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“It is a shame in the eye of God! Whenever you feel the urge to do it - play with yourself instead”
~ Oscar Wilde on file sharing

“In Soviet Russia, file share YOU!!”

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A brave attempt of counter-intelligence to stop the spread of communism

File sharing, or rather vile sharing, is a virtual remnant of the evil empire of communism, commonly known as the Soviet Union or the Warsaw Pact.

File sharing was developed by Soviet intelligence during the cold war as a revolutionary device of the opressed proletariat to undermine Western youth's evil and misguided faith in capitalism, market economy and private property.


File sharing first started with the communist invention of the tape recorder, a device that made it possible to copy tunes from privately owned LP-records and illegitimately spread them amongst teenagers in suburbia and the commoners in Common land. To carve communists out of simple ignorant people was then, as now, their strategy.

Internet development

Step two came with the Kremlin's development of the MP3 - virus (Moscovite Perestrojka Tree) and the P2P (Power To the People) sharing technique which was released on the internet in 1988, slightly before the crumble and fall of the evil communist empire.



Communism therefore, although publicly considered dead, remains alive and well in our own peaceful neighbourhoods. Who knows, there may be a communist sitting in your very living room. You may be looking at one in the mirror right now!

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