote Tompkins05:22, May 16, 2013Simsilikesims
I have some article ideas, do you think they're good or not?05:21, May 16, 2013Simsilikesims
Garfield:The Movie05:20, May 16, 2013Simsilikesims
An idea for a page05:17, May 16, 2013Simsilikesims
Uncyclopedia InkLink Club05:15, May 16, 2013Simsilikesims
Signature troubles...05:09, May 16, 2013Simsilikesims
Okay so I was editing this one time05:08, May 16, 2013Simsilikesims
Help out Fnoodle05:00, May 16, 2013Simsilikesims
On the subject of things I supported but Famine opposed...04:59, May 16, 2013Simsilikesims
A Potatochopper of The Year Trophy04:58, May 16, 2013Simsilikesims
Couple of ideas here04:56, May 16, 2013Simsilikesims
I Suffer from Mediocrity04:53, May 16, 2013Simsilikesims
Would this happen: " / /"?04:52, May 16, 2013Simsilikesims
AAN: Maybe in need of a policy change?04:50, May 16, 2013Simsilikesims
PLS Category Discussion04:49, May 16, 2013Simsilikesims
'Section rewrite'04:48, May 16, 2013Simsilikesims
Should we move back to, May 16, 2013Simsilikesims
Forum:Pee Review04:45, May 16, 2013Simsilikesims
Possible Big Change For UnNews?04:44, May 16, 2013Simsilikesims
Mainpage issue04:44, May 16, 2013Simsilikesims
Who has the secret key to Uncyc's Twitter?04:42, May 16, 2013Simsilikesims
Vandalism article needs protection?04:41, May 16, 2013Simsilikesims
Running Slowly?04:40, May 16, 2013Simsilikesims
Smell the coffee04:40, May 16, 2013Simsilikesims
Are inside jokes bad?04:38, May 16, 2013Simsilikesims
How does a person get to the place where they can start a forum topic without really knowing how to do anything else?04:36, May 16, 2013Simsilikesims
May I Whore Myself Out For NotM04:36, May 16, 2013Simsilikesims
UnNews interview04:34, May 16, 2013Simsilikesims
The bigger not the better04:32, May 16, 2013Simsilikesims
So near, but yet so far...04:17, May 16, 2013Simsilikesims
The US Presidential Election04:13, May 16, 2013Simsilikesims
What the fuck is going on04:11, May 16, 2013Simsilikesims
New Hollywood Trend: Actors on a Rampage04:10, May 16, 2013Simsilikesims
Hallbugs04:09, May 16, 2013Simsilikesims
Wikigroaning04:09, May 16, 2013Simsilikesims
Dont come to flaxmere04:00, May 16, 2013Simsilikesims
Oh fuck it03:53, May 16, 2013Simsilikesims
The need to know02:59, May 16, 2013Simsilikesims
Dept. of Uncyc Security MEMO02:43, May 16, 2013Llwy-ar-lawr
On the Importance of Red Links...01:59, May 16, 2013Llwy-ar-lawr
Unsignpost needs user biopics!12:52, May 9, 2013ScottPat
Pee Review Whoring07:58, May 8, 2013Graphium
Help!02:44, May 8, 2013Simsilikesims
Categories23:01, May 7, 2013Simsilikesims
UnSignpost needs YOU!16:20, May 4, 2013ScottPat
Why is Pee Review so dead?20:28, May 3, 2013ScottPat
Wikia's robo-welcome22:19, April 29, 2013Sannse
A Query on Vandals14:57, April 29, 2013Mhaille
Wikia has banned nudity14:30, April 29, 2013Mhaille
The Unquotable namespace14:02, April 27, 2013Spike
Idea for meta-article02:47, April 26, 2013Simsilikesims
Uncyclopedi-tan?02:42, April 26, 2013Simsilikesims
Define:sealand02:41, April 26, 2013Simsilikesims
Heavy Traffic Articles02:11, April 26, 2013Simsilikesims
Uncyclopedia Movie?02:11, April 26, 2013Simsilikesims
About templates linking to talk pages02:11, April 26, 2013Simsilikesims
Uncyclopedia is as popular as Homestar Runner02:11, April 26, 2013Simsilikesims
Antigravitory Cat Article on YouTube02:11, April 26, 2013Simsilikesims
How do I make an infobox for a TV series?02:11, April 26, 2013Simsilikesims
Picture for Legs for sale - too gory?02:10, April 26, 2013Tephra
Quality Control: An Essay on Quality Control by THINKER02:03, April 26, 2013Simsilikesims
Venereal disease-ridden street-walking prostitutes02:03, April 26, 2013Simsilikesims
Our Wikipedia article: certified "good"02:03, April 26, 2013Simsilikesims
Bring back Vigilance Week!02:03, April 26, 2013Simsilikesims
How many active users?02:03, April 26, 2013Simsilikesims
Bibliography02:03, April 26, 2013Simsilikesims
An important Uncyc anniversary approaches02:03, April 26, 2013Simsilikesims
What the hell happened to IRC?02:03, April 26, 2013Simsilikesims
Vandalism Of Featured Articles02:03, April 26, 2013Simsilikesims
What the hell? Where did my Lee Evans page go?!02:03, April 26, 2013Simsilikesims
General Quality of Articles02:03, April 26, 2013Simsilikesims
Whatchu actually got for Xmas?02:03, April 26, 2013Simsilikesims
Missin Article02:03, April 26, 2013Simsilikesims
An issue with NotM02:03, April 26, 2013Simsilikesims
VFH voting contest is on!02:03, April 26, 2013Simsilikesims
A Modest Proposal regarding vanity02:03, April 26, 2013Simsilikesims
Aristocrats featured article?02:03, April 26, 2013Simsilikesims
UnTunes Question (size of file)02:03, April 26, 2013Simsilikesims
Jack Phoenix For Sysop!02:03, April 26, 2013Simsilikesims
UnTV/UnMovies02:03, April 26, 2013Simsilikesims
Haterade02:03, April 26, 2013Simsilikesims
A dedication02:03, April 26, 2013Simsilikesims
If other language of uncyclopedia have problem where I should contact?02:03, April 26, 2013Simsilikesims
Judging and suggestions for the upcoming PLS!02:03, April 26, 2013Simsilikesims
Hi!02:03, April 26, 2013Simsilikesims
Worst 100 Reflections on 200702:03, April 26, 2013Simsilikesims
Somebody should save this article.02:03, April 26, 2013Simsilikesims
How do u feature articles02:03, April 26, 2013Simsilikesims
I'm currently in Branson, Missouri02:03, April 26, 2013Simsilikesims
There's been a lot of crap at VFH02:03, April 26, 2013Simsilikesims
Merry Christmas, Uncyclopedia!02:03, April 26, 2013Simsilikesims
A poll: Uncyclopedian political slants (2)02:03, April 26, 2013Simsilikesims
A Gentlemanly Game02:03, April 26, 2013Simsilikesims
ED Getting it's own T.V Show?02:03, April 26, 2013Simsilikesims
WHO DELETED KAYAK!!!02:03, April 26, 2013Simsilikesims
I luv the admin Todd!02:03, April 26, 2013Simsilikesims
This article is just terrible02:03, April 26, 2013Simsilikesims
New image of Muhammad. ani gif, ok?02:03, April 26, 2013Simsilikesims
On Template:Q02:03, April 26, 2013Simsilikesims
2008 declared internationally as "The Year of the Potato"02:03, April 26, 2013Simsilikesims
Tagging other people's sites02:03, April 26, 2013Simsilikesims
VFH Questions02:03, April 26, 2013Simsilikesims
Help with article02:03, April 26, 2013Simsilikesims
Religious userboxes02:03, April 26, 2013Simsilikesims
Unknown about uploading new pic02:03, April 26, 2013Simsilikesims
How dare they delete Mr winkler im SORRY!02:03, April 26, 2013Simsilikesims
Quick Question.02:03, April 26, 2013Simsilikesims
Newbie!02:03, April 26, 2013Simsilikesims
Newbie Writer!!02:03, April 26, 2013Simsilikesims
Can i redo this article?02:03, April 26, 2013Simsilikesims
The next PLS02:03, April 26, 2013Simsilikesims
I've been gone (since about April 07) and I want to know what the hell has happened!02:03, April 26, 2013Simsilikesims
Dumb Qwerstion02:03, April 26, 2013Simsilikesims
One line crap02:03, April 26, 2013Simsilikesims
Does anyone actually know if the articles in other languages are funny?02:03, April 26, 2013Simsilikesims
Chicago02:03, April 26, 2013Simsilikesims
Here it comes, baby! Awww yeah!02:03, April 26, 2013Simsilikesims
N-Bomb Guy02:03, April 26, 2013Simsilikesims
Two things, fellers02:03, April 26, 2013Simsilikesims
AAAAAAAAA02:03, April 26, 2013Simsilikesims
Arthur Treacher02:03, April 26, 2013Simsilikesims
Upgrade in progress02:03, April 26, 2013Simsilikesims
Hey, I was thinking...02:03, April 26, 2013Simsilikesims
Help with Moody Blues Page02:03, April 26, 2013Tephra
Help Zombiebaron make a reskin that doesn't suck02:02, April 26, 2013Tephra
Top 2007 articles wrap up02:02, April 26, 2013Simsilikesims
Urgent Public Safety Warning02:02, April 26, 2013Simsilikesims
Morbidlyobeseland02:02, April 26, 2013Simsilikesims
Do You Care? Captions for Sepoctovcember02:02, April 26, 2013Simsilikesims
In just a few hours...02:02, April 26, 2013Simsilikesims
An important addition to Uncyclopedia:Consensus02:02, April 26, 2013Simsilikesims
Samuel Jackson02:02, April 26, 2013Simsilikesims
Newpages suggestion...02:02, April 26, 2013Simsilikesims
Where do you go to nom someone for adminship?02:02, April 26, 2013Simsilikesims
Infinite redirects to nonexistant state02:02, April 26, 2013Simsilikesims
Patrolled edits02:02, April 26, 2013Simsilikesims
What happened to Chucknorrisium!!!! my favorite element is gone!!02:02, April 26, 2013Simsilikesims
Whats with da adverts?02:02, April 26, 2013Simsilikesims
Favorite GIFS02:02, April 26, 2013Simsilikesims
Gravel campaign response to endorsement02:02, April 26, 2013Tephra
Too many games01:59, April 26, 2013Tephra
Wikia Spotlight03:02, April 24, 2013Simsilikesims
Fantastic Uncyclopedia article!02:50, April 24, 2013Simsilikesims
Google maps?02:48, April 24, 2013Simsilikesims
Virus or Vandalism02:37, April 24, 2013Simsilikesims
You Love Slut List02:37, April 24, 2013Simsilikesims
We've been Dugg02:35, April 24, 2013Simsilikesims
Purposal: new audio "RadicalX" corner02:31, April 24, 2013Simsilikesims
Interlangage links02:31, April 24, 2013Simsilikesims
Banning creation of new articles02:08, April 24, 2013Simsilikesims
News Announcer02:08, April 24, 2013Simsilikesims
Trying to Enter the contest02:08, April 24, 2013Simsilikesims
Username change02:07, April 24, 2013Simsilikesims
Anyone with me?02:07, April 24, 2013Simsilikesims
Toggling visibility of tables and other page elements02:06, April 24, 2013Simsilikesims
Rising VFH standards01:52, April 24, 2013Frosty
We need ArbCom elections!01:52, April 24, 2013Frosty
Need Help making this article better01:52, April 24, 2013Frosty
No More Forest Fire Weeks01:52, April 24, 2013Frosty
Need Help in making Article better01:52, April 24, 2013Frosty
Do me a favour01:51, April 24, 2013Simsilikesims
Just a reminder01:49, April 24, 2013Simsilikesims
UnNews: US Democrats give Entire World to Terrorists01:47, April 24, 2013Simsilikesims
I just noticed...01:42, April 24, 2013Simsilikesims
Suggestion:Exceptional Article Award01:41, April 24, 2013Simsilikesims
1.9 and JS01:40, April 24, 2013Simsilikesims
A serious discussion on our legendary n00b-unfriendliness01:30, April 24, 2013Simsilikesims
Everyting you say or do is wrong.04:03, April 23, 2013Simsilikesims
WhereHave:All the features gone?14:03, April 20, 2013ScottPat
Cat picture on every page08:29, April 20, 2013Simsilikesims
Inactive admins16:00, April 11, 2013Romartus
Pee Reviews Please17:25, April 10, 2013ScottPat
The New UnSignpost07:05, April 10, 2013ScottPat
Cow tipping20:50, April 9, 2013Romartus
The Content Warning: Post-edits15:54, April 1, 2013Funnybony
Fool the fools04:31, April 1, 2013Tephra
Can someone give me feed back on my song in the gay pirates post14:21, March 29, 2013Spike
The Q (Quotation) template23:17, March 27, 2013Simsilikesims
A Fun Fact About Header Quotes16:29, March 22, 2013Mnbvcxz
Spanish website goes with adds23:47, March 21, 2013Tephra
The Content Warning20:01, March 21, 2013PuppyOnTheRadio
Audio deletion request01:34, March 20, 2013Spike
Frosty got hit by a car00:27, March 20, 2013Simsilikesims
First Pee Buddy Awards!01:20, March 18, 2013Simsilikesims
Hello, I have returned.12:58, March 15, 2013Simsilikesims
Vote: Are there too many @$%& boxes on this @$%& Forum?22:12, March 14, 2013Spike
Whose Staying Part 212:40, March 8, 2013Kip the Dip
We need more admins19:12, March 2, 2013Spike
Argh. MediaWiki on MS Sequel Server?03:06, March 2, 2013PuppyOnTheRadio
Font List00:16, March 2, 2013Simsilikesims
Who's staying?20:54, February 28, 2013Spike
Names of Admins in various lists23:38, February 23, 2013Spike
Trimming back the Wilde Quotes09:57, February 23, 2013Mnbvcxz
What happened to the pussy graphic?16:47, February 17, 2013Spike
Mainspace pages linking to user subpages23:20, February 15, 2013MrN9000
The Warning Template, or, HowTo:Cover Wikia's ass while having fun.04:55, February 14, 2013Nikau
A suggestion21:22, February 11, 2013Kevillips
On the utility of multiple wikis to hold our work20:18, February 11, 2013Mnbvcxz
Let's make it official. Uncyclopedia's National Anthem20:17, February 11, 2013Aleister in Chains
Post-Fork One Month Anniversary: A Retrospective19:54, February 11, 2013Sannse
Chopper needed10:16, February 10, 2013Aleister in Chains
Interlanguage (sort of) links04:43, February 1, 2013Frosty
Links to the other wiki in the sidebar18:42, January 22, 2013Sannse
Campaign for Admin: Meganew, 72 Hours!22:29, January 21, 2013Meganew
Links to the forks at and mirror.uncyc.org12:20, January 21, 2013PuppyOnTheRadio
VSTF03:12, January 19, 2013PuppyOnTheRadio
Are you guys seriously still here?23:05, January 18, 2013Romartus
Please give us our traffic numbers20:51, January 17, 2013Aleister in Chains
Page Move Throttling for Regular Users20:38, January 15, 2013Sannse
VOTE: Top 3 Articles of December17:08, January 15, 2013Modusoperandi
Pee review question13:29, January 15, 2013ChiefjusticeDS
Top 10 articles of 201210:09, January 15, 2013Thekillerfroggy
Should we have a separate IRC channel?15:27, January 14, 2013Romartus
Protected Admin talk pages19:30, January 13, 2013Mnbvcxz
Wikia has the Russian-language Absurdopedia in its spam filters20:25, January 11, 2013Mnbvcxz
FFW 201311:15, January 10, 2013Bizzeebeever
UnNews question20:37, January 6, 2013ChiefjusticeDS
Forks in the road - Uncyclopedia moving from Wikia, a discussion02:22, January 5, 2013Sannse
Our 7th Year Birthday is arriving soon!23:34, January 4, 2013Zombiebaron
Official Bowel Movement Announcement:January 3rd11:24, January 4, 2013Kip the Dip
Removing problem images05:58, January 4, 2013Thekillerfroggy
Stop the deleting madness!20:38, January 3, 2013Thekillerfroggy
An issue of truly vast importance12:18, January 3, 2013Aleister in Chains
Dudes, an idea18:48, January 2, 2013Bizzeebeever
First post of 2013!19:31, January 1, 2013Kamek98
New UnBooks and UnMeta Image18:51, December 29, 2012Zombiebaron
Nearly at 30,000 articles11:56, December 29, 2012Joe9320
Covered-nipple Breast pics, unsafe for work. Mommy?07:31, December 28, 2012Cap'n Sock Monkey
Open to image requests07:30, December 28, 2012Cap'n Sock Monkey
Better Quality Uncyc?07:23, December 28, 2012Cap'n Sock Monkey
Santa's coming! Santa's coming! Santa's coming!02:51, December 25, 2012Bizzeebeever
Not alone on the holidays02:45, December 25, 2012Shabidoo
The toilets are backed up07:13, December 24, 2012Joe9320
Spoon in the road - Also, what the fuck is "Uncylcopedia"?20:59, December 23, 2012Modusoperandi
Are you blowing me?01:37, December 23, 2012Lyrithya
VOTE: Top 3 Articles of November19:58, December 21, 2012Modusoperandi
Vote to stop UnSignpost from making fun of users who create forums that serve no purpose other than to create forums!05:25, December 21, 2012Frosty
Fuck you who say we're failing - look at this!16:28, December 20, 2012Romartus
New IRC stats page20:35, December 19, 2012GEORGIEGIBBONS
Site messages "in general"19:39, December 19, 2012Aleister in Chains
It's Time to Play (with my dick)19:35, December 19, 2012Aleister in Chains
Site notice is back19:22, December 19, 2012Shabidoo
Taking a leave of absense18:38, December 17, 2012Shabidoo
Shit hits the fan, fuckers.01:09, December 14, 2012TheHappySpaceman
I GOT ONE FEATURE! PARTY!00:04, December 13, 2012Aleister in Chains
Abstergo=Templars15:28, December 7, 2012TheLedBalloon
Two stuff09:31, December 7, 2012Bizzeebeever
Shabidoo = SPIKE05:41, December 3, 2012Cat the Colourful
Our Alexa Info19:52, November 23, 2012Modusoperandi
Snerk seems to have a problem10:12, November 22, 2012Modusoperandi
Need a quick PEE?07:44, November 22, 2012Simsilikesims
VOTE: Top 3 Articles of September20:09, October 18, 2012Modusoperandi
I am banned20:58, October 6, 2012Thekillerfroggy
I apologize20:58, October 6, 2012Thekillerfroggy
Official Forum About Shit22:55, September 21, 2012Frosty
VOTE: Top 3 Articles of August16:48, September 18, 2012Modusoperandi
Crisis on Infinite Forums: Chaos Ensues as Massive Amount of Forums Are Unarchived15:32, September 17, 2012Zombiebaron
25,000!08:05, August 25, 2012Thekillerfroggy
VOTE: Top 3 Articles of July21:26, August 17, 2012Modusoperandi
User Names04:20, August 8, 2012Zombiebaron
Are you a Colonist?18:30, July 26, 2012Qzekrom
VOTE: Top 3 Articles of June16:02, July 16, 2012Thekillerfroggy
MediaWiki "upgrade"15:40, July 16, 2012Modusoperandi
Nominations for Retro Week12:03, July 16, 2012Sockpuppet of an unregistered user
A vastly important issue06:20, July 16, 2012Thekillerfroggy
Posting pics23:59, July 13, 2012Beefhooked
Why has "huffed" become "deleted page"?04:28, July 13, 2012TheHappySpaceman
IC06:40, July 12, 2012Joe9320
Where are the PLS articles on VFH?01:12, July 12, 2012Shabidoo
New merch in the e-store03:21, July 10, 2012Joe9320
The math tags are broken14:57, July 8, 2012Modusoperandi
How the fuck do you use an existing wikia account on here ; ;23:44, July 3, 2012Frosty
Top 3 of the month voting in forum?23:06, July 2, 2012Thekillerfroggy
VFH Needs Your Votes!23:31, July 1, 2012Saberwolf116
Fire Emblem?08:43, July 1, 2012Modusoperandi
Article Feedback Tool01:05, June 30, 2012Aimsplode
Beginner's Guide is in mainspace16:44, June 27, 2012Qzekrom
The three types of article07:59, June 25, 2012EpicAwesomeness
System messages00:53, June 25, 2012Qzekrom
What is the threshold for VFH?09:55, June 23, 2012Thekillerfroggy
(Different) smart phone problems17:17, June 22, 2012TheHappySpaceman
FUCKING CONTENT WARNING17:52, June 21, 2012Sockpuppet of an unregistered user
Smart phone problems17:44, June 21, 2012Shabidoo
Facebook and Drama01:01, June 21, 2012RAHB
Oh, I remember this place...05:11, June 19, 2012Modusoperandi
Retro week16:29, June 18, 2012Zombiebaron
Patrolling edits (again)14:39, June 16, 2012Bizzeebeever
Recruitment Drive for IPs06:57, June 12, 2012Joe9320
Antispam?07:40, June 7, 2012Cat the Colourful
The State of the UnSignpost11:27, June 6, 2012Joe9320
There's something going on with Pee Review10:39, June 5, 2012Joe9320
PLS June 2012 Judge Sign Up!19:52, June 3, 2012Zombiebaron
Site message11:16, June 2, 2012Joe9320
De-featuring articles that have degraded over time?22:31, May 30, 2012Qzekrom
Competition proposal15:34, May 30, 2012EpicAwesomeness
Tools I'm missing or lent out and weren't returned22:49, May 29, 2012Qzekrom
The UnSignpost should no longer be in the sidebar20:10, May 28, 2012Qzekrom
Maybe why we don't have lots and lots of new writers00:03, May 26, 2012Qzekrom
With all this talk about sockpuppetry...23:18, May 24, 2012Qzekrom
Tournament Plan: Uncyc Summer Extravaganza!16:53, May 22, 2012Thekillerfroggy
Puppy was banned?20:50, May 19, 2012ChiefjusticeDS
If this is a Wikia...03:00, May 19, 2012Modusoperandi
Articles replaced, category19:27, May 17, 2012Aleister in Chains
Looking for more Facebook and Twitter administrators10:06, May 17, 2012Matt lobster
Best picture for Template:Indefinitely blocked user06:43, May 17, 2012Scofield
Badges01:15, May 15, 2012Shabidoo
Vote to De-Op Lyrithya00:03, May 15, 2012MrN9000
International Spam IRC Month15:56, May 14, 2012GEORGIEGIBBONS
Is an indefinite ban too long for an "established user"?15:26, May 13, 2012Thekillerfroggy
HowTo:Link to wikipedia and other deep-sea anomalies16:53, May 12, 2012Why do I need to provide this?
