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Popular Eastern European website, giving away free ipods, in return for:

a) money
b) reffering freinds to do the same

There is little reason why in the world Apple would let this company wreck their reputation like this, or why Uncyclopedia admins haven't deleted this yet.... Many suspect a conspiracy.

Visit today for yours!

The offer does not apply in the following places:

"This company purchases ipods from the apple store directly.... as well as boosting sales from Itunes... apple are more than happy to have this company give out free ipods, i recieved one myself it worked a treat! Flogged in on ebay mind you, for 200 quid! No complaints from me!" - Nin, USA

"I got mine just before friends love the shiny blue and the gold stars....I can't rate it high enough" - F Lamb, USA

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