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A '''comma splice''' is when two (or three or four or more) sentences are joined by a comma, it is apiece of very prestigous grammar used by some of the bestest writing people like Dickens or Pamela Anderson.
The comma splice is used when the writer can't be arsed to put a full stop or conjuction word, therefor needing to use a comma. The comma splice is a very advanced technique, say if everyone used it then no one would need to take english lessons at school. Although it is so advanced some "old fashioned" teachers prefer to deduct marks for using the comma splice. In some cases it would be an automatic "zero!" The Comma-splice patrol are a special petrol who rid of these so-called "teachers".
==Comma-Splice Patrol==
The comma-splice patrol is mainly based in the Glorious Nation of A Kazakhstan, there are branches in Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Turkmenistan, Tajikistan, Afghanistan and Pakistan, the Non-Stan branch areas are Geneva and Bosnia-Herzegovina. The patrol's main aim in life to catch and annihilate all communists, hippies, goths, people with herpes, Maltese people, fat people(classesd as over 100kg), mainly people who '''do not''' use comma splices.
The ranks of this elite patrol are as follows:
* Head guy
The person who is currently head is Osama ''Mohammed Omar'' Bin Laden.
==Correction (for the "old fashioned")==
Anyone can get rid of a comma splice, all you have to do is use these steps:
*Thou shall not steal
*Every action causes an equal reaction
*Use a semi-colon (for those who are retards a semi-colon looks like this: ;) instead of the comma
*'''''Don't''''' ask wikipedia.
*Use a conjunction word: and, but, so, Do, did, up, you, are, gay.
The comma splice was invented in 1939 by communist, Joseph Stalin, his amazing example sentence was:
''It is nearly half past five, we cannot reach town before dark.''
After Stalin, the next comma splice enthusiast was in fact Pamela Anderson, her example sentence was:
''I love Borat Sandiyev, I hate Borat Sandiyev.''
To conclude, use comma splices, they are good, they are gramatically a dream, they will get you praise from your English teacher, they will get you praise from your boss ( for those who graduated).
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