Sidebar appearing in the wrong place15:42, May 12, 2012Modusoperandi
Twitter feed?22:35, May 10, 201294.196.67.191
Patrolled Edits12:11, May 9, 2012MrN9000
Alternate History Wiki05:59, May 8, 2012PuppyOnTheRadio
The meaning behind this site02:14, May 8, 2012Qzekrom
The VFH score really needs to go back into the sitenotice14:23, May 7, 2012Sockpuppet of an unregistered user
The IP experience21:39, May 5, 2012Qzekrom
Getting back deleted articles?15:16, May 4, 2012Zombiebaron
Your skin11:33, May 4, 2012Hindleyite
Errors in the portugese uncyclopedia12:12, May 2, 2012XDshempXD
Proposal: Uncyclopedia day of Appreciation.21:30, May 1, 2012Qzekrom
Admin of the moment13:54, May 1, 2012ChiefjusticeDS
ATTENTION: This vote will give you longer-lasting erections AND bigger boobs!11:27, May 1, 2012Shabidoo
Hunger Games00:53, April 30, 2012Kırby
2012 Correspondents Dinner tonight!00:00, April 29, 2012Qzekrom
Slutlist April 201218:36, April 26, 2012Sockpuppet of an unregistered user
Nutella02:15, April 26, 2012MrN9000
We are no longer the worst05:20, April 25, 2012Mrthejazz
Too many files22:40, April 24, 2012Qzekrom
UnSignpost Chaos07:02, April 24, 2012PuppyOnTheRadio
I miss DrStrange15:16, April 23, 2012Electrified mocha chinchilla
Just an update13:12, April 21, 2012Aleister in Chains
Pee Review is short on requests12:00, April 21, 2012Aleister in Chains
The Fountainhead18:27, April 20, 2012Romartus
Non-admins cool thing stuff10:55, April 20, 2012Shabidoo
Externally Linked Pages11:17, April 19, 2012Sycamore
Computer dorks and computer geeks00:00, April 18, 2012PuppyOnTheRadio
A thread on us I put up at Above Top Secret06:48, April 17, 2012PuppyOnTheRadio
Happymonkey's 4th Writing Contest01:03, April 17, 2012Happymonkey39
VFH voting21:27, April 16, 2012Shabidoo
The critically low banner21:04, April 16, 2012Shabidoo
Australian Cities07:32, April 16, 2012Joe9320
Party Time20:50, April 15, 2012Oliphaunte
Animated GIFs02:59, April 15, 2012PuppyOnTheRadio
Special pages don't update04:39, April 14, 2012PuppyOnTheRadio
Site banner design competition19:54, April 13, 2012Qzekrom
There's no UnSignpost18:12, April 11, 2012Qzekrom
Mitt Romney and Rick Santorum04:31, April 11, 2012Joe9320
Uncycloversity problem20:31, April 9, 2012Romartus
Get in the game with SVG06:45, April 9, 2012PuppyOnTheRadio
Feature cue00:36, April 9, 2012PuppyOnTheRadio
How do i fix this?15:06, April 8, 2012Xamralco
Why does no one reply to me?16:36, April 6, 2012Aleister in Chains
Uncyc Format11:40, April 3, 2012PuppyOnTheRadio
Hons guess what day is it today23:11, April 1, 2012Shabidoo
Yay! I won something!22:13, April 1, 2012Kırby
April Fools 201222:07, April 1, 2012Kırby
Why can't I get into Radiohead?14:12, April 1, 2012Zheliel
Welcome message (again)06:00, April 1, 2012PuppyOnTheRadio
On bumping old topics03:27, April 1, 2012PuppyOnTheRadio
So, where do we stand on rewriting features?07:09, March 31, 2012Bizzeebeever
Suggestion of a stagant article variant.04:14, March 30, 2012Olipro
Google search20:50, March 29, 2012Modusoperandi
Defamation (jurisdiction of law)?11:45, March 28, 2012Mr-ex777
I self published a book16:59, March 26, 2012Thekillerfroggy
Black Flamingo has 40 features! Yay! Party!05:16, March 24, 2012Modusoperandi
Renaming a username05:13, March 24, 2012Modusoperandi
Deleting my pages21:15, March 23, 2012Zombiebaron
Things really have to change around here06:25, March 23, 2012Frosty
TL;DR09:11, March 20, 2012Mr-ex777
Logos16:00, March 18, 2012Zombiebaron
Huffing "unused" images22:36, March 17, 2012Sockpuppet of an unregistered user
Pee Buddy Awards08:03, March 15, 2012PuppyOnTheRadio
Election Day 201220:39, March 14, 2012Zombiebaron
What Uncyclopedia Is14:09, March 14, 2012PuppyOnTheRadio
Back button doesn't work10:54, March 12, 2012PuppyOnTheRadio
Do you know Uncyclopedia has a subreddit?05:19, March 12, 2012ICameHereInACloche
HappyMonkey sponsored contest later today05:07, March 12, 2012Thekillerfroggy
Let's do a Conservation Week09:46, March 11, 2012PuppyOnTheRadio
An easier way to create userboxes01:27, March 11, 2012Modusoperandi
Abolish NotM00:51, March 10, 2012RAHB
My sojourn in a proposal for in-jokes21:38, March 7, 2012Aleister in Chains
Idea for future writing series? (WWI Centenary)07:00, March 7, 2012PuppyOnTheRadio
Uncyclopedia is, by definition, a "funny place"18:11, March 5, 2012Aleister in Chains
Featured content08:08, March 3, 2012PuppyOnTheRadio
Weirdness13:23, February 29, 2012Aleister in Chains
Fix the mobile site.00:27, February 29, 2012PuppyOnTheRadio
There aren't enough votes here22:18, February 28, 2012PuppyOnTheRadio
Vote for Pictures is low in nominations.04:23, February 27, 2012Iwillkillyou333
Let's talk about the list of pages to fix that got added to VFD today03:46, February 24, 2012Aleister in Chains
Wikia now has talk pages replaced by message walls20:39, February 23, 2012GEORGIEGIBBONS
Something else on huffing01:00, February 22, 2012Shabidoo
Adding tags and stuff19:38, February 20, 2012Sycamore
What are your real names in real life?14:09, February 20, 2012Modusoperandi
A good idea that involves music videos13:22, February 18, 2012Knucmo2
I just learned something from Recent Changes.11:01, February 18, 2012Aleister in Chains
Huffing, it has come to this.11:01, February 18, 2012Aleister in Chains
User rights04:33, February 9, 2012PuppyOnTheRadio
McAfee considers a security risk02:15, February 9, 2012Dawg
Proposal to close the mirror Uncyclopedias03:15, February 5, 2012Magic man
Proposal to close Uncyclopedia00:33, February 5, 2012Modusoperandi
Go Go IRC! 2.005:35, February 4, 2012Zombiebaron
Nominations on VFH04:43, February 2, 2012Shabidoo
Wikia screwed up again: Do we have consensus?23:01, January 30, 2012Lyrithya
How outrightly should articles with expired fix/expand tags be deleted?01:19, January 30, 2012Joe9320
A Fix Tag Proposal06:50, January 27, 2012Lyrithya
Domain names01:49, January 26, 2012Lyrithya
Uncyclopedia Summer Extravaganza 2: Electric Boogaloo: Choosing the Date12:15, January 24, 2012Joe9320
SOPA-protest blackout on the 18th. Join it?12:13, January 24, 2012Joe9320
Happy Monkey: Choosing the date16:09, January 22, 2012Shabidoo
Seriously. Vote on the Yearly Awards08:51, January 19, 2012Thekillerfroggy
Request for colab23:53, January 16, 2012Kırby
Announcement and Apology18:12, January 16, 2012Lyrithya
Ask me about my stubby thingy07:12, January 16, 2012Un-MadMax
On The "Game" Namespace17:07, January 15, 2012Zombiebaron
Stub02:48, January 13, 2012PuppyOnTheRadio
Much of our "new user literature" needs a rewrite.16:52, January 12, 2012EpicAwesomeness
A Proposal for -otY awards that you can find in your gutter01:54, January 12, 2012PuppyOnTheRadio
SOPA problem05:19, January 10, 2012Frosty
Broken promises23:47, January 9, 2012Modusoperandi
A present from the admins for 201223:31, January 9, 2012Dannehvirus
What the hell happened19:48, January 7, 2012Modusoperandi
Go08:58, January 6, 2012ChiefjusticeDS
Should we list towncruft as vanity?07:10, January 6, 2012Shabidoo
The party is here! Uncyclopedia is 7 years old!04:38, January 5, 2012Gamma287
Who the hell is Mr.Wrinkler?10:48, January 3, 2012EpicAwesomeness
I know im a nooblet but..00:07, January 3, 2012Modusoperandi
The Search Box.05:55, January 2, 2012Lyrithya
We have surpassed 30,000 articles02:21, January 2, 2012Lyrithya
Geography of a line02:11, January 2, 2012Zombiebaron
TKF has 40 Features!20:13, December 30, 2011Kip the Dip
Ponies attacked Polish version of Uncy21:31, December 27, 2011TheHappySpaceman
Just a thought but... (The Article Whisperer 2011 - 2012!)20:06, December 25, 2011Un-MadMax
VD stands for Village Dump15:43, December 21, 2011TheHappySpaceman
IC has been started05:03, December 21, 2011Joe9320
Oh dear.02:24, December 21, 2011InternetVictim
Okay, who broke the forums?13:01, December 20, 2011Bizzeebeever
Imperial Colonization has RISEN!08:20, December 20, 2011Thekillerfroggy
Spontaneous challenge04:04, December 18, 2011Magic man
Mediation With Wikia; A Plan For A Better Uncyclofuture03:43, December 18, 2011GEORGIEGIBBONS
Well look at this motley crew of cunts04:34, December 15, 2011Modusoperandi
How do I find out who deleted a file07:03, December 14, 2011Modusoperandi
We want Uncyclomania!15:24, December 13, 2011Sockpuppet of an unregistered user
Worst Case Scenario14:00, December 11, 2011Shabidoo
The new comment sections13:21, December 10, 2011Shabidoo
IFGM IS BACK!00:30, December 10, 2011Dannehvirus
Adding your own articles to RecentUnNews23:54, December 8, 2011Matt lobster
Surprise... uh... contest/tingy thing22:09, December 8, 2011Thekillerfroggy
Babel05:19, December 8, 2011Modusoperandi
Top of page template improvment06:31, December 7, 2011RAHB
Because the site notice is a sacred cow now12:03, December 3, 2011Leoispotter
Are we using our featured content well enough?05:54, December 3, 2011Thekillerfroggy
Announcing this Years Turkey Day Ball Competition, come one, come all, join in the fun05:53, December 3, 2011Thekillerfroggy
What's happened to the logo?19:49, December 2, 2011Mattsnow
A, Like, TOTALLY Important Forum Topic - NEW, WITH VOTES!18:20, December 1, 2011Zombiebaron
Hm04:03, December 1, 2011Shabidoo
I'm really bored14:03, November 28, 2011Ed Refugee
We need an article on female nerds!09:34, November 26, 2011Joe9320
A message to all Uncyclopedians23:25, November 23, 2011TheHappySpaceman
QVFD17:03, November 21, 2011Scofield
I was just reminded of something11:53, November 18, 2011Orian57
Kickstart03:00, November 18, 2011Shabidoo
Sog has 60 features!02:52, November 18, 2011Shabidoo
Some things00:37, November 16, 2011Modusoperandi
UU08:43, November 13, 2011Frosty
VFH self noms00:38, November 13, 2011Lyrithya
It's that time of year again: Fundraising!10:37, November 12, 2011Joe9320
I just had this great idea00:25, November 11, 2011RAHB
Turkey balls?12:05, November 9, 2011Sockpuppet of an unregistered user
So who is writing what?16:32, November 8, 2011Romartus
Leave the site notice alone04:03, November 8, 2011Nikau
Reviving the drama about dead, useless awards06:24, November 7, 2011Joe9320
A forum that will change your life for a short but amazing while00:05, November 5, 2011Shabidoo
Proposal to give five votes to users for community wide voting09:20, November 3, 2011Ed Refugee
Some highly visible attention seeking forum to bring attention to drama and be highly visible05:25, November 3, 2011Iwillkillyou333
How do you program a bot?22:49, November 2, 2011Magic man
Is very very sorry ):02:02, October 31, 2011Joe9320
Adolf Merkel07:35, October 30, 2011Joe9320
VFD is empty.18:36, October 29, 2011BLU Scoutgineer
We need more "front pages!"06:03, October 29, 2011Haydrahlienne
Would life be easier if we had a schedule?01:11, October 28, 2011Iwillkillyou333
New Category Needed to Honor Oscar Wilde.07:33, October 23, 2011Modusoperandi
Aleister has 50 features!!!!?!!01:01, October 23, 2011Sockpuppet of an unregistered user
Caps Lock!04:05, October 22, 2011Modusoperandi
UnTunes newbie15:50, October 21, 2011Modusoperandi
I dislike the new Recentchangestext03:20, October 21, 2011Shabidoo
Will someone PLEASE fix Fnoodle01:38, October 18, 2011Magic man
Wow you guys are super weak now, what gives20:21, October 16, 2011Modusoperandi
Oscar Wilde?13:50, October 16, 2011Palaxzorodice
Have any Uncyclopedians died?22:56, October 15, 2011Iwillkillyou333
Hey, we're famous again12:58, October 15, 2011Modusoperandi
A super happy request for super awsome people?11:58, October 15, 2011Scofield
Anything I missed?06:35, October 15, 2011Iwillkillyou333
Facebook, this is unacceptable16:32, October 11, 2011Iwillkillyou333
Not a joke: Italian uncyclopedia is down for a libel lawsuit16:22, October 11, 2011Iwillkillyou333
As I have been inform & read...07:49, October 10, 2011Ed Refugee
Embassador of Uncyclopedia13:53, October 8, 2011Magic man
Stubs and spellchecks: A polite complaint about our fix templates (aka Unpunishble offences)08:56, October 7, 2011Sockpuppet of an unregistered user
An observation18:29, October 3, 2011Matt lobster
Talk page deactivation00:05, October 3, 2011RAHB
Serious article deleting problem11:03, October 1, 2011Joe9320
The sidebar04:46, October 1, 2011DJ Mixerr
Here I Am20:28, September 29, 2011Electrified mocha chinchilla
Help needed with codes.07:51, September 29, 2011Tom mayfair
I wrote an UnPoem for a girl02:12, September 29, 2011TheHappySpaceman
The site notice is, um...05:20, September 28, 2011Modusoperandi
Hype/Ineb/Horace has 50.5 features!17:59, September 21, 2011Aleister in Chains
9-11 tenth anniversary01:04, September 19, 2011Aimsplode
PLS September 201100:52, September 19, 2011Aimsplode
Something that's kinda annoying06:40, September 17, 2011Sockpuppet of an unregistered user
HAPPY MONKEY COMPETITION - WEDNESDAY MARCH 2nd 6PM est 20.00 UTC16:59, September 16, 2011Thekillerfroggy
AbuseFilter19:40, September 13, 2011Ed Refugee
Emergency 9-11 whoring!!!112:30, September 13, 2011Bizzeebeever
Category categories15:32, September 11, 2011Lyrithya
I have a very important question13:31, September 9, 2011Lyrithya
Tournament Plan: Uncyc Summer Extravaganza Round 208:13, September 9, 2011Joe9320
Adios Uncyclopedia02:07, September 9, 2011Aimsplode
Pee Week 201113:46, September 7, 2011Shabidoo
I give you a gimme.03:17, September 5, 2011Bizzeebeever
Should Template:BUTT POOP!!!! be restored to full health?11:42, September 3, 2011Olipro
Editing sections02:19, September 3, 2011Mnidaydwisww
Pink fucking cats13:49, September 2, 2011Black flamingo11
Wrong Info. on Prison Break06:41, August 31, 2011Inebriated
BUTT DRAMA!!!!12:27, August 30, 2011Sockpuppet of an unregistered user
I might be off for a little while06:35, August 30, 2011Mr-ex777
Uncyclopedia.de22:40, August 28, 2011TheHappySpaceman
The IP spam21:32, August 27, 2011Lollipop
DYKs16:35, August 27, 2011Wilytank
A project called UnThinkable/votes23:54, August 26, 2011Simsilikesims
I came back. I think. Who knows?04:35, August 26, 2011Thatdamnedfollowspot
What happened to the Jew?14:52, August 21, 2011Wilytank
Getting banned is fun, fun, fun!05:02, August 21, 2011Colin "All your base" Heaney
So who exactly figured out....13:14, August 19, 2011Scofield
Okay, bring me up to speed.12:29, August 19, 2011Sockpuppet of an unregistered user
Non-serious forum topic, with added image spam (also, savings)22:27, August 15, 2011Sockpuppet of an unregistered user
I just slam on the keyboard and magic happens16:12, August 12, 2011Optimuschris
This seems somewhat odd.16:11, August 11, 2011Zombiebaron
The real active admins02:02, August 11, 2011Aimsplode
Fix skin on Nihilism03:04, August 9, 2011Thekillerfroggy
FFW 201102:11, August 8, 2011Schamschi
Windows.h06:14, August 7, 2011Zombiebaron
Pixel Hunt @ Android20:38, August 6, 2011Aimsplode
FFW 2011 Aftermath12:09, August 6, 2011Matt lobster
Leaving...21:44, August 4, 2011DJ Mixerr
The new UnNews Czar21:31, August 4, 2011Shabidoo
Name Fnoodle II20:26, August 3, 2011Aimsplode
Stop the self projection or however it's called...00:15, August 3, 2011Shabidoo
VOTE - Do we need oversight in UnNews?20:44, July 31, 2011Olipro
June 2011 statistics01:32, July 31, 2011Colin "All your base" Heaney
The Great Article Exodus, Part II13:29, July 27, 201186.169.200.137
Welcome tag?01:24, July 27, 2011Lyrithya
So I come back to Uncyc and EVERYTHING IS RUINED16:49, July 26, 2011TheHumbucker
Uncyclopedia, this is unacceptable22:02, July 25, 2011Sockpuppet of an unregistered user
Spam IP's15:54, July 25, 2011Mr-ex777
The Main Page13:43, July 23, 2011Aimsplode
Something to fix18:07, July 22, 2011Dr. Skullthumper
Would someone please re-enable the "most visited articles" function please?19:44, July 21, 2011Matt lobster
Why has UnNews23:14, July 18, 2011Modusoperandi
We should have a real Klingon and Newspeak Uncyc00:40, July 17, 2011Dr. Skullthumper
Trying to create02:36, July 16, 2011TheHumbucker
Guildensternenstein has 40 features! Yay?11:29, July 15, 2011Shabidoo
