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Whoops were you looking for young Fascists

“I didn't think an orgy could ever be considered a bad thing...until this.”
~ Oscar Wilde on Australian Young Liberal Party
“Membership has its priveleges”
~ Oscar Wilde on Australian Young Liberal Party
“I used to love John Howard as a politician now i love him in every sexual manner known to man kind! ”
~ TR on Australian Young Liberal Party
“Daddy owns a Porsche, rah!”
~ Alexander Downer Jnr II on Australian Young Liberal Party

The Australian Young Liberal Party, also known as Australia's Young Liberals (note the big L), are a noble organization dedicated to pleasuring John Howard in ways Janette (his wife) could barely imagine. There is generally very little intelligent or worthwile discussion conducted in Young Liberal meetings although there is a whole lot of anal, oral, aural, nasal, navel and tentacle sex (they call it the War on Virginity).

The Young Liberals are a very select group as very few young people are stupid enough, racist enough, arrogant enough or attracted to John Howard and George Dubya enough to qualify as members. While the Young Liberals dont accomplish anything other than raising Johnny's "interest rates" they are still a worthwile organisation. Having the Young Liberals in existence gives all sane people a target to vilify against rather than fighting each other.


The Young Liberal movement began in the 1950s when Robert Menzies (Hitler) got sick of not being able to play with little boys and girls. At about the same time Menzies was bagging the communists and he developed his Domino Theory which he also applied to his new concept of the Young Liberals. He believed that if one youth fell to his sexual desire than soon all would follow. Alas, just as with the real Domino Theory Menzies proved to be the right-wing wanker that he is and his theory turned out to be false. For some reason only racist fools with no understanding of the world joined. This suited Menzies just long as they weren't communists and they knew how to suck some Australian penis.

The Young Liberals Today

Nowadays the Young Liberals are but a shadow of their former crapulence. Their dwindling memberships have been blamed on the Muslims, El Nino, a former Labour government or an asylum seeker (and not capitalist pigs, global warming, THEMSELVES. With any luck some day soon a person may become so sick of their right-wing bullshit that they may blow up the Young Liberal headquarters.


Genrally youth, and pedophiles, however more often then not its simply youth that are training up to be pedophiles. Most of the younger members think that they have a big chance at being the next prime minister of Australia, and this beleif is backed up by older party members, but usually only to ensure a good time in bed with the child later that night.

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