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Since noone has any real facts abaout Finland, I think it's better to leave this page empty. I do'nt understand why people go through so much trouble to give a bad picture about Finland.

The fact is that we are a peaceloving nation with dual-linguism(Finnish and swedish, swedish as a minority at about 5%). We became independent 6.12.1917 from the Russians.

The foremost finnish company is the mobile-phone manufacturer Nokia. Computer fanatics also identify Linus Torvalds, the father of the Linux operating system.

Finlands capitol is Helsinki and this is also the biggest city with it's about 500'000 residents. The nationwide population count is 5.1 miljon.

Finland is a member of the Europian Union(EU) and the currency is 1 Eur(1€ ~ 1.25$)

And as a remark: Please try to keep this uncyklopedia free from lies. There are still people in this world who'd like to learn new stuff and these free encyclopedias on the web are a good source of information. If you have your own opinions about Finland or us finns, Please, leave it for the discussion forums.

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