Explain this bullshit06:21, July 15, 2011Thekillerfroggy
QA patrollers04:17, July 15, 2011Magic man
Intervention10:33, July 14, 2011Sockpuppet of an unregistered user
A question about forum policy23:46, July 13, 2011Mnbvcxz
UnConstitutional17:27, July 13, 2011Aimsplode
A writing competition... With a twist!01:45, July 12, 2011Magic man
THE NEXT GOD DAMN PLS01:33, July 11, 2011Un-MadMax
A project called UnThinkable22:16, July 10, 2011Un-Bubbles Green
Recent Articles (Front Page)08:00, July 8, 2011Romartus
Random Wikipedia Article: The (quasi-)Contest02:41, July 8, 2011Magic man
The final solution to the problem people have been complaining so much about, really17:32, July 7, 2011Lyrithya
Sysop for a Day: Re-Proposal01:46, July 7, 2011Simsilikesims
Article Rot05:42, July 6, 2011Shabidoo
There's something on the mainpage20:19, July 4, 2011Thekillerfroggy
Revert wars on templates10:44, July 4, 2011Shabidoo
Waiting for the bureaucrats18:00, July 3, 2011Zombiebaron
The Great Redirect Exodus: The Revenge10:48, July 3, 2011Lyrithya
Share-a-thon02:31, July 3, 2011Lyrithya
Admin Mythbusters21:08, July 2, 2011Lollipop
Our Japanese cousins10:03, July 2, 2011Joe9320
I'm leaving you bastards.03:39, July 1, 2011Kip the Dip
Article views (page visits) statistics reenabled13:48, June 30, 201162.30.212.210
Quick!05:16, June 30, 2011Lyrithya
Let's use Vector17:30, June 29, 2011Lyrithya
Uncyclopedia has too much content03:46, June 29, 2011Lyrithya
Number of articles16:22, June 27, 2011Shabidoo
How do I go on IRC?23:04, June 26, 2011Mattsnow
Social networking05:07, June 25, 2011REBECCABLAACK
The rating thing on the sidebar03:15, June 25, 2011Kevillips
Slogans and general whatnots00:10, June 25, 2011Sockpuppet of an unregistered user
Are we still the worst?07:58, June 24, 2011Frosty
Where's the "Things to do" link?12:25, June 23, 2011Lyrithya
Let's talk about article rot... AGAIN.00:16, June 23, 2011Shabidoo
The bitch is back10:39, June 22, 2011Joe9320
The Featured rewriter; my proposed idea06:46, June 22, 2011Un-MadMax
Head Editors03:21, June 22, 2011Ljlego
Uncyc YouTube fake going around22:10, June 21, 2011Kevillips
Lets make a unnews article18:51, June 20, 2011Kevillips
QA log13:37, June 20, 2011Lyrithya
The Great Article Exodus, Part I21:37, June 19, 2011Dr. Skullthumper
The mirror site is down04:19, June 19, 201171.230.17.234
Project namespaces13:12, June 18, 2011Lyrithya
Protecting forum pages while there's still a discussion going on17:58, June 17, 2011Shabidoo
Happy Monkey Spring Edition?17:58, June 16, 2011Shabidoo
Pokemon articles outdated09:10, June 16, 2011Joe9320
The nothing on the right06:39, June 16, 2011Lyrithya
IPs voting on VFH19:42, June 15, 2011ChiefjusticeDS
I feel old. Even though I am not. Maybe I'm moving at the speed of light. Even though that would have the opposite effect.08:16, June 14, 2011Romartus
Real Nigga roll call02:20, June 13, 2011Lollipop
Html-tag i not working01:50, June 13, 2011PuppyOnTheRadio
VFD is now Pants22:41, June 11, 2011Mnbvcxz
Village Dump is now Underwear00:56, June 11, 2011Lyrithya
Categories, Bird Images, Gay Images, WTF?00:54, June 11, 2011Mnbvcxz
A Mild Complaint00:29, June 11, 2011Lyrithya
If I could have a volunteer from the audience ...?12:46, June 10, 2011Shabidoo
Real cracker roll call07:39, June 9, 2011Lyrithya
So, in 2015...04:27, June 9, 2011Ljlego
Content namespaces00:43, June 9, 2011Magic man
Help with an article: Elektra00:34, June 7, 2011Kevillips
Unimage of the Year 2010 Results23:14, June 6, 2011Shabidoo
Unimage of the Year 2011 FINAL ROUND00:43, June 6, 2011Lyrithya
Template placement20:05, June 5, 2011Lollipop
What's up with the logo?08:33, June 5, 2011EpicAwesomeness
Vector skin10:00, June 4, 2011Lyrithya
Minor Edit/Watch this page buttons09:45, June 4, 2011Lyrithya
Comedians Portal23:10, June 3, 2011Kevillips
Best bloggers on the site23:03, June 2, 2011DJ Mixerr
Portals, again12:34, June 2, 2011Mattsnow
Uncyclopedia:RYA is now a thing again11:01, June 2, 2011Frosty
The UnNews discussion17:19, June 1, 2011Olipro
Life Time UnAchievement Award of the Month21:02, May 31, 2011Black flamingo11
Categories, UnNews14:31, May 31, 2011Ed Refugee
How do I search for pics?12:17, May 31, 2011PuppyOnTheRadio
Speaking of skins, though16:47, May 28, 2011Scofield
Article rot08:06, May 28, 2011Gilbert gotfried
Can i get an article replaced05:28, May 27, 2011Un-Dragonflame
Image upload news21:32, May 26, 2011Magic man
Bacon!?14:08, May 25, 2011Un-SanDemonMax
Vote for Unimage of the Year 201107:13, May 25, 2011Thekillerfroggy
You are all being made redundant06:46, May 25, 2011Modusoperandi
UnNew UnNews czar03:21, May 25, 2011Rcmurphy
Serious Proposal To De-Op (Almost) Everyone17:13, May 22, 2011Dawg
Judgment Day Crap (Oh, and I'm Back For Real)10:56, May 22, 2011Joe9320
OK, I got a good idea for a contest10:50, May 22, 2011Joe9320
VFI06:28, May 22, 2011Lyrithya
Like21:35, May 19, 2011InternetVictim
Undictionary namespace01:36, May 19, 2011Magic man
There needs to be transparency when banning an established user.04:06, May 17, 2011Olipro
The 1st Annual Weekly Writing Contest10:50, May 16, 2011Joe9320
Looking for Nominations for UnImage of the YEAR :)15:02, May 14, 2011Shabidoo
Sweeping reform15:40, May 12, 2011Lyrithya
Remember me?01:53, May 12, 2011Dr. Skullthumper
UN:POKER Has been resurrected20:21, May 7, 2011Olipro
Okay, who is to blame for this?23:31, May 6, 2011Lollipop
Just pointing this out...20:48, May 6, 2011JackOfSpades
Poopsmith Stuff20:40, May 4, 2011Dexter111344
Features17:47, May 4, 2011Zombiebaron
HowTo: Strike out text04:31, May 1, 2011Lyrithya
Aleister gets 40 features, Yay? Huh?00:45, May 1, 2011Mattsnow
How to upload a pic to a page like i have a funny pic of rebecca black but idk how to upload it to the page!21:42, April 30, 2011Modusoperandi
It's a celebration!21:06, April 30, 2011Lollipop
Wouldn't it be cool...19:52, April 28, 2011Magic man
Join Uncyclopedia's folding@home team or I'll kick your faggot ass11:02, April 28, 2011Wilytank
Testing The Forum08:02, April 28, 2011Thekillerfroggy
Christ wasn't the only one who resurrected from the dead...06:05, April 28, 2011Joe9320 broken?05:52, April 28, 2011Olipro
UnDictionary05:50, April 28, 2011Joe9320
Uncyclopedia Ads05:50, April 28, 2011Joe9320
Spotting vandalism04:39, April 28, 2011Modusoperandi
And Yea... someone wrote about us again00:27, April 27, 2011Thekillerfroggy
The Simon Effect05:37, April 24, 2011Lyrithya
Hey!17:49, April 23, 2011Scofield
Wait, what?18:34, April 22, 2011Another n00b
Libido fairies21:44, April 19, 2011Modusoperandi
UnNews Style Modifications21:39, April 19, 2011Schamschi is down05:13, April 19, 2011InternetVictim
Best Article of All Time23:38, April 18, 2011Mnbvcxz
Bot flags23:28, April 18, 2011Mnbvcxz
Huff Fucking Everything!04:56, April 17, 2011InternetVictim
Huff the Uncyclopedia14:52, April 16, 2011Magic man
Huff the Game Namespace16:45, April 13, 2011InternetVictim
User Groups?10:20, April 11, 2011Frosty
Insect Forum10:56, April 10, 2011Wilytank
I am to Mars, Suddenly !23:52, April 8, 2011Lyrithya
Who's on board with Rick Astley?23:04, April 8, 2011Matt lobster
Urgent Wiki problem: The Monobook glitch21:52, April 7, 2011Spike
What happened to Uncyclopedia?06:55, April 7, 2011Dexter111344
Socky's writing competition competition of 201121:57, April 6, 2011Rcmurphy
Temporary Administrators21:40, April 5, 2011Shabidoo
Lollipop writing competition April21:15, April 5, 2011Shabidoo
Smakapedia21:09, April 5, 2011Another n00b
Huff the File Namespace20:23, April 5, 2011Lollipop
Derp16:28, April 5, 2011Aleister in Chains
Huff the Article Namespace03:41, April 5, 2011TheHumbucker
Huff the Project namespace22:11, April 4, 2011Zombiebaron
Whyyyyyy04:28, April 4, 2011Olipro
Templates at the bottom of a page and sometimes at the top too20:42, April 3, 2011Matt lobster
Hate pages15:15, April 3, 2011Lyrithya
Hourly writing contest (European Version)11:47, April 3, 2011ChiefjusticeDS
April Fools Sigs01:29, April 3, 2011Magic man
OMG19:03, April 1, 2011Lyrithya
Potatochoppers12:43, March 29, 2011Praetorian
New Emoticons20:52, March 28, 2011Aleister in Chains
How do you imagine other users? (Fifth year anniversary)02:09, March 28, 2011Aleister in Chains
UncyclopediaTV up and running00:01, March 28, 2011Magic man
Could we put this into more detail please?17:32, March 27, 2011Novel
The 1th Annual UnLeaks Liberation Authority-GTC Writing Contest06:26, March 27, 2011Zombiebaron
In which we respond to the oldest talk pages on the wiki in an obnoxious manner23:35, March 26, 2011Frosty
Hello :D18:59, March 26, 2011Lyrithya
I'm banned...on IRC?23:05, March 25, 2011JelloMold
We have too many features22:24, March 25, 2011Lyrithya
Image Recreation Requests22:00, March 24, 2011Lyrithya
A most distressing concern01:57, March 24, 2011Modusoperandi
I'm fucking sick of16:57, March 23, 2011Another n00b
New Bios page00:00, March 23, 2011Shabidoo
Who is Famine? Official Vote23:23, March 22, 2011Zombiebaron
Any good shoopers?21:06, March 22, 2011JelloMold
VFD is gone09:18, March 22, 2011Bhind45
UnUsed pics06:02, March 22, 2011Zombiebaron
Zombiebaron's Imagery Extra Va Gan Za04:44, March 22, 2011Zombiebaron
Uncyclopedia At A Glance v0.705:48, March 21, 2011Dr. Skullthumper
Is this not funny?23:03, March 19, 2011Shabidoo
Attention Londoners23:26, March 18, 2011TheHumbucker
Web 2.0 stuff03:21, March 18, 2011Mrthejazz
Just added my first entrees tell me what ya think00:47, March 18, 2011Dr. Skullthumper
Admins suck20:32, March 16, 2011BobNewbie
Removing templates and categories from inactive userpages21:48, March 15, 2011Why do I need to provide this?
8.9 magnitude earthquake disaster in the Pacific19:03, March 15, 2011BobNewbie
IT'S SNOWING15:34, March 15, 2011Sockpuppet of an unregistered user
Doubts14:43, March 15, 201172.178.158.9
I'm looking for a picture14:28, March 15, 2011Magic man
I ♥ Socky12:37, March 15, 2011Under user
Unused images03:52, March 14, 2011DJ Mixerr
What'd I miss?02:37, March 14, 2011Iwillkillyou333
Russian uncyclopedia new address20:37, March 13, 2011Un-Jack Phoenix
Uncyclopedia variables20:00, March 13, 2011Lyrithya
Greetings! I'm Number One!18:11, March 13, 2011Lollipop
Malware has been detected on Uncyclopedia!!08:32, March 13, 2011JackOfSpades
Extension:MultiPages01:24, March 13, 2011Un-Jack Phoenix
Is this a wiki where you can make up any random article?22:35, March 12, 2011Lollipop
The Great Administrator Mixup: Vote for your temporary admins here06:53, March 12, 2011DJ Mixerr
Why I left Uncyclopedia? Why I came back? Why I stuck around? The answers according to Uncyclopedia users22:17, March 11, 2011Optimuschris
Fnoodle the bot is back in action22:10, March 10, 2011Mnbvcxz
Best Admin of All Time18:55, March 10, 2011Sycamore
Uncyclopedia's burn rate02:56, March 10, 2011Mnbvcxz
Help Me!18:06, March 9, 2011Modusoperandi
Qwiki20:47, March 8, 2011Modusoperandi
It's all over21:06, March 2, 2011Lollipop
Mark Your Calendars!20:41, March 2, 2011Hyperbole
UnTV?05:28, March 2, 2011Lollipop
Vote: Put "Delete" before "Keep" in VFD23:29, February 26, 2011TheLedBalloon
Op Hyperbole right now05:15, February 25, 2011Olipro
Who is Andrew Graham11:25, February 24, 2011Codeine
Sandbox Talk page21:01, February 22, 2011Hyperbole
I have a cunning plan...02:43, February 22, 2011Colin "All your base" Heaney
Official Worst Article Ever21:04, February 20, 2011DJ Mixerr
A vote: should Multi come back?09:47, February 20, 2011Fishalishalish
"Policy"22:34, February 19, 2011Thekillerfroggy
Happy Monkey competition18:48, February 19, 2011Mordillo
Our first facebook app06:50, February 19, 2011Flaminfinger13
And then it happened13:05, February 16, 2011Black flamingo11
I have a confession to make....03:00, February 16, 2011Maniac mcpee
Yay!21:14, February 15, 2011Magic man
PLS January 201100:29, February 14, 2011Colin "All your base" Heaney
I took a big fat shit and22:24, February 13, 2011Iwillkillyou333
Everybody20:50, February 13, 2011Dexter111344
Searching for article17:51, February 13, 2011Another n00b
I'm done here with Justin Bieber13:36, February 13, 2011Iwillkillyou333
I've missed you guys06:24, February 12, 2011Syndrome
Technical difficulties with MediaWiki updates in January 201123:43, February 10, 2011Un-Jack Phoenix
Well... myn school was bombed14:28, February 10, 2011Flaminfinger13
Conservapedia attempting to be funny again05:29, February 10, 2011Modusoperandi
Rating button broken?01:19, February 10, 2011Iwillkillyou333
Hate to be that bitch who notices everything but...19:18, February 6, 2011Mordillo
Good Article section?17:09, February 6, 2011Another n00b
A Minor annoyance with Wikia00:30, February 6, 2011Lyrithya
I want to move pages, not rename them09:29, February 5, 2011DJ Mixerr
Who wants to intern at uncyclomedica06:14, February 2, 2011Tephra
Rebirth of UnNews Audio17:51, January 28, 2011Zim ulator
Cocksuckers10:38, January 28, 2011Sockpuppet of an unregistered user
The Community portal is gone!21:14, January 27, 2011Aimsplode
Something changed: who did it, and how can I castrate them?19:29, January 26, 2011134.39.58.33
UnRecipes01:08, January 26, 2011Un-Airhogs777
Requests for Nomination18:25, January 22, 2011Un-Airhogs777
The Game namespace needs help22:30, January 21, 2011PuppyOnTheRadio
Im gay14:26, January 19, 2011Un-SunnyChow
Wikia logs me out suddenly23:58, January 18, 2011Iwillkillyou333
The 6th-anniversary "deFacebook" reskin23:36, January 18, 2011Iwillkillyou333
HOW do I become and Admin?00:51, January 15, 2011Iwillkillyou333
Happy 6th Birthday Uncyclopedia!12:46, January 14, 2011PuppyOnTheRadio
I need an image01:53, January 11, 2011Tephra
I just want to make this clear to everyone:16:40, January 9, 2011Olipro
Oh, yeah, that's right.06:58, January 9, 2011DJ Mixerr
Most Funniest Uncyclopedian Contest22:09, January 6, 2011Roman Dog Bird
The 2010 Top 10 Extravaganza is nearly here!09:38, January 6, 2011Mordillo
Some very hostile remarks.16:23, January 5, 2011ChiefjusticeDS
Winter Festival King and Queen23:31, January 3, 2011Roman Dog Bird
Conspiracy!18:56, January 3, 2011RabbiTechno
Holy Fucking Shit!!!! Here comes 2011!!!!16:42, January 1, 2011Lyrithya
Edit Zork: Official Vote to Euthanize The Game: Namespace07:37, January 1, 2011Joe9320
Festivus!07:07, December 31, 2010Kip the Dip
Check out earth05:25, December 31, 2010Iwillkillyou333
I'm done here with masturbation18:16, December 29, 2010DJ Mixerr
Recruiment for the Uncyclopedia Federal Bureau of Investigation04:57, December 28, 2010Sockpuppet of an unregistered user
Anyone want any boxing day test tickets?19:54, December 27, 2010Romartus
Using Blue Oyster Cult Rock Group to Promote LDS18:40, December 27, 2010Hyperbole
Re: I'm done with Uncyclopedia11:31, December 26, 2010Mhaille
I'm done here with Uncyclopedia04:21, December 26, 2010Lyrithya
Vote: Plow under the UnNews "Nav Bar"02:26, December 26, 2010Spike
Why are pictures not in the right place23:13, December 25, 2010Mnbvcxz
If Your Name Is Chez Mom Probably Did the Milkman08:03, December 25, 2010Electrified mocha chinchilla
I need help making hellboy17:44, December 24, 2010Modusoperandi
Feel free to add more01:06, December 24, 2010Modusoperandi
Impossible question!22:52, December 21, 2010Modusoperandi
How do I protect and unprotect pages??13:09, December 21, 2010John Lydon
Hypothetical Question00:15, December 21, 2010Dannehvirus
Top 10 Question23:22, December 20, 2010Mordillo
Someone change my username, please?18:03, December 20, 2010Lyrithya
New idea that's similar03:33, December 19, 2010Iwillkillyou333
What we should actually do about the Game namespace22:30, December 18, 2010Mnbvcxz
THE IMAGES ARE FIXED!17:28, December 17, 2010Spike
I messed up my username16:57, December 17, 2010Lyrithya
Albanian Uncyclopedia - Created12:16, December 17, 2010Black flamingo11
Uncyclopedia full-length movie?10:34, December 17, 2010Romartus
Uncyclopedia has far too many users03:53, December 17, 2010Lyrithya
