All Your Base Are Belong To Us

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Bomb Someone set up us the bomb
For great justice take off every 'zig'
Bayeux all your base

Early sightings of All Your Base Are Belong To Us

“The best victory is when all your opponent's base are belong to you before there is any actual setting them up the bomb.”
~ Sun Tzu on Victory In War
“Belong to us, all your base are”
~ Yoda on all your base
“The captain quickly ordered every fleet to mobilize when the explosion caused major damage.”
~ Quick Brown Fox on All Your Base Are Belong To Us
“In Soviet Russia All Our Base Are Belong To YOU!!”
~ Russian Reversal on All Your Base Are Belong To Us

“Young man there was named Wong
For great justice he fought to oppose wrong
Fleet of his was big
He took off every Zig
Him to all base are belong”

~ Oscar Wilde on All Your Base

"All your base are belong to us" is the earliest recorded phrase written in English and Symbionese. It first appeared in print on the Bayeux tapestry after hundreds of years of usage in the oral stories of Beowulf and the The Illiad. Later, it was popularized by U.S. president John F. Kennedy. Despite claims to the contrary, it is grammatically perfect.

Kennedy's Use of the Phrase


Subtitled footage of Kennedy's All Your Base speech is available in the National Archives.

When now-retired US president John F. Kennedy made his famous speech in Berlin in 1963, it was this phrase that galvanised his audience. Legal disputes over just this issue had already led to the Cuban Missile Crisis where a minor disagreement about import duty on thermo-nuclear warheads led to major fallout between the United States and Cuba. The Bay of Pigs fiasco followed, and America ended up with Guantanamo Bay. Kennedy, however, realized that this meant that many parts of Germany could technically still be considered part of America. This remains the case today.

The unusual syntax of the famous phrase is officially attributed to a typo by the Japanese speechwriter Cats San. There is, however, widespread speculation that the phrase was President Kennedy's only improvised remark in his entire career (possibly the only such instance in modern U.S. history):

“Ihre ganze Unterseite sind gehören uns!”
~ John F. Kennedy on All your base are belong to us

Reginald Humber of the Houston Humbers once upon presenting arms to a foreign diplomat uttered this phrase and was promptly socked in the mouth.

The “All Your Base” Speech in Full (With Annotations)


All your bays are belong to us.

Here, Kennedy is referring to the start of the Cold War:

In A.D. 1947
Krieg war anfangend.
In A.D. 1947 War was beginning.

What started the war, he ponders:

Was macht?
What happen ?

His answer? The invention of the atomic bomb.

Jemand stellte auf uns die Bombe.
Someone set up us the bomb.

Kennedy now taking the audience back to his historic last-minute diplomacy with then Russian Premier Georg Kharrison:

Wir erhalten Signal. 
Was ! 
Hauptschirm schalte ein.
We get signal. What ! Main screen turn on.

Kennedy’s famous opening words to the Soviet Premier:

Es ist Sie !!
It's you !!

Harrison's pitiful attempt to evade the key issues is summed up here:

Wie sind Sie Sanftmänner !!
How are you gentlemen !!

The heart of the speech, and the nub of the peace talks. Kennedy jumps straight in and announces the seizure of the Cuban bases to the as yet unknowing Soviets:

Ganze Ihre Stützpunkt sind gehören uns.
All your base are belong to us.

Harrison’s reaction is a typical knee-jerk display of Soviet bravado:

Sie sind auf der Weg zu Zerstörung.
You are on the way to destruction.

Kennedy pretends not to have understood: an interesting gambit.

Was du sagen!!
What you say !!

Harrison now clearly overcompensating for his weak tactical position. It's plain to see that Kennedy's got him on the ropes.

Sie haben keine Chance zu überleben bilden Ihre Zeit.
You have no chance to survive make your time.

Can you find at least two things wrong with this picture?

Notice how Kennedy makes light of Harrison’s idle threats. This is the finishing blow. And, yes, that's how they laugh in Japan. I mean, Russia.
Ke Ke Ke Ke Ke .... 
Ha Ha Ha Ha ....

