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“I didn't think a socialist greenie could ever be considered a bad thing...until I met Young Labor.”
~ Oscar Wilde on Australian Young Liberal Party

The Australian Young Liberal Party, also known as Australia's Young Liberals (note the big L), are a noble organization dedicated to democracy, freedom and destroying socialist greenie wankers who love jacking off to pictures of Kerry Nettle making love to a Minke Whale (poor whale - remember kiddies, say no to animal cruelty).

The Young Liberals are a very select group as very few young people are worthy enough to qualify as members. While the Young Liberals don't accomplish anything other than what's good for Australia, they are still despised by Natasha Stott Despoja and white Aboriginals which suit them just fine.


The Young Liberal movement began in the 1950s when Robert Menzies (Mandela) got sick of not being able to save anymore people from brutal dictators. At about the same time Menzies was bagging the communists and he developed his Domino Theory which he also applied to his new concept of the Young Liberals. He believed that if one greenie fell then all would fall and who doesn't want that?. Alas, just as with the real Domino Theory Menzies proved to be the right-wing god that he is and his theory turned out to be concrete fact. For some reason only left-wing socialist greenies who fuck Bob Brown up the arse hated the Young Liberals. This suited Menzies just fine...he hated people who tried to bring down democracy. Even to this day, he haunts the ugly motherfuckers.

The Young Liberals Today

Young Labor are jealous of Young Liberals because we're better looking and our mothers actually shave their legs and under their armpits regularly.


  • God
  • Jesus
  • Moses
  • Abraham
  • Barack Obama
  • Mother Nature
  • People with IQs above 130
  • Every member of MENSA
  • Sado-masochists...oops sorry I'm thinking about The Greens

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