How to make an article, rather than just do use talk?03:09, December 17, 2010FishDish
Best well behave user in Uncyclopedia.07:48, December 15, 2010Mhaille
Could anyone create this topic?22:21, December 14, 2010Mnbvcxz
Im sure by now very few of you know me -- BUT I'M BACK!16:55, December 14, 2010YesTimeToEdit
I'm back from my vacation.21:54, December 13, 2010Mordillo
HowTo:Bring a good article "UnBooks:The Night I Slept with Bjork" to the notice of uncy users18:12, December 13, 2010Aleister in Chains
What's this "Read more" crap?08:33, December 8, 2010Modusoperandi
Rehabilitate problem users?18:54, December 7, 2010Spike
French Uncyclopedia requests sample article06:57, December 7, 2010Zombiebaron
Vote: Format of RecentUnNews15:06, December 6, 2010Lyrithya
NXWave and the Article Narrator of the Month award10:39, December 5, 2010Mordillo
How do i add a text box (or whatever its called) to a picture23:00, December 4, 2010Modusoperandi
Thumbnails of popular items in categories21:00, December 4, 2010Lyrithya
Surprise closure02:24, December 4, 2010DJ Mixerr
Standards of humour19:38, December 3, 2010Striker2117
Why is this blue computer (or something like that) sitting on Uncyclopedia's logo04:41, December 3, 2010Rcmurphy
Uncyclopedia Reskin Committee23:28, December 2, 2010Lyrithya
Albanian Uncyclopedia03:09, December 2, 2010Tephra
Uncy logo13:46, December 1, 2010Lyrithya
Issues with the Mediawiki 1.9 upgrade13:37, December 1, 2010Mordillo
New slogan please21:28, November 30, 2010Starnestommy
Someone should make iPad app for uncyclopedia so we edit and other with our €500 ipads this title is getting quite long12:42, November 30, 2010Striker2117
Why didn't anyone think of that before!? award04:13, November 29, 2010Joe9320
No10:02, November 27, 2010Multiliteralist
Important Christmas update20:35, November 25, 2010Lyrithya
Those Jimbo banners08:05, November 25, 2010Lyrithya
What's keeping those banning powers?06:45, November 25, 2010Zombiebaron
I'm dying20:13, November 24, 2010Multiliteralist
Give me the banning powers NOW16:34, November 23, 2010Lyrithya
Something has happened06:18, November 23, 2010Multiliteralist
We have a new sitenotice. In other news: Wikia is shit05:26, November 23, 2010Tephra
Why?:Give Banning Power to One or Two Non-Admins23:07, November 22, 2010Mnbvcxz
I have 0 features! PARTY!!!09:31, November 22, 2010Joe9320
Truth will out18:04, November 21, 2010Lyrithya
Yo, admins... you should, like, totally start a VFS next month.16:28, November 21, 2010Meganew
Editing this site is too damn difficult on my phone16:22, November 21, 2010Gebezis
Nothing has happened22:30, November 20, 2010DJ Mixerr
Where are my javascripts19:00, November 20, 2010Zombiebaron
The Aristocrat's!08:06, November 18, 2010Tephra
Rools06:10, November 18, 2010Tephra
Writer of the 5.5 Years09:18, November 16, 2010Thekillerfroggy
I still have 3.5 features because I haven't done anything of worth recently!!! PARTY!!!05:52, November 16, 2010Multiliteralist
Sog has 40 Features!!! PARTY!!!00:10, November 16, 2010Aleister in Chains
Kristallnacht18:26, November 11, 2010Multiliteralist
Proposal: Delete Euroipods03:16, November 11, 2010Joe9320
Uncyclopedia got refrenced on The Simpsons three years ago and I just realized it18:37, November 10, 2010Modusoperandi
Top of the Month06:56, November 10, 2010Modusoperandi
Proposal: Delete 200422:07, November 8, 2010Lyrithya
PF4Eva's "Shit That Pisses Me Off" namespace07:56, November 8, 2010Multiliteralist
No Point -.-07:26, November 8, 2010Multiliteralist
We Are Prostitutes; A Slutlist05:42, November 8, 2010THEDUDEMAN
Uncyclopedia is so slow why is this happening and other such nonsense?02:13, November 8, 2010Spike
Proposal: Delete 2005 and 200602:25, November 7, 2010Lyrithya
The Republican Congress has what what???23:19, November 5, 2010Lyrithya
Woooo23:24, November 3, 2010Lyrithya
Happy Worship Satan day!18:52, November 2, 2010Multiliteralist
Update01:24, November 2, 2010Mnbvcxz
Go Go IRC!23:51, November 1, 2010Lyrithya
An ultimate ultimatum16:10, November 1, 2010Hyperbole
Pee Review problem21:02, October 29, 2010Lyrithya
Hi there20:52, October 29, 2010Lyrithya
Who here likes pie?04:40, October 29, 2010Tephra
Feature the UotM on the home page?01:08, October 27, 2010Lyrithya
Uncyclopedia is now fixed23:25, October 25, 2010Lyrithya
Uncyclopedia needs a facelift19:24, October 24, 2010Multiliteralist
Pee review, now exciting and full of...22:08, October 23, 2010Lyrithya
Can I be a poopsmith?19:58, October 23, 2010Romartus
Trim back the Oscar Wilde Project?18:24, October 23, 2010Multiliteralist
Return from exile21:06, October 22, 2010Lyrithya
Another stupid question by Magic man22:39, October 21, 2010Magic man
My ego has just grown exponetially20:16, October 21, 2010Lyrithya
Changing the interwiki map07:36, October 21, 2010Praetorian
Friends!05:33, October 21, 2010Lyrithya
Okay, I know you're all going to love this05:32, October 21, 2010Lyrithya
First-time users are dumped into an advertising Hell13:33, October 20, 2010Lyrithya
Rand Paul ...... lol07:11, October 20, 2010Electrified mocha chinchilla
Uncyclopedia:Adopt-A-Noob06:23, October 20, 2010Happytimes
How do I (always show) underlined links?03:06, October 20, 2010Happytimes
Just so you know19:09, October 19, 2010Multiliteralist
Shed of Leg Ends12:28, October 19, 2010Guildensternenstein
Where are the Noobs?07:15, October 19, 2010Romartus
Sheogorath page16:20, October 18, 2010Lyrithya
Uncyclomedical17:50, October 15, 2010Flaminfinger13
Fun idea!11:36, October 15, 2010Multiliteralist
Hijacking my fat arse02:36, October 15, 2010Multiliteralist
Why are parser functions so bloody annoying?!20:33, October 14, 2010Lyrithya
I found a way to track every news bit and conversation about us ever to the point of creepiness.04:47, October 14, 2010Happytimes
Win Something while I suffer!04:44, October 14, 2010Happytimes
My school blocked Uncyclopedia...01:33, October 14, 2010Lyrithya
Found this awsome song00:20, October 14, 2010Aleister in Chains
All Uncylopedia articles are now good06:34, October 11, 2010Happytimes
Added or changed avatar06:32, October 11, 2010Happytimes
It is pitch dark06:27, October 11, 2010Happytimes
Some one pee on my poem!!22:01, October 9, 2010Magic man
Uncyc is in the papers aga-- Oh wait, nevermind.14:01, October 7, 2010Flaminfinger13
I need a Grand Theft Auto IV style picture03:33, October 7, 2010Thatdamnedfollowspot
How come I can't see my deleted contributions?20:26, October 6, 2010Multiliteralist
Wafflepwn18:18, October 6, 2010DJ Mixerr
A new uncyclopedia language04:55, October 6, 2010Lyrithya
Annual dance party05:06, October 5, 2010Happytimes
New VFS in October?05:03, October 5, 2010Happytimes
Congress hath spoke, and its word may be Interwebs Censorship08:48, October 4, 2010Under user
Conservatives love goa tse10:14, October 3, 2010Joe9320
Are admins the only ones allowed to do the welcome thingy?17:26, September 30, 2010Multiliteralist
Update on "The Article Whisperer" competition22:48, September 27, 2010Guildensternenstein
Uncyclopedia Layout != Wikipedia Layout19:35, September 25, 2010Romartus
I used to be Invincibleflamegruemaster...18:51, September 25, 2010Modusoperandi
Good News16:54, September 25, 2010Roman Dog Bird
Anarchy user box19:11, September 24, 2010Multiliteralist
Noob of the Month: Sometimes you just need to euthanize things03:38, September 24, 2010Happytimes
The Vacation of Magical Enlightenment03:13, September 24, 2010Striker2117
Good News/Bad News03:12, September 24, 2010Happytimes
Question (Usernames)03:08, September 24, 2010Happytimes
So, I've got another brilliant idea that will more than likely send us spiraling toward our demise.22:10, September 23, 2010Thatdamnedfollowspot
Uncyclopedia Looks a Little Different21:36, September 22, 2010MarloweOfSurrey
Drumming up the IC furor!06:31, September 22, 2010Happytimes
Bot Issue00:32, September 22, 2010Mnbvcxz
Hey look a Zombiebaron01:17, September 20, 2010Modusoperandi
Holidays are coming up00:14, September 20, 2010Iwillkillyou333
No seriously though, we are going to merge with Illogicopedia19:02, September 19, 2010Mordillo
Better things you could be doing with your life RIGHT NOW01:38, September 19, 2010Dexter111344
Why is uncyclopedia so damn special?: Mandantory skin does not effect this site20:57, September 17, 2010Ernieandburt
Narrated-article news05:01, September 17, 2010Happytimes
New Achievment05:00, September 17, 2010Happytimes
Another surfey, far better than ANY surfey so far.04:57, September 17, 2010Happytimes
Physical Acitivity04:30, September 17, 2010Happytimes
Survey23:43, September 16, 2010The Woodburninator
9/1100:20, September 13, 2010Iwillkillyou333
I'm not sure when this happened19:28, September 12, 2010Optimuschris
Because the other topic07:21, September 12, 2010Happytimes
My links at the top are screwed03:55, September 12, 2010Olipro
What am I seeing?22:55, September 10, 2010Thatdamnedfollowspot
Some douche is changing UnNews19:29, September 7, 2010Roman Dog Bird
Vote: New UnNews Main Page00:14, September 7, 2010Olipro
Uncyclopedia is roughly 5.5 years old20:42, September 5, 2010Thekillerfroggy
VFH...?09:02, August 28, 2010RAHB
How do you lock a page?14:41, August 27, 2010Todd Lyons
Let's do Forest Fire Week again.00:10, August 26, 2010Simsilikesims
Here's what it's going to come down to07:26, August 21, 2010Olipro
Papa-Smurf, VSTF, Protectsite and SckrTrckrBot23:54, August 20, 2010Roman Dog Bird
A new way to request multimedia help20:02, August 20, 2010MeepStarLives
More VFD stuff21:34, August 18, 2010Mnbvcxz
You are guilty in your mineral!20:03, August 18, 2010Black flamingo11
Recycling VFS05:14, August 17, 2010John Lydon
My father has passed away and I am recovering01:40, August 16, 2010Thekillerfroggy
Who is Asbertego?08:56, August 15, 2010Olipro
Why is this site slow?17:45, August 14, 2010Happytimes
We have a new in-joke04:19, August 14, 2010Lyrithya
What the fuck went wrong?17:41, August 13, 2010John Lydon
VOTE: Should we de-op inactive admins?12:48, August 13, 2010The Woodburninator
The End of Everything21:36, August 11, 2010Codeine
Ok guys, my latest creation: UnReviews (need feedback)17:05, August 11, 2010John Lydon
Help with an auto-reverting bot?22:09, August 9, 2010Andorin Kato
Something smells nice in the kitchen of Uncyclopedia18:45, August 9, 2010Olipro
Why, exactly, do we let IPs edit?11:04, August 9, 2010An Ape that Only Exists on Thursdays
VFH Timer?19:17, August 8, 2010Olipro
This is all shite (or shat, in past-tense)06:43, August 8, 2010Happytimes
I'm writing a newspaper article about Uncyclopedia03:06, August 6, 2010Bradaphraser
So, you remember double rainbow right?20:28, August 5, 2010Skinfan13
Database08:52, August 5, 2010Olipro
Uncyc's money, demographics, and an ad report22:37, August 4, 2010Nachlader
UnNews problem statements15:14, August 3, 2010Olipro
New UnNews Layout16:25, August 2, 2010Olipro
The Clearinghouse of Drama16:24, August 2, 2010Olipro
Wow, look at that.08:19, August 2, 2010Electrified mocha chinchilla
Copyright takedowns22:55, July 24, 2010Thekillerfroggy
Proposing new rule03:29, July 7, 2010Dannehvirus
UNCYCLOPEDIA SURVIVOR! Season 4 World Cup Edition03:01, July 7, 2010Dannehvirus
New awards thingy: Crap of the Month00:55, July 7, 2010Happytimes
Conservation Week 201008:58, July 6, 2010Under user
Pornology14:44, July 4, 2010CheddarBBQ
Ever since I became an ICy Pirate my banana has doubled in size!04:21, July 3, 2010Happytimes
Uncyclopedia: The Podcast00:52, July 3, 2010Zim ulator
Uncyclopedia Sudden Death Tournament - European Edition03:44, July 2, 2010HELPME
Any of you audiomakers know a good free music converter I can download?06:51, July 1, 2010Happytimes
How do you move an article in to mainspace?03:49, June 30, 2010Modusoperandi
Hourly writing contest: Aftermath08:14, June 29, 2010Dr. Skullthumper
RMoU. An order for the disorderly.05:57, June 29, 2010Happytimes
New Uncyc Project05:54, June 29, 2010Happytimes
I'm going to get business cards made04:14, June 29, 2010Happytimes
Who Remembers...23:44, June 28, 2010Dexter111344
New article07:45, June 28, 2010Modusoperandi
Humility07:04, June 28, 2010Kingkitty
Hourly writing contest05:10, June 28, 2010Thekillerfroggy
Gayest member?20:52, June 27, 2010Modusoperandi
What would the Flintstones be called if they were black?20:24, June 27, 2010SadisticWolf
A nonest proposition20:14, June 27, 2010Multiliteralist
Is User Toast the trojan bread of sock puppetry?03:11, June 26, 2010Modusoperandi
So yeah, it's me.01:00, June 26, 2010Iwillkillyou333
How do make an un-book?17:11, June 24, 2010Hindleyite
Uncyc e-store finalization; approval needed15:22, June 24, 2010Zim ulator
Um, Why?06:43, June 24, 2010Dexter111344
This needs to be randomly appended somewhere23:23, June 23, 2010Ethine
How's your Summertime going?13:01, June 23, 2010Aleister in Chains
A new look USP05:52, June 22, 2010Joe9320
How do you add a new topic?16:30, June 20, 2010Paizuri
How do you create a templete?01:19, June 20, 2010An Ape that Only Exists on Thursdays
How do I archive a talk page?17:42, June 19, 2010Happytimes
Delete Uncyclopedia.....02:05, June 19, 2010Sockpuppet of an unregistered user
UnNews Print Edition00:58, June 19, 2010Happytimes
Add shakespeariclese image to shakespear article00:52, June 19, 2010Aleister in Chains
The best article we ever had00:45, June 19, 2010Happytimes
Count to a million-the other one is broken!00:42, June 19, 2010Happytimes
CAT SCRATCH FEVER00:39, June 19, 2010Happytimes
Whither UnSignpost?00:38, June 19, 2010Happytimes
You seriously featured that?00:36, June 19, 2010Happytimes
Spam Filter00:28, June 19, 2010Happytimes
HEAR YE! HEAR YE! Modus breaks the 40 feature barrier. PARTY!!!12:05, June 17, 2010Joe9320
Why don't admins just06:37, June 16, 2010Multiliteralist
The new Devo album is out06:02, June 16, 2010Happytimes
Hi. I'm the first person with a piece of Uncyclopedia merchandise20:25, June 15, 2010HELPME
Help me to judge the unholy19:46, June 14, 2010An Ape that Only Exists on Thursdays
Here's an underfunded, disorientating brand new idea11:30, June 13, 2010Multiliteralist
Hello, you may remember me from...15:07, June 10, 2010Electrified mocha chinchilla
Being an admin23:33, June 9, 2010Un-Tooltroll
Complaints and more whining19:55, June 9, 2010Sockpuppet of an unregistered user
Momma, we don't we look like everyone else? (i.e. Wikipedia)05:26, June 9, 2010Readmesoon
How do you make an article?05:15, June 9, 2010Happytimes
Greetings to the bored members of the rollback class05:12, June 9, 2010Happytimes
Oh, illustrated articles in PLS...05:07, June 9, 2010Happytimes
How to give text color, and other tips and tricks10:34, June 6, 2010Un-Lachybus
New Uncyclopedia policy14:52, June 3, 2010Mhaille
Even Better Proposed Policy21:32, June 2, 2010Sockpuppet of an unregistered user
Quit Facebook20:23, June 2, 2010Hindleyite
Oh, iCarly...13:03, June 2, 2010Sockpuppet of an unregistered user
Do it yourself08:40, June 1, 2010Multiliteralist
Changes at VFD06:44, June 1, 2010Happytimes
Oh no we are going to die06:13, May 31, 2010Zheliel
Attention ladies, I'm leaving22:48, May 30, 2010Bradaphraser
Uncyclopedia merchandise02:39, May 30, 2010Mrthejazz
We lack standards06:33, May 29, 2010Simsilikesims
Dramatic Leaving Message07:21, May 28, 2010Happytimes
All "Best Illustrated" Articles in PLS are Disqualified16:10, May 26, 2010Mordillo
New New Uncyclopedia policy23:21, May 23, 2010Sockpuppet of an unregistered user
I would just like to remind everyone...17:03, May 23, 2010Multiliteralist
Crappy changes at Wikipedia, will they come here?02:02, May 23, 2010Spang
Uncyclopedia article cited on Yahoo23:52, May 22, 2010Happytimes
An Uncyclopedia Radio channel?04:05, May 21, 2010Happytimes
Can we add this to this?03:59, May 21, 2010Happytimes
Im sure thiers a forum for this but i mean come on like im gonna look for it...13:08, May 20, 2010Halsoft
I need to stop be a lazy dick03:01, May 20, 2010CheddarBBQ