Ending on a triumphant note, Kennedy puts past victories behind him and returns to the present. "Take off every Zig." He implores the assembled Berliners, "For Great Justice".

Kapitän !! 
Nehmen ab jedes ' Zig ' !!
Wissen sie, was sie machen. 
Verschieben sie ' Zig '.
Für große Justiz.
Captain !! Take off every 'Zig'!! You know what you doing. Move 'Zig'. For great justice.

He retires to a standing ovation.
Khrushchev: In AD 1962, war was beginning.
Khrushchev: Somebody set up us the missile bases in Turkey
Khrushchev: We get signal.
Khrushchev: Main missiles turn on.
Khrushchev: It's you!
Kennedy: How are you gentlemen? All your missile base in Cuba are belong to us.
Khrushchev: What you say?
Kennedy: You have no chance to survive, make your time. Ha ha ha.
Khrushchev: For great Communism, Take off every MiG!

For this, Kennedy was duly assasinated.

Other Uses (are Belong to Us)

In Silicon Valley

Steve Jobs: What happen
Apple manager: Somebody set up us the stock crash!
Apple Stockbroker: We get signal
Steve Jobs: What?
Manager: Main Screen turn on
Steve Jobs: It's you!
Bill Gates: How are you gentlemen!
Bill Gates: 51% of your base are belong to us!
Bill Gates: You are on the way to hostile takeover!
Steve Jobs: What you say?!
Bill Gates: You have no chance to liquidate make your time
Bill Gates: HAHAHA!
Steve Jobs: Take off every listing
Steve Jobs: You know what you doing
Steve Jobs: Move iArmy
Steve Jobs: For great justice

In 9/11

Narrator: In A.D. 2001 war was beginning.

Bush: What happen?
Mayor of New York: Somebody set up us the terror attacks!
Cheney: We get signal.
Rove: What the?
Cheney: Main screen turn on
Bush: It's you?!
Osama bin Laden: How are you gentalmen?
Osama bin Laden: All your WTC are belong to us
Osama bin Laden: You are on the way to destruction!
Bush:(hearing aid losing its battery) What you say???
Osama bin Laden:You have no chance to survive make your time
Osama bin Laden: HAHAHA!
Bush:Take off every marine.
Bush: I know what I doing
Bush: Move marines
Bush: For great Poland

2 years later, as Saddam was captured

In A.D. 2003 Bush's other war was begining

Al-Qaeda leader: What happen?
Osama bin Laden: Somebody captured up us the Saddam
Al-Qaeda leader:We get message
Osama bin Laden:???
Al-Qaeda leader: Main phone pick up
Al-Qaeda leader: It's you!
Bush: How are you terrorists?!
Bush: All your oil are belong to U.S.
Bush: You will also be on the way to descruction!
Al-Qaeda leader: Whaaaa?
Bush: You have no chance to retrieve your oil, you will die!
Osama: take off every suicide bomber
Al-Qaeda leader: You know what you doing!?
Osama: Move suicide bomber
Osama:For great jihad

On Christmas

Nice cow

All your grass are belong to us

Narrator: In the year A.D. 2006, Christmas was beginning.
Commander: What happen?
Operator: Somebody set up us the mistletoe.
Operator2: We get signal.
Commander: What!
Operator: Mainscreen Turn on!
Commander: It's you! (O RLY!?)
CATS: How are you gentleman?
CATS: All your stocking are belong to us!
Commander: Oh teh noes!!
CATS: You are on the way to having crap holiday.
CATS: You have no chance to whip up a new batch of eggnog, make your time.
Commander: Man, he still acts like a dick, even on Christmas. Asshole.

On Halloween

Narrator: In the year A.D. 2006, Halloween was beginning.
Commander: What happen?
Operator: Somebody set up us the doorbell.
Operator2: We get knocking.
Commander: What!
Operator: Main door open.
Commander: It's you!
CATS: How are you gentleman?! (dressed up as a cat)
CATS: All your king-size Snickers are belong to us!
Commander: We actually ran out, man.
CATS: What? Well, uh, then you are on the way to being TP'd!
CATS: You have no chance to survive, make your time!
CATS: Hahaha!
CATS: Oh, by the way, do you like my costume?
Commander: What? Uh, no.
CATS: N00b.