Uncyclomedia, 5-year Strategic Priorities02:12, May 20, 2010Happytimes
I'm old.02:01, May 20, 2010Happytimes
Being a Dick Wednesdays01:27, May 20, 2010Happytimes
I'm new.01:25, May 20, 2010Happytimes
I'm new and i don't know how to make an article!18:32, May 14, 2010Sockpuppet of an unregistered user
What the hell is this new login screen02:30, May 14, 2010Aleister in Chains
Articles in Babel Page06:01, May 13, 2010Mnbvcxz
Facebook connect05:49, May 12, 2010Bradaphraser
Uncyclopedia Is The Cancer That Is Killing The Internet04:57, May 12, 2010Happytimes
Following?04:52, May 12, 2010Happytimes
Uncyclopedia Survey15:14, May 11, 2010DougalthePanda
What's all this then?02:16, May 11, 2010Sannse
Pages I'm Following00:56, May 9, 2010Happytimes
A Wizard Did It - The Song (Feat. Saruman)12:53, May 8, 2010Fredd The Mahmauscher
Conservapedia Fraud18:50, May 7, 2010Modusoperandi
PLS fundraising and proposals20:53, May 5, 2010Dexter111344
A Consitution for Utopia00:45, May 5, 2010Aleister in Chains
Jimmy Wales is coming to speak at my graduation...16:04, May 2, 2010Ynis
Polish tragedy23:24, May 1, 2010Iwillkillyou333
What have you people done?!05:01, May 1, 2010HolySylent
Thread for the 9nd PLS23:58, April 30, 2010Sockpuppet of an unregistered user
WTF is satire???!!!22:13, April 30, 2010Bradaphraser
My new favorite artist23:03, April 25, 2010Happytimes
Song requests20:15, April 24, 2010Simsilikesims
Larry Sanger reports Wikimedia to FBI15:39, April 23, 2010Mnbvcxz
Lego Uncyclopedia07:19, April 21, 2010PuppyOnTheRadio
Demographics17:52, April 20, 2010Zim ulator
PLS wot?06:38, April 19, 2010Multiliteralist
UnTunes for torrent: community vote00:02, April 18, 2010Happytimes
Uncyclopedia alignments21:41, April 16, 2010Simsilikesims
Who are the Category gurus around here anyway?05:36, April 12, 2010Happytimes
What the hell is up with Uncyc?02:38, April 11, 2010Happytimes
Uncyclopedia Teabagger's Movement01:28, April 11, 2010Paizuri
Korean Uncyclopedia blocked by the South Korean government02:32, April 9, 2010Colin "All your base" Heaney
Media office Summit of Spin is up and running09:07, April 8, 2010Multiliteralist
World Cup 2010 collaboration23:50, April 7, 2010Nachlader
Rewrite Tag rework06:29, April 6, 2010Happytimes
Wikia staff delete article after its subject threatened to sue02:37, April 6, 2010Syndrome
Some of you wanted me to be constructive11:38, April 5, 2010Multiliteralist
Calling all traditionalists:17:26, April 3, 2010Romartus
How for do I...23:34, April 2, 2010Happytimes
April 1 Tomfoolery23:32, April 2, 2010Happytimes
Uncyclopedia is NOT the worst13:57, April 1, 2010Multiliteralist
Uncyclopedia is the worst again22:28, March 31, 2010Happytimes
Need help with images04:55, March 31, 2010Skinfan13
Main Page formattation01:28, March 31, 2010Necropaxx
Does anyone know of a good text-game-editing page?21:05, March 30, 2010PuppyOnTheRadio
What would happen if...04:49, March 29, 2010HELPME
Humor for the common man11:46, March 28, 2010Mnbvcxz
The Unofficial Forum About Shit09:08, March 28, 2010Joe9320
Where's the fucking button to post a brand new article?post a new article22:57, March 27, 2010Spang
Un Answeres. an idea?16:04, March 26, 2010Multiliteralist
Five years ago today12:16, March 26, 2010Bradaphraser
Crackbone's Epic Adventure21:50, March 25, 2010Roman Dog Bird
ΥΣΣ is recruiting members!01:17, March 25, 2010Happytimes
Portals06:49, March 20, 2010Modusoperandi
Could this happen to us?19:18, March 19, 2010Optimuschris
Hey I know stuff, but....04:41, March 17, 2010PuppyOnTheRadio
Pee Review 10122:57, March 16, 2010Iwillkillyou333
What Happened To My Page?13:48, March 16, 2010Loke
The Official Official Forum About Shit10:14, March 15, 2010Joe9320
Ban Roman Dog Bird21:22, March 12, 2010Electrified mocha chinchilla
The Games namespace21:11, March 10, 2010PuppyOnTheRadio
Everything is okay21:13, March 7, 2010Loke
Writing Advice02:12, March 7, 2010Modusoperandi
The Pee Queue is empty!02:12, March 7, 2010Modusoperandi
ICarly13:38, March 6, 2010Loke
What's the point of Uncyclopedia?19:33, March 1, 2010Loke
Tiny little question19:06, February 27, 2010Bad Shroom
Happy VD, sluts05:21, February 26, 2010Happytimes
How to create an Uncyclopedia in another language?03:35, February 25, 2010Mnbvcxz
Poo Lit Surprise?05:42, February 16, 2010Happytimes
I am making a proposal.05:10, February 16, 2010Happytimes
Letterman/Palin01:00, February 11, 2010MrN9000
Nomination Time Period00:06, February 11, 2010MrN9000
How to run pywikipedia bot?19:48, February 8, 2010Hyperbole
Need more reporters...06:03, February 5, 2010Sakai4eva
Ultra noob quesiton05:34, February 5, 2010Happytimes
Has anyone ever...19:38, February 4, 2010GlobalTourniquet
Re: The message I got08:51, February 4, 2010Kroni1262
Uncyclopedian Starsigns03:43, February 4, 2010Sakai4eva
What's the point of rating?00:51, February 4, 2010Sakai4eva
I had this brilliant idea for an article06:02, February 2, 2010Roman Dog Bird
Merge these pages?00:24, February 1, 2010Modusoperandi
Happy Australia Day!23:18, January 30, 2010PuppyOnTheRadio
Awards of the Decade15:53, January 30, 2010Sockpuppet of an unregistered user
Proposal: Reaching the 30,000 articles02:14, January 30, 2010Sequence
Some funny ads...STEAL THEM16:56, January 29, 2010Modusoperandi
Inspiration00:53, January 28, 2010Nachlader
Uncyclopedia Facebook21:54, January 26, 2010Optimuschris
Which motherfucker...21:57, January 23, 2010Modusoperandi
A New Fan06:03, January 22, 2010Paizuri
Dramatica might be dying? Oh noes.04:01, January 21, 2010HELPME
Caption Contest06:53, January 20, 2010So So
Something something06:07, January 20, 2010Mnbvcxz
Desciclopédia is reaching us00:29, January 20, 2010Paizuri
Question about the Grue Army19:58, January 19, 2010Sockpuppet of an unregistered user
UnBook Idea Melting Pot19:41, January 19, 2010Hyperbole
Haitian donation banner16:08, January 18, 2010Colin "All your base" Heaney
Global sysops in Uncyclopedia?00:39, January 18, 2010DrStrange
Top 10 articles of 200901:19, January 16, 2010Rcmurphy
Proposal for new writing competition12:50, January 15, 2010Necropaxx
Unmagazine Covers08:19, January 15, 2010Happytimes
I'm changing my username11:10, January 13, 2010Zheliel
Hey guys! I'm back!14:48, January 12, 2010Zheliel
Look! It's me!02:25, January 11, 2010Happytimes
My article are terrible, new ideas plz07:45, January 10, 2010Happytimes
How do I erase everything on this site?22:27, January 8, 2010Mordillo
Hey, do we still have a group of copy-editors around?16:47, January 7, 2010Necropaxx
A stupid idea06:10, January 7, 2010Mnbvcxz
Uncyclopedia is five years16:04, January 6, 2010Hyperbole
Let's start a war10:58, January 6, 2010Ptok-Bentoniczny
My final whinings just for size07:59, January 6, 2010Multiliteralist
Happy New Year!06:52, January 6, 2010Hyperbole
Racism20:05, January 5, 2010TheLedBalloon
My good bye rant ahead of time.08:06, January 5, 2010Modusoperandi
Now that I have some of your attention let us get down to business07:42, January 5, 2010Happytimes
Happy 5th, assholes, now you're in Kindergarten. Enjoy failing out of school.07:41, January 5, 2010Savethemooses
Uncycloversary04:20, January 5, 2010Modusoperandi
Need a pic04:57, December 31, 2009Iwillkillyou333
Merry Athesmist to the Atheists01:52, December 31, 2009GlobalTourniquet
My page is being defaced on a weekly basis. It's annoying, I need help21:44, December 30, 2009Dexter111344
Merry Christmas!00:06, December 30, 2009Bradaphraser
Reskin the main page.21:16, December 29, 2009The Woodburninator
4 word story03:46, December 25, 2009Mnbvcxz
I want to be featured in a featured article.07:18, December 24, 2009Happytimes
Where can I find a list of headers?06:09, December 24, 2009Happytimes
Oh crap....22:43, December 23, 2009DrStrange
I'm not sure if I've already asked this, but...17:28, December 23, 2009Bradaphraser
Let's talk food.14:45, December 23, 2009Dexter111344
A new idea, unless someone else already had this idea.10:31, December 23, 2009Happytimes
So...10:27, December 23, 2009Happytimes
International Page Blanking Day 200922:16, December 22, 2009Invincibleflamegruemaster
Shit! We still need 20 more reflections!21:36, December 22, 2009Colin "All your base" Heaney
Why does Uncyclopedia look like shit on Safari16:10, December 22, 2009Un-Assassin Ali
Food for humorous ramblings23:31, December 21, 2009Modusoperandi
Goodnight Mrs. Calabash where ever you are!23:20, December 20, 2009Modusoperandi
I'm back, Mother fuckers, with a vengeance22:27, December 20, 2009Happytimes
Hay Guyz18:25, December 19, 2009Dexter111344
So then02:05, December 19, 2009Happytimes
THIS IS ALSO A DISASTER!20:59, December 18, 2009Invincibleflamegruemaster
I have a problem01:12, December 18, 2009Modusoperandi
THIS IS A DISASTER!01:11, December 18, 2009Invincibleflamegruemaster
Petition: Delete Wikipedia19:05, December 17, 2009Necropaxx
Fuck This: My Final Notes05:33, December 17, 2009Necropaxx
I'm Bock!02:27, December 17, 2009Reverse Genocide Cockatrices
Admin request20:42, December 16, 2009Sockpuppet of an unregistered user
BUTT POOP!!!!06:14, December 16, 2009Mnbvcxz
Why are you doing this?10:24, December 15, 2009Modusoperandi
For those that think I left I am now back and wish to ask: Who wants to have the piss ripped outa them via the medium of pantomime?03:54, December 15, 2009Zheliel
So, I'm going to be taking a trip soon23:57, December 14, 2009Modusoperandi
Um hi13:58, December 14, 2009Reverse Genocide Cockatrices
Fundraising Sitenotice02:52, December 12, 2009Un-Glacier Wolf
Conservation Week Closure08:49, December 11, 2009Mordillo
So liek, this decade is over almost....08:04, December 11, 2009Joe9320
It's weird how some people take Uncyclopedia seriously07:25, December 11, 2009Happytimes
Hans Island14:22, December 8, 2009Sockpuppet of an unregistered user
Can I get a ISP protect?14:12, December 7, 2009Under user
Goatse on the main page00:50, December 6, 2009Modusoperandi
Hey, cool, the stars are working again07:30, December 5, 2009Syndrome
Questions about our VFS system16:54, December 4, 2009Modusoperandi
Boring template stuff03:37, December 2, 2009Spang
Ask Cthulhu is back15:56, December 1, 2009AskCthulhu
UNCYCLOPEDIA FOREVER01:07, December 1, 2009Joe9320
Monaco skin20:37, November 30, 2009Syndrome
Finally! A normal Main Page!06:35, November 29, 2009Web surfer
We clearly aren't trying hard enough...04:24, November 29, 2009Orion Blastar
If I Can't Delete My Account, What's the Fastest Way to Get Banned?05:04, November 28, 2009Sockpuppet of an unregistered user
Can we do away with "Famous residents" sections in pages?05:33, November 27, 2009Sockpuppet of an unregistered user
What happened to the Special:UserLogin page?02:17, November 26, 2009Zheliel
Busy autumn kids, Aristocrat's Turkey Day Ball is coming12:58, November 22, 2009The Thinker
There is no Cannibal10:18, November 22, 2009Joe9320
I'd like to take a moment to talk about freedom of speech and expression.19:22, November 21, 2009Modusoperandi
Well, that was interesting10:43, November 21, 2009Andorin Kato
Simple English Uncyclopedia01:19, November 20, 2009Modusoperandi
Ex-squeeze me?...GLENN BECK say what?00:07, November 20, 2009Orion Blastar
Un Projects20:14, November 16, 2009Multiliteralist
Uncyc for iPhone?07:30, November 14, 2009Joe9320
Now that the heated discusion has cooled down22:19, November 12, 2009Andorin Kato
Cat heaven help19:42, November 12, 2009Romartus
I guess Uncyclopedia can't be offensive anymore13:05, November 12, 2009Mordillo
Captions needed for Do You Care entries - grab some front-page glory15:34, November 11, 2009Sockpuppet of an unregistered user
Kool-Aid Party! 31st Anniveresery of Jonestown Massacre!08:36, November 11, 2009Joe9320
I'm recovering from swine flu04:58, November 10, 2009Modusoperandi
Do/can we have an auto-Ban Patrol script?03:59, November 9, 2009RAHB
What's your user ID number?22:14, November 8, 2009IronLung
The Whorehouse07:24, November 8, 2009Multiliteralist
IF YOU GET DOWN ON ME I'LL GET DOWN ON YOU05:13, November 6, 2009Syndrome
What's in my userspace?23:00, November 5, 2009Modusoperandi
Swine Flu vs. Bird Flu: which is the badder bug?21:56, November 5, 2009Orion Blastar
Come Join Us for the 31st Anniversery of the Jonestown Massacre!13:48, November 5, 2009Sockpuppet of an unregistered user
Articles written from a controversial voice06:24, November 5, 2009Gerrycheevers
Pier Gerlofs Donia & Frisians06:41, November 3, 2009Seven&ThreeMidgets
Is this just me?15:10, November 2, 2009Modusoperandi
Conservation Week, kiddies!!!05:40, November 2, 2009PuppyOnTheRadio
New Quotes09:12, October 29, 2009Fredd The Mahmauscher
Hey, what does that avatar thingy do?05:14, October 29, 2009Colin "All your base" Heaney
Userpage coding help?03:23, October 29, 2009Spang
Poo Lit Judges: I needs 'em, dagnabit.21:32, October 26, 2009Bradaphraser
COME TO ILLOGICOPEDIA!11:58, October 25, 2009Romartus
You know, I think this wiki might be getting better.00:32, October 25, 2009Matt lobster
You know what we need?14:44, October 24, 2009Optimuschris
I was just kidding jeez22:59, October 23, 2009Orion Blastar
Template Recent thing04:56, October 23, 2009PuppyOnTheRadio
Climate-change articles03:14, October 22, 2009Spike
I got a microphone03:13, October 22, 2009PuppyOnTheRadio
My New PR Guy: Hopefully He Generated Some Traffic18:07, October 20, 2009Modusoperandi
Are forums counted as articles?06:15, October 20, 2009Orian57
Kitten huffing in GTA advert?06:08, October 20, 2009Orian57
Can there be some type of parental control be used here? Some of the content is racy!05:12, October 20, 2009Orion Blastar
Encyclopedia cliches09:58, October 19, 2009PuppyOnTheRadio
Search worked better the way it was before08:48, October 19, 2009Modusoperandi
I want to become a PEE reviewer14:14, October 17, 2009Zheliel
Let me say this11:19, October 17, 2009RabbiTechno
Of PLS and Uncyclopedia's death23:08, October 16, 2009Necropaxx
The Chinese know something about Flus that we don't21:52, October 16, 2009Fredd The Mahmauscher
Please make a few new articles. Please.10:09, October 16, 2009Multiliteralist
Front Page Overhauls21:57, October 15, 200971.139.227.39
I'm back! (sort of)19:53, October 15, 2009Dexter111344
Nothing's happening16:36, October 13, 2009Necropaxx
We need publicity and sponsors to save Uncyclopedia05:30, October 13, 2009Why do I need to provide this?
PLS starts Monday, October 5th!!!!!20:13, October 9, 2009Killer 3.14
That annoying "share this article" button19:42, October 8, 2009Killer 3.14
So, do you hate any of your own features?07:13, October 6, 2009Inebriated
Possible FILK section idea?04:07, October 5, 2009Gerrycheevers
Last Call for Entries10:57, October 4, 2009Zheliel
Introducing Sircabhan16:00, October 2, 2009Sircabhan
We should all become Fundamentalist Christians.16:38, September 30, 2009Orion Blastar
About the site notice08:56, September 28, 2009Multiliteralist
Wikimedia's response to our PowerPoint22:17, September 27, 2009Sircabhan
And now for something we hope you really like!!14:11, September 27, 2009Guildensternenstein
How do you guys format your sig's timestamp?20:22, September 21, 2009Teh pwnerator
Come on, guys13:43, September 20, 2009Guildensternenstein
Stupid Wikia20:33, September 19, 2009Modusoperandi
Pee Review question00:25, September 18, 2009Modusoperandi
Tech Issues23:02, September 17, 2009Modusoperandi
Imperial Colonization 3: The Revenge03:25, September 17, 2009Miley Spears
Need more stuff to vote on?01:34, September 17, 2009Modusoperandi
Writer's Block01:28, September 17, 2009Guildensternenstein
Outbound links page22:14, September 16, 2009Electrified mocha chinchilla
Infinite Crisis: There's Something Wrong With The Main Page04:33, September 14, 2009Mnbvcxz
Golden quotes19:15, September 13, 2009Nachlader
Who?01:12, September 13, 2009Necropaxx
Poo Lit VIII: The Latening23:52, September 9, 2009Optimuschris
Im back from communist land23:12, September 9, 2009Modusoperandi
Hey im new21:05, September 9, 2009Communist.
GameVFD17:00, September 9, 2009Mnbvcxz
Welcoming non-users23:38, September 8, 2009Bad Shroom
Happy Labour Day!04:32, September 8, 2009Mnbvcxz
Does anybody think...18:44, September 6, 2009Modusoperandi
A rebuttal to something Mordillo said like three months ago10:16, September 6, 2009Mordillo
Is something wrong with did you know?18:46, September 3, 2009Sockpuppet of an unregistered user
A rebuttal to something Modusoperandi said like three months ago20:48, September 2, 2009Bad Shroom
Now Hear This22:01, August 31, 2009Sockpuppet of an unregistered user
Wikipedia is changing it's format!?!18:14, August 30, 2009TheLedBalloon
Uncyclopedia Merchandise16:07, August 29, 2009Dexter111344
Poo Lit VIII: The Latening/Date21:56, August 28, 2009Modusoperandi
Dame Prettiest Pretty Has Left the Building !17:15, August 28, 2009Mnbvcxz
The Wikimedia Foundation called me00:48, August 27, 2009Sockpuppet of an unregistered user
Simpleton English Uncyclopedia07:22, August 26, 2009Joe9320
I've got a FABULOUS idea for an Unfomercial.19:42, August 25, 2009Hyperbole
Recent Articles14:49, August 25, 2009Sockpuppet of an unregistered user
Another day, another call from the White House14:27, August 17, 2009Under user
New chatroom12:08, August 17, 2009Bradaphraser
The Foreign Office10:45, August 17, 2009Siddhartha-Wolf
UnAnswers10:40, August 17, 2009Zheliel
The Return of Tagstit10:33, August 17, 2009Zheliel
A very simple proposition08:58, August 17, 2009Zheliel
Death to Chuck?04:31, August 17, 2009Roman Dog Bird
Oh God, how the fuck does IRC work?17:36, August 15, 2009Guildensternenstein
501st place, you should be disgusted10:20, August 15, 2009Sockpuppet of an unregistered user
Noob eligibility requirements18:37, August 14, 2009Miley Spears
Operation:Chill the Fuck Out20:06, August 13, 2009Hyperbole
So I made this thing21:56, August 12, 2009Sockpuppet of an unregistered user
Popularity Contest results18:53, August 11, 2009Mnbvcxz
Game Comitee23:27, August 10, 2009Electrified mocha chinchilla
Why the hell...20:28, August 10, 2009TheLedBalloon
John Hughes is dead guys.13:28, August 10, 2009Calindreams
Need German-speaker help07:38, August 10, 2009NaturalBornKieler
Did You Know?21:51, August 9, 2009Spang
Censorship in Turkish Uncyclopedia19:13, August 9, 2009Bad Shroom
I really want you try this game04:44, August 8, 2009Un-SunnyChow
I scream for reskins, you scream for reskins, we all scream for reskins17:05, August 7, 2009Modusoperandi
Something that's been bugging me for awhile now.00:47, August 7, 2009Simsilikesims
Abstaining on VFH and other voting pages19:10, August 6, 2009Hyperbole
Am I the only who noticed...14:54, August 5, 2009Hindleyite
Top 3 articles of June21:29, August 4, 2009Modusoperandi
One Hit Wonders16:46, August 4, 2009Hyperbole
Exactly As Much Voting As We Have Now10:26, August 4, 2009Nameable
Voting on VFH22:09, August 3, 2009Guildensternenstein
Protecting Featured Articles?16:32, August 3, 2009TheLedBalloon
Should Quasi-Featured articles that later get featured still be listed in Category:Quasi-Featured, and if not, how would I go about getting rid of them?14:38, August 3, 2009Dexter111344
A Brand New Topic About A Suggestion Which You Will Probably Reject :)22:14, August 2, 2009Dexter111344
The Death of GlobalTourniquet (Again)09:37, August 2, 2009Nameable
I haven't left!17:28, August 1, 2009Nameable
No More Voting15:33, July 31, 2009Zombiebaron
Only Voting11:37, July 30, 2009Sockpuppet of an unregistered user
There's no feature for today.07:28, July 30, 2009Mordillo
I was banned from the IRC05:44, July 30, 2009Zombiebaron
R.I.P: Imperial Colonization (born 2009- died 2009)23:07, July 29, 2009Fredd The Mahmauscher
Uncyclopedia Monthly Email Newsletter20:46, July 28, 2009ImNotASunbeam
Goodbye guys14:56, July 28, 2009Guildensternenstein
TV Tropes Template12:37, July 28, 2009TheLedBalloon
Votes For Awards19:21, July 27, 2009Gerrycheevers
Proposal: Protect All Featured Articles Forever22:45, July 24, 2009An Ape that Only Exists on Thursdays
Image Replacement16:22, July 18, 2009Bad Shroom
Encyclopediadramatica bridge10:28, July 18, 2009Joe9320
HEY EVERYBODY!17:33, July 17, 2009Bad Shroom
Wikia is fucked up again12:18, July 17, 2009Gerrycheevers
UnBusiness09:00, July 16, 2009Joe9320
A magazine?20:00, July 15, 2009Bad Shroom
Everyone post on my talkpage!13:37, July 15, 2009Midget
VFH problem20:44, July 11, 2009Spang
I have an idea...21:27, July 10, 2009Bad Shroom
The 2009 Uncyclopedia Music Awards- Second Round21:51, July 9, 2009ImNotASunbeam
It's slow around here.15:06, July 9, 2009Optimuschris
SPIN.07:26, July 8, 2009Multiliteralist
Infolinks17:48, July 7, 2009The Woodburninator
Happy 4th of July aka USA Independance Day 200915:55, July 7, 2009Under user
Why did you choose that stupid username?08:07, July 6, 2009YesTimeToEdit
Arthor of the Month08:48, July 4, 2009Romartus
Potatochopper of the Month01:42, July 3, 2009Guildensternenstein
Uncyclopedia:Timeline is shit18:41, July 2, 2009Mnbvcxz
Scripts on Uncyclopedia Pages17:35, July 2, 2009Mistat520
Euroipods... Still causing problems11:14, July 2, 2009Sockpuppet of an unregistered user
On HTBFANJS and at least one possible improvement01:03, July 2, 2009Modusoperandi
The issue of TYATU21:35, July 1, 2009Uncyclopedian Again
Hi collegehumor!00:18, July 1, 2009212.18.40.178
The 2009 Uncyclopeida Music Awards09:03, June 30, 2009Joe9320
Hate to be this guy again, but...05:32, June 30, 2009Thekillerfroggy
A call to arms!: Timeline rebuild edition.07:05, June 29, 2009Dexter111344
Using Jokes Properly (name change?)22:55, June 28, 2009Dexter111344
What I think of IRC07:15, June 27, 2009ImNotASunbeam
Chronarion sighting!00:59, June 27, 2009Necropaxx
Worst 100 Reflections on 200923:40, June 26, 2009Hyperbole
If you can ban me and my IP for a day...23:38, June 26, 2009Sockpuppet of an unregistered user
Alrighty, just so you all know...22:35, June 26, 2009Sockpuppet of an unregistered user
We ought to make a Palindrome portal17:29, June 26, 2009Zheliel
Some Nominations need at least some background for a vote20:47, June 25, 2009Romartus
Will UnNews ever be this good?15:50, June 25, 2009Fredd The Mahmauscher
Proposal for the timeline12:36, June 25, 2009Sockpuppet of an unregistered user
An Open Message to Unwehr Members20:25, June 24, 2009The Woodburninator
Organizing dated articles16:26, June 24, 2009Sockpuppet of an unregistered user
IP Editing14:57, June 23, 2009The Woodburninator
This is just an idea...01:31, June 23, 2009Bradaphraser
Kingdom of Loathing21:12, June 22, 2009Bradaphraser
This is just a thought...18:10, June 22, 2009200.35.150.105
We Must Destroy Illogicopedia15:35, June 21, 2009Bradaphraser
Publicity?06:27, June 21, 2009Extra Ordinary
It is also my Birthday!03:42, June 20, 2009Modusoperandi
Template Ideas07:55, June 18, 2009Zheliel
Singapore06:13, June 17, 2009Zheliel
Now Hiring: New Writers fro a New Song!21:08, June 16, 2009Modusoperandi
Audio and Typed in Versions of the Same Article20:55, June 16, 2009Romartus
Der Unwehr is Officially Twice as Good as IC10:13, June 16, 2009Sockpuppet of an unregistered user
Join Illogicopedia Today!00:39, June 16, 2009Silent Penguin
A new template17:05, June 15, 2009Modusoperandi
User:Hyperbole/VFG12:53, June 14, 2009Multiliteralist
Hall of Legends01:27, June 14, 2009Guildensternenstein
The Jesus Page20:56, June 13, 2009Communist.
Those of you with welcome templates21:32, June 12, 2009Sockpuppet of an unregistered user
Delete this page21:26, June 12, 2009Sockpuppet of an unregistered user
It's Not My Birthday!16:20, June 12, 2009Modusoperandi
HELP MEH i dunno how to creat an article16:12, June 12, 2009Sockpuppet of an unregistered user
Portals, action being taken20:28, June 11, 2009Multiliteralist
It's My (Uncyclopedia) Birthday!18:44, June 11, 2009Communist.
Its My Birthday!10:06, June 11, 2009Joe9320
WAZZUP14:24, June 10, 2009The Woodburninator
How do i add pictures?23:19, June 9, 2009Modusoperandi
Activity Update02:19, June 9, 2009Necropaxx
Me complaining again17:43, June 8, 2009Multiliteralist
England09:42, June 8, 2009-player2-
Requesting Article: Al-Qaeda Airlines06:29, June 7, 2009Multiliteralist
VFD Time Limits17:24, June 6, 2009Mnbvcxz
Striking out21:27, June 5, 2009Communist.
Final Question21:22, June 5, 2009Communist.
HEY IM BACK ITS ME GOUNCYCLOPEDIA!21:17, June 5, 2009Communist.
Why the bloody hell...20:22, June 5, 2009Sockpuppet of an unregistered user
Noob question19:58, June 5, 2009Sockpuppet of an unregistered user
Hall of Shame: Best of the month17:18, June 5, 2009Cajek
Tags List?06:44, June 4, 2009Mnbvcxz
Wait wait wait, get this: Featured Audios.22:30, June 3, 2009RAHB
Couldn't resist, if you don't like it, clear it off.21:11, June 3, 2009Sockpuppet of an unregistered user
Help, pl0x.20:13, June 3, 2009Modusoperandi
Hi guys one question16:40, June 3, 2009Communist.
Loaded Crap09:42, June 3, 2009-player2-
Totally random wikiformatting question17:24, June 1, 2009Spang
Adopt-a-Portal15:48, June 1, 2009Guildensternenstein
Copyright22:45, May 31, 2009IronLung
Help Me20:26, May 31, 2009Communist.
VFD Teeth12:29, May 31, 2009Modusoperandi
Bots17:21, May 29, 2009Mnbvcxz
Attention Cabal (and people doing the portal stuff, too)08:07, May 29, 2009Multiliteralist
Dexter's coming back23:24, May 28, 2009Sockpuppet of an unregistered user
I See Winston Is Back !22:21, May 28, 2009Thekillerfroggy
Portals schmortals05:46, May 28, 2009Multiliteralist
VFH Voting thingy01:33, May 28, 2009Dexter111344
VFH Revival22:44, May 26, 2009Saberwolf116
VFH dramas19:53, May 26, 2009The Woodburninator
Didnt know where to post this21:44, May 25, 2009Asahatter
Space rewrite...?20:02, May 25, 2009Multiliteralist
My Quest for NOTM17:32, May 25, 2009Nachlader
Swf uploading03:18, May 25, 2009Sockpuppet of an unregistered user
More "front pages", concise version07:21, May 24, 2009Multiliteralist
The Death of GlobalTourniquet10:42, May 23, 2009Joe9320
Welp. Amazon has officially become funnier than we will ever be.23:08, May 22, 2009Concernedresident
The UnSignpost needs you!07:16, May 22, 2009Joe9320
5 Bastardizations of the wikipedia model08:02, May 21, 2009Joe9320
We need to go on a killing spree...23:07, May 20, 2009Saberwolf116
The rating thingy is broked. It is!19:27, May 20, 2009Multiliteralist
The front page is too busy12:46, May 20, 2009Mordillo
An idea for VFD07:39, May 20, 2009Modusoperandi
Mayhaps it's just me, but...06:07, May 20, 2009Mnbvcxz
More "front pages", literal version21:12, May 19, 2009Sockpuppet of an unregistered user
New Poopsmiths?20:58, May 19, 2009Sockpuppet of an unregistered user
Der Unwehr08:41, May 19, 2009Nachlader
The Death of Dexter111344?00:26, May 19, 2009Nachlader
The Rewriters17:38, May 18, 2009Guildensternenstein
Die Ünseikjugend17:37, May 18, 2009Guildensternenstein
User groups still not in operation07:43, May 18, 2009Joe9320
Anti-British British page07:19, May 17, 2009Multiliteralist
Attention VFDers11:53, May 16, 2009Multiliteralist
Auditions for a new show01:47, May 16, 2009Joe9320
Dragonforce01:26, May 16, 2009Spang
Ohmahgod! Cajek's not banned! Also, Cajek's back!14:20, May 15, 2009Nachlader
I have a confession.09:12, May 14, 2009-player2-
Time for the FFS to be awarded again03:22, May 14, 2009Necropaxx
I was looking at the VFH pages...23:17, May 13, 2009Nachlader
Gouncyclopedia says "Goodbye"17:55, May 13, 2009Multiliteralist
Folklore about the easer bunny and cupid17:34, May 13, 2009Multiliteralist
Pee Review templates12:28, May 13, 2009Saberwolf116
Not Too Good With English?13:44, May 12, 2009Un-HouseMDfan
The Death of OptyC09:15, May 12, 2009Modusoperandi
I have a concession18:53, May 10, 2009Modusoperandi
It's like being a n00b all over again!16:44, May 7, 2009Mnbvcxz
BENSON RETURNS10:02, May 7, 2009Joe9320
Testing, testing22:15, May 5, 2009IronLung
Pee Review Closure Policy21:07, May 5, 2009Sockpuppet of an unregistered user
Hi..17:33, May 2, 200975.161.128.106
Executive Decree Concerning Top3 of the Month22:28, May 1, 2009Optimuschris
Pine Needle-People08:34, May 1, 2009Sycamore
Grueslayer02:51, May 1, 2009Modusoperandi
God: hot or not01:17, May 1, 2009Spang
So, April 30, 2009Un-HouseMDfan
Only two Cajek bans to go!00:32, April 30, 2009Un-SPARTAN-984
Real Uncyclopedia Merchandise07:54, April 27, 2009Joe9320
Gouncyclopedia!09:53, April 26, 2009Un-HouseMDfan
THIS IS UNCYC SPARTA!05:54, April 25, 2009Joe9320
The game template...WHERE'S THE BLACK BACKGROUND?!21:25, April 23, 2009Trar
A question about grue12:52, April 22, 2009Modusoperandi
Mattrach05:19, April 22, 2009Multiliteralist
SCOPEWORKS22:19, April 21, 2009Asahatter
Introducing the NetBar22:16, April 20, 2009Dr. Skullthumper
Conservapedia is at it again21:13, April 19, 2009Modusoperandi
Thailand vandals07:38, April 19, 2009Joe9320
They're really offensive.01:52, April 19, 2009RAHB
How Many Active Contributors/voters etc here ?20:33, April 18, 2009Sockpuppet of an unregistered user
Icu is getting annoying18:15, April 18, 2009Modusoperandi
We need moor...14:10, April 17, 2009Optimuschris
Resignation12:23, April 17, 2009Saberwolf116
New idea for TYATU season three this is a forum for meganew the original creator12:21, April 17, 2009Saberwolf116
SEASON TWO FINALLY HERE!22:47, April 16, 2009Sockpuppet of an unregistered user
On the Jewish Question22:41, April 16, 2009Spang
Fear and Loathing in Wikiland10:58, April 16, 2009DrStrange
Uncyclopedia:Conservation Week- Tags ?10:56, April 14, 2009Sockpuppet of an unregistered user
UnSignpost crisis10:50, April 14, 2009Sockpuppet of an unregistered user
The British Empire: A survey16:44, April 13, 2009Gerrycheevers
Fancy Sigatures: How do I get one?09:46, April 13, 2009Multiliteralist
Crisis of the crisis23:15, April 11, 2009Roman Dog Bird
The Slutties19:58, April 11, 2009Dexter111344
Uncyclopedia Store09:39, April 11, 2009DrStrange
Barack the Barbarian21:40, April 9, 2009Dexter111344
Gay Images18:39, April 8, 2009Mnbvcxz
Introducing the Bête Noire12:21, April 7, 2009Sockpuppet of an unregistered user
Introducing the BetNar23:36, April 6, 2009Sonic80
Conservation Week08:11, April 6, 2009Modusoperandi
I know you can't VFD a FA15:38, April 5, 2009Sockpuppet of an unregistered user
Need help13:49, April 5, 2009Sockpuppet of an unregistered user
Florida13:43, April 5, 2009Sockpuppet of an unregistered user
New rule for nominations on VFD13:39, April 5, 2009Sockpuppet of an unregistered user
Okay, very funny13:34, April 5, 2009Sockpuppet of an unregistered user
Front Page13:17, April 5, 2009Sockpuppet of an unregistered user
Museum of bad Art - Wikipaedia13:13, April 5, 2009Sockpuppet of an unregistered user
HOLY CRAP13:00, April 5, 2009Sockpuppet of an unregistered user
A thought about something we could do with VFH that has nothing to do with how to fix it, or that its terrible, or that no one votes. Seriously.12:54, April 5, 2009Sockpuppet of an unregistered user
Sockpuppet Revealed!17:18, April 2, 2009RabbiTechno
APRIL FOOLS!!! Seriously, though...07:53, April 1, 2009Joe9320
VFH needs your attention. Again22:52, March 31, 2009Dexter111344
Jimbo Wales uses Uncyclopedia08:44, March 31, 2009Joe9320
UnNews categories03:04, March 31, 2009Dexter111344
More problems with Wikia's new parser00:48, March 31, 2009Spang
Britain, Great Britain and UK19:36, March 29, 2009Un-SPARTAN-984
Insineratehymn19:33, March 29, 2009Un-SPARTAN-984
On the front page00:20, March 28, 2009Modusoperandi
Aprilfools@fuck.wikia.com23:30, March 26, 2009Sockpuppet of an unregistered user
We got Dugg14:57, March 26, 2009DrStrange
We have passed the 24,000 marker19:58, March 25, 2009DrStrange
Person with admin powers needed plzz19:41, March 25, 2009Modusoperandi
Welcome feature23:40, March 24, 2009Dexter111344
A poo-related question00:19, March 24, 2009MrN9000
The Ratings System...21:52, March 21, 2009Sawblade5
Zionist conspiracy21:45, March 21, 2009SysRq
Gadgets12:48, March 21, 2009MrN9000
UnFinishers21:54, March 20, 2009Modusoperandi
Somebody get rid of the mouseover text pls?17:30, March 20, 2009Gerrycheevers
Season finale13:00, March 20, 2009Nachlader
WinCruft: Not just another maintenance issue01:35, March 20, 2009Col.swordman
Foreign Uncyclopedias22:58, March 19, 2009Optimuschris
On Conservapedia's Commandments and How We Can Adopt Them To Betterfy Uncyclopedia17:27, March 17, 2009Orion Blastar
Gentlemen, on your marks...16:40, March 14, 2009DrStrange
Ubuntu's Latest Release: Masturbating Monkey01:51, March 12, 2009Enzo Aquarius
Proxy keepalive vandalism?16:07, March 11, 2009Col.swordman
Chuck Norris is 6901:34, March 11, 2009Sonic80
Public notice21:24, March 10, 2009Sockpuppet of an unregistered user
Switching to the new parser - Update20:50, March 10, 2009Sockpuppet of an unregistered user
Hello guys I'm new here18:28, March 9, 2009Cainad
Hacker alert!04:05, March 9, 2009Un-Tooltroll
I'm Back20:56, March 7, 2009Modusoperandi
Randomizer03:23, March 7, 2009Modusoperandi
Formatting10:21, March 6, 2009Under user
UnAnswers?20:29, March 4, 2009Rataube
What can we do to the user groups now?08:52, March 4, 2009Joe9320
Kitten Huffing in the news?22:22, March 3, 2009Nachlader
Malfunctioning Template17:05, March 3, 2009Sockpuppet of an unregistered user
Is It Okay to vandalize an article that's doomed to be huffed? (Such as an article with a title of something the writer made up)?00:48, March 3, 2009Spang
Poo Lit Surprise Status20:41, March 2, 2009Heerenveen
Is anybody else's character set messed up?09:42, March 2, 2009Monika
Welcomes19:37, February 27, 2009Syndrome
Dudes, I broke my nose!21:54, February 26, 2009Sockpuppet of an unregistered user
Fucking Safari22:27, February 25, 2009Sockpuppet of an unregistered user
Just so you all know21:03, February 25, 2009Optimuschris
DoubleClick20:08, February 25, 2009Un-Nytrospawn
Create a new page? I forget...22:27, February 24, 2009Optimuschris
Available19:02, February 24, 2009Modusoperandi
What do you do here?17:59, February 24, 2009Enzo Aquarius
Advertising15:55, February 24, 2009Halsoft
Template usage08:37, February 24, 2009Sockpuppet of an unregistered user
Hey people05:17, February 24, 2009Modusoperandi
Admin about23:59, February 23, 2009Modusoperandi
OKEY DOKES! News article help. Free coookies16:32, February 23, 2009Roachclipjonny!
Gender confusion01:45, February 22, 2009SysRq
Anybody here on the United States West Coast?21:44, February 21, 2009Colin "All your base" Heaney
Listen17:58, February 20, 2009Halsoft
My VFG page is totally open04:49, February 20, 2009IronLung
Fucking Google Chrome22:43, February 19, 2009Bonner
Emergency Collaborations16:30, February 19, 2009Halsoft
Aaargh! The last GS editor has been backstabbed! SAVE GRUESLAYER NOW!!!16:09, February 19, 2009Sockpuppet of an unregistered user
Switching to the new parser12:28, February 18, 2009Sannse
I got a new idea06:02, February 18, 2009Joe9320
Imperial Colonization Revival19:06, February 17, 2009Colin "All your base" Heaney
Decisions Time Folks - Let's Be Organized for a Change15:06, February 17, 2009Sockpuppet of an unregistered user
Jonas brothers page?00:14, February 16, 2009SysRq
Yeah im stupid and i need help23:27, February 15, 2009Nachlader
Events13:20, February 15, 2009Sockpuppet of an unregistered user
I have devised a plausible solution to allow UNCYCLOPEDIA to come forth back into the public eye, and renew its long lost golden era. (Now with fancy words)05:36, February 15, 2009Verp Tlethl
Seriously guys?18:09, February 12, 2009Halsoft
What the fuck!?05:14, February 12, 2009Modusoperandi
Blocking glitch on My LEGO Network Wiki?04:55, February 12, 2009Verp Tlethl
A proposal19:59, February 11, 2009Mnbvcxz
Interview articles19:18, February 11, 2009Modusoperandi
Spare a few links, mister?11:53, February 11, 2009Under user
Random Template06:58, February 10, 2009Mnbvcxz
N00b of the Year 200801:04, February 8, 2009TheLedBalloon
Issue with Infobox:people template16:02, February 7, 2009Harry Anchorite
A Pants Template?08:09, February 7, 2009PantsMacKenzie
Updating the "...of the Year" awards23:23, February 6, 2009MrN9000
Conspiracy?16:35, February 6, 2009Sockpuppet of an unregistered user
How do you unlock a unnews page?02:07, February 6, 2009Modusoperandi
Help make an image23:51, February 5, 2009173.48.208.204
How to add images to an already existing uncyclopedia article?21:42, February 5, 2009Syndrome
The Google Chrome Experience21:00, February 5, 2009Modusoperandi
Uncyclopedia has too many double standards23:05, February 4, 2009Optimuschris
Deleting All "Approval" & "Written By" Templates19:28, February 4, 2009MrN9000
Yettie's Penis: Confirmed Sighting!16:47, February 4, 2009Sockpuppet of an unregistered user
2 lost articles06:50, February 4, 2009Mnbvcxz
Codeine's mum won't leave me alone23:04, February 3, 2009Hyperbole
Top 3 of December?03:38, February 3, 2009Modusoperandi
I've been Boingboing'd!01:50, February 3, 2009Sockpuppet of an unregistered user
Mr leguirrec is an AUNT00:54, February 3, 2009Sockpuppet of an unregistered user
The young and the uncyclopedians21:03, February 2, 2009Uncyclopedian Again
Tie For Article of the Year 200812:34, February 2, 200915Mickey20
The ty:u movie trailer07:07, February 2, 2009Uncyclopedian Again
Pregnancy00:26, February 2, 2009Mnbvcxz
It looks like Uncyclopedia must have gotton to the best of people17:47, February 1, 2009Un-SPARTAN-984
Uncyclopedia has too few double standards17:41, February 1, 2009Un-SPARTAN-984
Thinking Time Folks - Let's Be Featurized for a Change11:03, January 31, 2009Modusoperandi
Top 2008 Feature Period09:46, January 31, 2009Sockpuppet of an unregistered user
Silicon Valley Meetup?23:48, January 30, 2009Necropaxx
Liberapedia IS the deal22:31, January 30, 2009Sockpuppet of an unregistered user
Question about deleted template listing pages19:20, January 30, 2009Modusoperandi
Mordillo for 'crat19:37, January 29, 2009Col.swordman
Could somebody fix Template:Instead?22:39, January 26, 2009Sockpuppet of an unregistered user
I am Bored09:48, January 23, 2009BlueYonder
Add a description to a picture04:11, January 23, 2009Hyperbole
Someone actually went and did this.19:38, January 21, 2009Hyperbole
MorningWoodstock 200908:36, January 21, 2009Un-Tooltroll
ANNOUNCEMENTS02:01, January 21, 2009Modusoperandi
Grueslayer Time Folks - Let's Pay Attention To The Games For A Change19:10, January 20, 2009Bigfeet
The Top 10 Extravaganza Is ON!18:08, January 20, 2009Modusoperandi
Hey look at list of marts17:06, January 20, 2009Necropaxx
Heard about the Admins......17:05, January 20, 2009Bigfeet
First Article16:57, January 20, 2009Bigfeet
Zork 6 the final frontier11:03, January 19, 2009BlueYonder
Alright Folks - Let's be Acknowledged for a Change00:43, January 19, 2009RAHB
New member03:58, January 18, 2009TheLedBalloon
How do you put pics on articles17:21, January 17, 2009Sockpuppet of an unregistered user
Whoring Time Folks - Let's Be Featured for a Change12:27, January 17, 2009Un-Tooltroll
Horror articles04:20, January 17, 2009TheLedBalloon
Huffing your own article19:43, January 16, 2009Sockpuppet of an unregistered user
I seem to have found my muse. . .22:33, January 14, 2009SysRq
Use Xbox Live?08:44, January 14, 2009Gwax
We So Have To Do This20:26, January 13, 2009Enzo Aquarius
Uncyclopedia:Top10 0820:20, January 13, 200915Mickey20
Some folks just huff themselves ....17:35, January 12, 2009Spang
Is this good? "What is my body fat"14:49, January 10, 2009Un-Mebegood
Can anyonne help me with my page?13:46, January 8, 2009Bradaphraser
I am Done03:31, January 8, 2009RAHB
Make me admin now!22:54, January 6, 2009Mordillo
Uncyclopedia not reference material?20:59, January 5, 2009Un-Nytrospawn
Santa brought me...15:42, January 5, 2009Un-Bomb
Uncyclopedia Reconstruction16:45, January 3, 2009Sannse
Are We Falling Behind?!12:33, January 3, 2009Sockpuppet of an unregistered user
New Years resolutions09:09, January 3, 2009Sockpuppet of an unregistered user
Thats Racist?16:41, January 1, 2009Modusoperandi
Forum:Colonization of the Week10:38, January 1, 2009Sockpuppet of an unregistered user
Personal Effort? The Hell With That08:24, January 1, 2009Necropaxx
Wierd alienz01:51, December 31, 2008Gelert
UN:FFS needs reset10:53, December 29, 2008Mordillo
Okay, so what all has happend?06:58, December 29, 2008TheLedBalloon
What the fuck...I'm freakin' out...01:27, December 28, 2008SysRq
Merry Christmas and happy holidays19:04, December 25, 2008Sockpuppet of an unregistered user
Uncyclopedia heading towards a dangerous level of intelligence10:49, December 23, 2008Multiliteralist
Colonization of the Week09:28, December 23, 2008Sockpuppet of an unregistered user
Crisis in Belgium00:02, December 23, 2008Sockpuppet of an unregistered user
Moving a sentence to the right14:00, December 21, 2008DJ Irreverent
Legal issue10:03, December 21, 2008Joe9320
A confession, of sorts02:20, December 21, 2008Bradaphraser
Newbie here, not sure what to do.23:50, December 20, 2008MinxieLoli
New Template Idea19:25, December 19, 2008Mnbvcxz
UnMeta, do we need it?22:06, December 17, 2008Sockpuppet of an unregistered user
Gnome invasion!20:39, December 17, 2008Sockpuppet of an unregistered user
Season's greetings09:56, December 17, 2008Nachlader
UNBios22:04, December 16, 2008Mordillo
This is not funny21:59, December 16, 2008TheLedBalloon
DVD Rewinder - Why no article here?10:28, December 16, 2008Nachlader
Princess Diana14:10, December 15, 2008Calindreams
General topic change for my article06:32, December 15, 2008Multiliteralist
Some links to Uncyc forums of the past10:29, December 14, 2008MrN9000
Christmas Feature05:44, December 14, 2008
Are all deutch potential rapists?23:38, December 12, 2008Modusoperandi
Petition: Delete Modusoperandi17:30, December 12, 2008IronLung
I'm 93% man03:32, December 12, 2008DJ Irreverent
And what happened with the SysRq competition? PERVERTS!06:11, December 11, 2008Modusoperandi
Panic time folks - let's be disorganized, as usual03:25, December 11, 2008Sonic80
(Another) open letter to the Cabal16:11, December 10, 2008Necropaxx
Madlibs?20:45, December 9, 2008Modusoperandi
Pee review and the King of Hearts22:00, December 7, 2008Nachlader
Petition - Delete All Petition23:04, December 6, 2008Owenvenes
Petition: Delete BHOP22:16, December 6, 2008Modusoperandi
I'm not dead yet.14:39, December 6, 2008Todd Lyons
Decisions Time Folks - Let's Be Organized for a Change/Archive11:51, December 6, 2008Modusoperandi
Petition: Delete Uncyclopedia23:34, December 4, 2008Colin "All your base" Heaney
As long as everyone and their mother has been starting a petition...19:53, December 4, 2008Sycamore
GTA: San Andreas article deleted, prehaps I could make a better one?22:12, December 3, 2008Modusoperandi
Honk to Impeach08:29, December 3, 2008Mordillo
Adopt me? Prefers strawberry scented anal lube19:02, December 1, 2008Multiliteralist
This forum topic does not exist20:52, November 30, 2008Modusoperandi
USP again20:28, November 30, 2008Faggle
Delete image16:31, November 30, 2008Modusoperandi
Wikipedia template image not working14:31, November 30, 2008Sycamore
You've always wanted to be able to openly fight for my affection. Now you can.16:47, November 29, 2008SysRq
Somebody do a page for15:14, November 29, 2008SysRq
Just in time for the holidays! Impress your friends! Disappoint your families! It's the SLUT LIST!00:02, November 29, 2008Sawblade5
Creating my first page11:33, November 28, 2008Multiliteralist
I was bored today, so I made this.10:26, November 28, 2008DJ Irreverent
Baby p23:55, November 26, 2008Asahatter
Johnny Test21:26, November 26, 2008Modusoperandi
"Oh Dear" Templates on IP pages19:53, November 26, 2008Enzo Aquarius
Aristocrat's Turkey Day Ball 200800:37, November 26, 2008RAHB
Need help: Aliens scare Air 1020:30, November 25, 2008SysRq
Why is Dragonforce deleted and locked? If someone does a good job with it, it could be funny18:29, November 25, 2008Modusoperandi
Admins: Are they still sexy as hell?23:36, November 24, 2008SysRq
Fundraiser?!08:19, November 23, 2008Modusoperandi
UnCommons reskin04:10, November 22, 200866.102.80.212
How many articles do you actually finish?16:29, November 21, 2008Necropaxx
Embedded YouTube videos worthy of deletion16:26, November 21, 2008Necropaxx
UnJokes?07:27, November 21, 2008Multiliteralist
Time to write a page for User:Daddy12:59, November 20, 2008Codeine
Resolving edit disputes12:26, November 20, 2008Multiliteralist
So, who's the Uncyclopedian on "Countdown", then?18:15, November 15, 2008Modusoperandi
Shall we merge with Illogicopedia?19:11, November 14, 2008Carlb
Help !!23:31, November 13, 2008MrN9000
VFC12:08, November 13, 2008Codeine
Do you tell people about your writing habit?21:43, November 12, 2008Colin "All your base" Heaney
RSS?10:18, November 11, 2008Sycamore
Help Username05:06, November 11, 2008Modusoperandi
Mugabe?18:49, November 10, 2008BlueYonder
HyperVFD00:59, November 10, 2008Modusoperandi
USA - Do You Really Want To Waste Your Vote?18:33, November 9, 2008PaddyAtkinson
Untunes13:22, November 8, 2008MrN9000
Its Fundraising time again06:06, November 8, 2008Joe9320
It seems I have a stalker, but I'm not scared10:21, November 7, 2008Mordillo
A poll on Uncyclopedian politcal slants(4)05:03, November 7, 2008Enzo Aquarius
Now I'm Going To Kick Up A Shitstorm18:28, November 3, 2008Carlb
We need a new project05:29, November 3, 2008Joe9320
OLD MEMES: An Essay On Reviving Old Forum-Naming Conventions From A Bandwagon Most Of You Weren't Even Here For by THELEDBALLOON04:36, November 2, 2008Modusoperandi
Am I the only one this is happening to?04:24, October 31, 2008Colin "All your base" Heaney
Downward Spiral: An Essay On Uncyclopedia by an IP13:48, October 29, 2008Hindleyite
We have become distracted.13:01, October 29, 2008Under user
Possibilities to solve the current VFH/VFP crisis08:14, October 29, 2008DJ Irreverent
Long running gag question06:22, October 28, 2008Modusoperandi
I'm sure you're all wondering what Colin has to say about all this...00:31, October 28, 2008Colin "All your base" Heaney
Pushing Daisies main page reskin, anyone?23:14, October 27, 2008Hyperbole
Dear Uncyclopedia00:34, October 26, 2008RAHB
Uncyclopedia: An Essay On Uncyclopedia by RAHB20:00, October 25, 2008RAHB
Temporary feature change16:31, October 25, 200815Mickey20
Quiznos: An Essay on Quizno's Subs by ENZO AQUARIUS03:21, October 25, 2008Enzo Aquarius
Joe the Plumber18:33, October 24, 2008Administrator
Uncyclopedia domain name16:58, October 24, 2008Monika
Brutal Corporate Takeovers: An Essay on Brutal Corporate Takeovers by SAVETHEMOOSES16:31, October 24, 2008Bonner
Oh oh some people are getting C&D letters from former employers14:11, October 24, 2008One-eyed Jack
Joe the Plumber REVEALED!14:13, October 23, 2008Orion Blastar
What in the god damned hell crap is happening with the pages?03:48, October 23, 2008Verp Tlethl
...spotlight?03:42, October 23, 2008Modusoperandi
How do I find out why Kitsune was huffed?05:38, October 22, 2008Modusoperandi
When do we get to screw up Yetti's page again?11:48, October 21, 2008YesTimeToEdit
We should have a motherfucking luau!!!!00:04, October 21, 2008Enzo Aquarius
Image extension thing18:05, October 18, 2008Flutter
The Cat Party wants the old boys network to go09:26, October 18, 2008LOLsupreme
Official Uncyclopedia Presidential Backing08:34, October 18, 2008Multiliteralist
Officially type vote thing: Make it formal policy to move noob articles to userspace instead of huffing03:01, October 18, 2008TheLedBalloon
I love you guys17:12, October 13, 2008Colin "All your base" Heaney
The Best Day in Uncyclopedia history22:01, October 12, 2008TheLedBalloon
UnTunes songs on Youtube19:42, October 12, 2008Dexter111344
Reviving colonization (again)11:36, October 12, 200815Mickey20
Losing ideas fast22:34, October 11, 2008Sockpuppet of an unregistered user
Attention VFD Users23:01, October 6, 2008The Woodburninator
Let's shut VFD for a week?03:57, October 6, 2008Modusoperandi
Articles based on software translations00:59, October 6, 2008Monika
A problem appears!15:24, October 5, 2008Modusoperandi
Is Uncyc heading to doom and awful destruction?22:48, October 4, 2008OrkaWinfrey
So... Vigalence week?21:50, October 3, 2008Dexter111344
In-Joke of the Day (or perhaps of the Week)03:23, October 1, 2008Boomer
Why is VFH doing so well?12:54, September 30, 2008Judge Zarbi
I've been gone for a long time, and I have some questions...00:47, September 30, 2008High Gen. Grue
Upload Images Destroyed?!11:49, September 27, 2008MrN9000
Image Ideas.06:45, September 27, 2008Multiliteralist
How to save Uncyclopedia10:23, September 26, 2008Orion Blastar
What are these...?22:43, September 25, 2008Velosi-T
Hey I made a program10:54, September 25, 2008TheLedBalloon
My New unnews article question00:25, September 25, 2008Dexter111344
Ever since...22:59, September 24, 2008Boomer
N00ble prize...13:05, September 24, 2008Multiliteralist
Not loading images in articles?04:42, September 24, 2008One-eyed Jack
What's the american dream?17:27, September 22, 200815Mickey20
Why I'm Leaving Uncyc08:20, September 22, 2008Mhaille
Uncyclopedia:President of the United States11:50, September 19, 2008Bradaphraser
Cant upload photos. help04:30, September 19, 2008Enzo Aquarius
Conservation Week is back!02:16, September 19, 2008Orion Blastar
NewPages appears to broke12:20, September 18, 2008Spang
Death to the infidel... uh, I mean "forum articles"20:40, September 17, 2008Dexter111344
More from the white guy21:12, September 16, 2008Modusoperandi
New article requests02:13, September 16, 2008Colin "All your base" Heaney
For admins: "Yep?! What YEP?!"02:21, September 15, 2008Dr. Skullthumper
VFD vs. VFR?21:59, September 13, 200815Mickey20
Fix my articles18:11, September 11, 2008Colin "All your base" Heaney
Here. Catch.03:14, September 11, 2008Colin "All your base" Heaney
Guess what guys!21:20, September 10, 2008Velosi-T
Am I...19:15, September 10, 2008Colin "All your base" Heaney
Kwyjibo21:58, September 9, 2008One-eyed Jack
Stubs16:34, September 9, 2008Colin "All your base" Heaney
Syndrome's proposal on what to do with Undictionary20:57, September 8, 2008MrN9000
The end of Movie Trailer Announcer Guy21:08, September 5, 2008Colin "All your base" Heaney
The Teonaht article12:20, September 5, 2008Hindleyite
I am not leaving23:57, September 4, 2008Colin "All your base" Heaney
Rewrite Week?04:02, September 4, 2008Gerrycheevers
Hey how do you01:41, September 3, 2008Sonic80
The Uncyclopedian Blogosphere05:17, September 2, 2008Colin "All your base" Heaney
Controversy: Colonisation On The Lefty05:07, September 2, 2008Colin "All your base" Heaney
Search01:52, September 2, 2008Dr. Skullthumper
Massage for Admins22:23, August 30, 2008TheLedBalloon
Too offensive16:52, August 30, 2008Colin "All your base" Heaney
Arrgh! The fucking Recent UnNews template!16:50, August 30, 2008Colin "All your base" Heaney
Halloa16:37, August 30, 2008Enzo Aquarius
I R BAK!22:34, August 29, 2008Velosi-T
Tits or GTFO!17:40, August 29, 2008Colin "All your base" Heaney
A Question for you Regular IRC Users/ RC Watchers.17:05, August 29, 2008Colin "All your base" Heaney
User name page19:41, August 28, 2008Enzo Aquarius
NONE OF YOU HAVE A SENSE OF HUMOR22:06, August 27, 2008Naughtyned
Noticing a pattern in this forum....12:48, August 27, 2008Bradaphraser
IRC will not let me register01:29, August 27, 2008One-eyed Jack
How do I Upload My Photos to Be Abused by Your Staff00:43, August 27, 2008Bradaphraser
I GIVE UP!!! (Grrr)20:32, August 26, 2008Sycamore
Why?:Is the Featured Why? Vote Dead?02:20, August 25, 2008Modusoperandi
The Loop, Out Of22:44, August 24, 2008Orian57
Insert thought-provoking title about Uncyclopedia "not being my friend anymore" here21:31, August 24, 2008Olipro
Testify13:07, August 24, 2008Modusoperandi
Serious business for a second08:33, August 24, 2008LOLsupreme
The... Unlympics! Again!10:58, August 23, 2008DJ Irreverent
Uncyclopedia Sucks. It isn't funny anymore. The Star Wars Article Sucks now.07:23, August 23, 2008Modusoperandi
A socially darwinistic proposal04:48, August 23, 2008Gerrycheevers
Petition00:12, August 23, 2008Orian57
Do accounts have to be atleast four days old for them to submit articles for Pee Review?22:20, August 21, 2008RAHB
I intend to do benchmarking of Uncyclopedia Game page.17:53, August 21, 2008Hindleyite
If I write an UnNews article, how do I get it on the UnNews section of the front page?17:19, August 21, 2008Modusoperandi
For some reason, Captcha Hates me.Turn it off for me.05:26, August 21, 2008Dr. Skullthumper
I can't Pee Review? Captcha gives me Fifty words? I'm on Probation,aren't I?03:52, August 21, 2008Mr.Redirector
Yeah, the Goodamn Captcha thing? NOT HELPING.01:38, August 21, 2008Dr. Skullthumper
Active user survey!00:21, August 21, 2008Modusoperandi
Uh... can we tone up the deleting...20:09, August 19, 2008Modusoperandi
Since SysRq decided to be a homo and go on hiatus...18:42, August 19, 2008Heck no techno
TODAY IS SAVETHEMOOSES' BIRTHDAY16:14, August 19, 2008Enzo Aquarius
Uh... can we tone down the deleting...07:30, August 18, 2008TheLedBalloon
Picture crusade01:32, August 18, 2008DjGentoo
Expand03:18, August 17, 2008Spang
Goddamnit!20:06, August 16, 2008Modusoperandi
Uncyclopedia has inactive mods18:07, August 15, 2008MrN9000
Sexy Admin Survey18:04, August 15, 2008Gwax
Extremely well thought out rant about the CRISIS05:40, August 14, 2008Monika
A very short rant on the state of affairs of VFH featuring a very concise solution05:04, August 14, 2008RAHB
A not-very-well-thought-out solution to the featured-template CRISIS00:49, August 14, 2008Dr. Skullthumper
A new rewrite tag23:02, August 13, 2008Dr. Skullthumper
Why do we...04:58, August 13, 2008Enzo Aquarius
Please Block Vandal User04:21, August 13, 2008Muttley
Fuck The Old Days20:39, August 12, 2008Cajek
Anonnotice vote20:56, August 11, 2008An Ape that Only Exists on Thursdays
Intercyclopedia - not just another UnMeta revitalisation attempt03:38, August 9, 2008Enzo Aquarius
Idiot of the year17:33, August 8, 2008Roman Dog Bird
An Idea!13:10, August 7, 2008Sycamore please?22:32, August 5, 2008Spang
Loopy de loop page18:11, August 4, 2008Hyperbole
Is it, in fact, Hammer Time?14:20, August 4, 2008Modusoperandi
Yoinxx is celebrating, don't you care?!12:25, August 4, 2008DJ Irreverent
Uncyclopedia's group registration on freenode15:15, August 2, 2008Fou-Lu
Question for people with strong wiki-fu03:50, August 2, 2008Spang
"Digg This" button03:16, August 2, 2008Dexter111344
Feature category15:03, August 1, 2008Hyperbole
Click Ten links game18:29, July 31, 2008The Woodburninator
Pee Review and How It's Changed Uncyclopedia08:24, July 29, 2008Under user
The King of Fail19:20, July 28, 2008Modusoperandi
Knol is out17:21, July 28, 2008Syndrome
Hey guys05:38, July 28, 2008Modusoperandi
Can anybody who is both American and has an account help Modus out?06:19, July 26, 2008Modusoperandi
I want to add to Featured Article Mark to Inter language links04:00, July 25, 2008Syndrome
Korean interwiki for AAAAAAAAA! article00:51, July 24, 2008Spang
Daniel Brandt?22:01, July 23, 2008Mhaille
Colonization of the week?05:12, July 22, 2008Modusoperandi
WTF happened with template:News?05:10, July 22, 2008Modusoperandi
Russian Reversal in Korean23:38, July 21, 2008Spang
UnNews: Aliens Abduct President Bush!00:13, July 21, 2008Squiggle
A Poll00:11, July 21, 2008Syndrome
My computer is haunted01:25, July 20, 200871.51.47.230
Hey, so yeah, let me whore your stuff01:49, July 18, 2008Verp Tlethl
VFP?18:15, July 17, 2008Dexter111344
Something I kind of feel like working on22:18, July 16, 2008The Woodburninator
Featured image section has serious problems in I.E23:15, July 14, 2008Allahgator
Happy No New News Day05:10, July 14, 2008Alien Hunter
Emergency Account22:25, July 13, 2008Alien Hunter
Wal*Mart article17:13, July 13, 2008Lieutenant Fish
Hits per page16:51, July 13, 2008Dr. Skullthumper
Here, have a bad idea01:35, July 13, 2008Un-Tooltroll
Thoughts?01:29, July 13, 2008Un-Tooltroll
Starnestommy01:18, July 12, 2008Starnestommy
Political Compass!!!20:40, July 11, 2008Sonic80
How old are you16:12, July 11, 2008Optimuschris
I'm feeling really good about July.12:48, July 11, 2008YesTimeToEdit
The watchlist chronicles05:37, July 11, 2008RAHB
Uncyclopedia Projects19:33, July 10, 2008Syndrome
In wired magazine!14:15, July 10, 2008The Woodburninator
We're Number....2?14:01, July 9, 2008The Woodburninator
Tidying up12:58, July 9, 2008Bonner
UnNomic06:57, July 9, 2008Gwax
Uncyc's first MORPG!00:45, July 9, 2008High Gen. Grue
Pimp my Uncyclopedia23:54, July 8, 2008MrN9000
Miscussion II16:48, July 8, 2008Kingkitty
Random Feature, dammit00:19, July 8, 2008Spang
Need serious help, you dumbfucks11:49, July 7, 2008Sycamore
I'd like to discuss Your mom's new boyfriend08:50, July 7, 2008YesTimeToEdit
User groups --- What The Hell?!03:52, July 7, 2008Enzo Aquarius
Thank you for the Foolitzer Prize!01:54, July 7, 2008The Thinker
Ahh! It's too hard!17:21, July 6, 2008Modusoperandi
We should have a street corner16:11, July 6, 2008Hindleyite
Updates in the Gert5 universe13:51, July 6, 2008Sycamore
I'd like to discuss Spang's new sig07:28, July 6, 2008The Thinker
Mr Administrators + Ms Administrators!21:16, July 5, 2008Modusoperandi
This time it's about the main page and template:Recent06:32, July 5, 2008The Thinker
Pee review03:21, July 5, 2008Un-Javascap
Folding Week05:58, July 4, 2008Syndrome
Finding n00bs21:54, July 3, 2008Hyperbole
Miscussion I18:29, July 3, 2008MrN9000
The case of Qua is now on trial by the community04:14, July 3, 2008Cajek
Sexipedia20:40, July 1, 2008Sonic80
How does one reward a well deserving Admin ? :)19:59, July 1, 2008Hyperbole
Mine is bigger than yours03:06, July 1, 2008Cainad
New policy15:40, June 30, 2008LOLsupreme
The Imperial March or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Colonization09:26, June 30, 2008Bradaphraser
Reality has a way of coming up with things more “satirical” that anything I could invent.21:25, June 29, 2008Verp Tlethl
Uncyclopedia Spam15:48, June 29, 2008Cajek
HOT jokes20:11, June 27, 2008Modusoperandi
The community box to the left04:05, June 27, 2008Dexter111344
Top Cat23:40, June 25, 2008Hyperbole
Real life "Perfect Disaster" movie16:30, June 25, 2008Un-Nytrospawn
U...N...P...R...O...V...I...S...E...!20:57, June 24, 2008YesTimeToEdit
Sigexpand idea17:11, June 24, 2008Dr. Skullthumper
I'm starting a new wiki....anyone want to join?03:18, June 24, 2008Modusoperandi
VFH link idea02:11, June 24, 2008Boomer
If you remember Grueslayer...23:42, June 23, 2008Modusoperandi
UnSignpost... WITH DEBTS!13:05, June 23, 2008Modusoperandi
Curious article about Jimbo Wales and "uncyclopedia"19:26, June 21, 2008Sycamore
Umm... Look what I found!06:09, June 21, 2008Modusoperandi
Zezi Ifore04:06, June 19, 2008TheLedBalloon
Message from Wikia04:33, June 12, 2008Modusoperandi
Bad idea from Dr. Skullthumper, No. 25902:57, April 29, 2008Thekillerfroggy
ITT: 3 Day First-Edit Grace Period for NotM20:51, April 28, 2008Thekillerfroggy
Rating system07:23, April 19, 2008Savethemooses
Lonch a noo "Bad Speling Policee."20:46, April 16, 2008Hindleyite
Single User Login (don't panic!)17:58, April 11, 2008Rataube
Misnomer07:15, April 11, 2008Mightydandylion
Shut Down Uncyclopedia06:12, April 11, 2008Tom mayfair
Revert "Money"22:28, April 9, 2008Modusoperandi
Dropping User Numbers :O12:00, April 9, 2008Bradaphraser
Possible rewrites?23:32, April 8, 2008Boomer
Just a Quick Q..23:19, April 8, 2008Boomer
Ready for un-ICU/NRV?23:57, April 7, 2008MrN9000
Ghost Turd17:53, April 7, 2008Enzo Aquarius
I'm rewriting the 9/11 article16:29, April 7, 200866.102.80.212
We rock.20:29, April 6, 2008Boomer
Stupid not funny01:15, March 19, 2008TheLedBalloon
Uncyclopedia - unveiling the mystery?06:50, March 17, 2008Verp Tlethl
Rules for NRV and maintenance tagging04:41, March 16, 2008TheLedBalloon
A Left Handed Template19:16, March 14, 2008Hinoa
Leaving (for now)19:15, March 14, 2008SysRq
IViking's WA (Weekly Assignment)17:49, March 14, 2008IViking
Whos more powerful ? 'crats ? Admins ? Jimbo Wales ?03:09, March 14, 2008Orion Blastar
Herbie Mann01:34, March 14, 2008Modusoperandi
It's not about V Week. Honest.01:41, March 13, 2008Ljlego
Where did that funky rating thing come from?04:32, March 12, 2008Rcmurphy
Video wiki extension22:42, March 11, 2008SysRq
Who's Admins are better ? Uncyclopedia Admins or Wikipedia Admins ?21:01, March 11, 2008Rcmurphy
Conflict of Interests17:53, March 11, 2008Un-Nytrospawn
Proposed addition to Beginner's Guide/Serious02:50, March 11, 2008Spillin Dylan
Can we dump the entire Aboriginals Article?02:59, March 10, 2008MrN9000
First Conservation Week 200816:47, March 9, 2008Jocke Pirat
HALLBUGS II! Early!!!05:35, March 9, 2008Modusoperandi
Does "I spent 4 hours on these" mean NOTHING to you people?21:00, March 6, 2008Heck no techno
How do you add UnNews Audio files?01:45, March 6, 2008Modusoperandi
Uncyclopedia Programming Network?01:44, March 5, 2008Jocke Pirat
Use the new Template:Vanity222:22, March 4, 2008Zombiebaron
Dear IViking, an advice specific talk page16:11, March 3, 2008IViking
VFD 'Trial Run'17:16, March 2, 2008Zombiebaron
The new upload form sucks.14:47, March 2, 2008THE
Quick question09:09, March 2, 2008Under user
Garfield00:37, March 2, 2008SysRq
Broken Redirects Broken?20:48, March 1, 2008Ljlego
How do I Delete my account?16:34, March 1, 2008Un-Raiespio
Attention VFD regulars12:12, March 1, 2008Cs1987
Joint rocks.21:37, February 28, 2008Nezlr
ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ?01:16, February 27, 2008One-eyed Jack
Whatever happened to...01:11, February 27, 2008Boomer
Help with WP featuring15:20, February 26, 2008Carlb
Just taking a dump here....09:38, February 26, 2008Sean.hoyland
I think my article was treated to harshly02:39, February 26, 2008Ljlego
Accepting Image Requests23:06, February 25, 2008Starnestommy
Any reason my sig is so funked up?10:11, February 25, 2008Sannse
Delete all users!22:46, February 24, 2008TheLedBalloon
We need a Fur Affinity Article!15:37, February 24, 2008Un-Wnt
Protected Pages07:10, February 24, 2008Modusoperandi
Featured template00:28, February 22, 2008Boomer
Can't edit while logged out18:32, February 21, 2008The Thinker
More Voting!03:39, February 20, 2008Boomer
Starting a Page Again01:46, February 20, 2008SysRq
Pruitt-Igoe18:49, February 19, 2008Vosnul
A Forum Topic That Is NOT On Quality Control15:39, February 19, 2008TheLedBalloon
Name Change???13:27, February 19, 2008Bradaphraser
A short rant on hypocrisy02:23, February 19, 2008Modusoperandi
Absurdopedia needs your help07:40, February 4, 2008Modusoperandi
R.I.P06:34, February 4, 2008DJ Irreverent
Health sucks01:25, February 4, 2008SysRq
An idea for increasing the voting on VFD/VFH23:24, February 2, 2008TheLedBalloon
A note about the VFH health system during the top 2007 thingy18:44, February 2, 2008Mordillo
Delete all articles!07:44, February 2, 2008SysRq
Put the VFD limit up to 20?04:08, February 1, 2008TheLedBalloon
I deny Holocaust denial denial denial denial denial02:37, January 31, 2008Squiggle
Need help on a band nobody has ever heard of10:23, January 29, 2008Under user
Image tagging20:29, January 28, 2008Modusoperandi
A Pure Straight Up Vote. Nothing Else21:05, January 27, 2008Ljlego
Is my sig blocked?18:01, January 26, 2008Cainad
Not enough time to write that journal article?01:10, January 26, 2008Heck no techno
Video editing00:42, January 26, 2008Angela
Ban IP creation: The Continuation21:07, January 25, 2008Hinoa
Ban IP creation19:22, January 25, 2008Zombiebaron
Zilko FS?15:36, January 25, 2008Gert5
Thanks for the warm welcome02:36, January 25, 2008EugeneKay
THE SIGNAL!01:01, January 25, 2008Kaizer the Bjorn
The Start of Uncyclopedia Good Articles00:44, January 25, 2008Bradaphraser
Unsure about bulk huffing.22:12, January 24, 2008Spillin dylan
Adverts, moving on up22:09, January 24, 2008Electrified mocha chinchilla
Suggestions on reducing the need for CVP18:16, January 24, 2008Carlb
A "Radical" Solution to all of our problems (note: not a reference to Radical X, except in Canada)08:45, January 24, 2008Mhaille
Totse Help....21:31, January 17, 2008Un-Algorithm
FUCK YOU MORDILLO!!!21:24, January 16, 2008TheLedBalloon
CC-by-SA does not apply here00:04, January 16, 2008Bradaphraser
Wikipedia for Vandalism18:38, January 13, 2008Mordillo
Is anyone in a choir ?19:39, January 9, 2008The Thinker
Well I just wasted a few minutes of my life14:11, January 8, 200863.166.111.173
Solid Uncyc Fodder: Hummer + Volkswagen = HumBug23:56, January 7, 2008Boomer
The Zac Efron article...23:29, January 7, 2008Wikitard
Sagging fortunes of VFP and VFH23:07, January 6, 2008Mhaille
We've been reddited09:47, January 6, 2008Modusoperandi
Patriots go 16-001:08, January 5, 2008Boomer
Should old acquaintance be forgot15:01, January 4, 2008Dimario
Happy Birthday Uncyclopedia13:40, January 4, 2008Finnius
Template:IPjoin23:12, January 3, 2008SysRq
Why do people find "Mr winkler is GAY" funny?17:45, January 3, 2008Savethemooses
Old Featured System Change Thing04:01, January 2, 2008THEDUDEMAN
Vote for 1 week VFD renomination rule02:48, January 2, 2008Boomer
Stop protecting forums18:27, January 1, 2008Spang
Top 10 Suggestion06:44, January 1, 2008Thekillerfroggy
Time Of The Month Award03:16, January 1, 2008Sleepygamer
I have a request from users who nominate articles for VFD08:31, December 31, 2007NXWave
Against!03:21, December 31, 2007Dr. Skullthumper
Why are real people's names stupid?18:21, December 30, 2007Heck no techno
Unofficial Uncyclopedian of the Year17:57, December 29, 2007Bradaphraser
I request the page "Given name" should be created.05:39, December 29, 2007Gangsta2683
Geo's message03:35, December 29, 2007Gwax
A template question02:10, December 29, 2007Dr. Skullthumper
A question about this23:35, December 28, 2007Spang
On "The Guarantee"22:00, December 28, 2007TheLedBalloon
What does "UNIQ" and "QINU" mean?15:15, December 28, 2007Boomer
This question is for admins13:19, December 28, 2007Orion Blastar
Choppers needed05:28, December 28, 2007Boomer
Uncyclopedia Christmas Wishlist21:38, December 27, 2007Heck no techno
I'm taking a little sabbath.20:06, December 27, 2007Modusoperandi
I'm Mr. Winkler, I have a request for you gentlemen.22:31, December 21, 2007Thekillerfroggy
Im the real mr Winkler!!22:31, December 21, 2007Sannse
Why did you huff my article without giving me a chance to finish it11:24, December 17, 2007Vosnul
Can a stub be funny? (Further to the winkler drama)05:14, December 17, 2007Un-Nytrospawn
I AM APPALLED AND SHOCKED.23:53, December 16, 2007Modusoperandi
Want to reproduce uncyclopedia in a newspaper20:28, December 16, 2007Flyingfeline
Why're VFH noms getting huffed?16:52, December 16, 2007Hinoa
Guarantee21:54, December 15, 2007Modusoperandi
User created groups13:43, December 15, 2007Mordillo
I cant typ at all becaus i got ban.04:56, December 15, 2007TheLedBalloon
I don't...02:08, December 15, 2007Strange but untrue
How to have random font colors in signature02:05, December 15, 2007Strange but untrue
Please edit my article01:32, December 15, 2007Un-Mahmoud Ahmadinejad
I would like to request that Mr winkler is Gay be removed.22:54, December 14, 2007Spang
So I just realized something AGAIN.22:45, December 14, 2007An Ape that Only Exists on Thursdays
Jon Stewart ripped us off??!?01:28, December 14, 2007Strange but untrue
Francis Winkler is ''featured'' ??20:58, December 13, 2007Strange but untrue
I return from an apathetic multi-month break!07:08, December 13, 2007Radioactive afikomen
This is getting irritating...02:29, December 13, 2007Boomer
Xbox live article suggestions23:08, December 12, 2007SysRq
Who here is on Digg?18:31, December 12, 2007Enzo Aquarius
Requesting narrator for tough article04:18, December 12, 2007Boomer
Why was Columbian women deleted.01:23, December 12, 2007Orion Blastar
I got ban form teh chat room so pleese un ban me01:03, December 12, 2007Orion Blastar
Pee Review Guidelines01:55, December 11, 2007TheLedBalloon
How about some fucking formality?22:02, December 8, 2007Dr. Skullthumper
The "Random Page" button: a discussion of, and a vote there on19:45, December 8, 2007AE
Keep this article?23:04, December 7, 2007Finnius
My moderately evil plan00:01, December 6, 2007Boomer
Weird Al vandalizes Wikipedia!04:12, December 5, 2007Hinoa
Statistics n' such20:58, November 30, 2007Spang
Gradius - Game Over02:56, November 30, 2007TheLedBalloon
Keep us afloat13:24, November 28, 2007Bradaphraser
Too Many Rewrites!05:30, November 28, 2007Gwax
Uncyclopedia: The Play22:46, November 27, 2007An Ape that Only Exists on Thursdays
Do we need patrolled edits?20:33, November 27, 2007Electrified mocha chinchilla
The History of Uncyclopedia05:09, November 25, 2007Jedravent
Flamewar, a good space for Uncyclopedia02:58, November 25, 2007TheLedBalloon
I hate topics where unimportant people announce their "return"22:28, November 24, 2007SysRq
New admin needed, Agree or Disagree02:27, November 24, 2007Strange but untrue
Teh ultimate hoax05:46, November 23, 2007Andorin Kato
UnNews not necessarily fun news04:04, November 23, 2007TheLedBalloon
Chatroom18:21, November 22, 2007Modusoperandi
How do you make a userbox?17:31, November 22, 2007Starnestommy
On Famine's Dickery and 5 Important Suggestions23:24, November 21, 2007Tom mayfair
Sliferjam's Anual Contest!19:35, November 21, 2007Sliferjam
Apology18:02, November 21, 2007Radioactive afikomen
UnMeta: what is it?08:20, November 21, 2007Strange but untrue
Uncyclopedia Store: A referendum07:46, November 21, 2007NXWave
Do You Care? Captions for Septober 200704:42, November 20, 2007Un-Zork Implementor L
My q02:22, November 20, 2007Strange but untrue
Thanks, Anonymous IP Person!09:35, November 19, 2007Strange but untrue
That Uncyclopedia Store: A suggestion02:47, November 19, 2007Spang
I'm sorry17:52, November 18, 2007Modusoperandi
We've been criticised!15:55, November 18, 2007Boomer
What? wait, no that cant be right.... can it? ...14:34, November 18, 2007Pieface
Image:Shiapic1.jpg07:06, November 18, 2007Modusoperandi
The page at uncyclopedia says:04:58, November 18, 2007Enzo Aquarius
Dog page03:21, November 18, 2007Hans Johnson
Oh my God23:38, November 17, 2007Strange but untrue
Had it up to here19:19, November 17, 2007EugeneKay
Wikipedia's article on us17:50, November 17, 2007TheLedBalloon
UnNewsInBrief: Vote21:42, November 16, 2007Spillin dylan
A proposal to save The Uncyclopedia Store.08:22, November 16, 2007NXWave
Vote on Uncyclopedia Store08:22, November 16, 2007NXWave</