On Wedding Ceremony

In AD 2007, wedding was beginning...
Priest: What happen?
Groom: Somebody set up us the confetti.
Bride: We get objection!
Groom: Main church door open!
Priest: What can I do for you, my child?
Interruptor: How are you bride and groom? All your present are belong to us! You are on the way to annulment.
Priest: What you say, my child?
Interruptor: You have no chance to have baby make your time! HAHAHA!
Groom: Father!
Priest: Take off wedding ring! You know what you doing! Remove wedding ring. For great annulment.

CATs Norris


Would you argue with that?

  • Narrator: In A.D. 2101, war was beginning.
  • Captain: What happen ?
  • Mechanic: Somebody set up us the roundhouse.
  • Operator: We get hurt.
  • Captain: What!
  • Operator: Main screen turn on.
  • Captain: It's you!!
  • CATS Norris: How are you victims!!
  • CATS Norris: All your trophies are belong to us.
  • CATS Norris: You are on the way to kicked.
  • Captain: What you say!!
  • CATS Norris: You have no chance to live make your time.
  • CATS Norris: Ha Ha Ha Ha ....
  • Operator: Captain!!
  • Captain: Take off every 'block!!
  • Captain: You don’t know what you doing.
  • Captain: Move 'block'.
  • Captain: For great defence.

In Japanese


  • 艦長:一体どうしたと言んだ[sic]!
  • 機関士:何者かによって、爆発物が仕掛けられたようです。
  • 通信士:艦長!通信が入りました!
  • 艦長:なにっ!
  • 通信士:メインスクリーンにビジョンが来ます。
  • 艦長:おっお前は!
  • CATS:おいそがしそうだね、諸君。
  • CATS:連邦政府軍のご協力により、君達の基地は、全てCATSがいただいた。
  • CATS:君達の艦も、そろそろ終わりだろう。
  • 艦長:ばっばかなっ・・・!
  • CATS:君達のご協力には感謝する。
  • CATS:せいぜい残り少ない命を、大切にしたまえ・・・・。
  • CATS:ハッハッハッハッハッ・・・
  • 通信士:艦長・・・。
  • 艦長:ZIG全機に発進命令!!
  • 艦長:もう彼らに託すしかない・・。
  • 艦長:我々の未来に希望を・・・
  • 艦長:たのむぞ。ZIG!!


Narrator: In A.D. 1939, war was beginning.

  • Churchill: What happen ?
  • Mechanic: Somebody set up us the blitzkrieg.
  • Operator: We get n00bed in France.
  • Churchill: What!
  • Operator: Main wireless turn on.
  • Churchill: It's you!!
  • Hilter: How are you Britain!!
  • Hilter: All your Chanel Islands are belong to us are belong to us.
  • Hilter: You are on the way to being Lebensraum.
  • Churchill: What you say!!
  • Hilter: You have no chance to Homeguard make your time.
  • Hilter: Ha Ha Ha Ha ....
  • Operator: Prime Minster!!
  • Churchill: Take off every spitfire!!
  • Churchill: You know what you doing.
  • Churchill: Move spitfire.
  • Churchill: For great Battle of Britain.

On Myspace

"In AD 2007, myspace war was beginning..."
Tom:what happen?
user:someone set up us the spam.
user:we get comments.
Admin:main profile, log in.
Tom:it you!?!
Tom:what you say?!?
Tom:take off every spammer!
Tom:you know what your doing!
Tom:move spam!
Tom:for great myspace!

In Transformers

"In State Day of Cycle, 1141, war was beginning..."
Optimus Prime: What happen?
Ironhide: Someone set us up the Decepticon.
Ironhide: We get signal.
Prime: Main screen turn on.
Prime: It's you!!
Megatron: How are you Autobots!
Megatron: All your energon are belong to us!
Megatron: Your Sparks are on the way to extinguishing!
Prime: What you say?!?
Megatron: You have no chance to survive make your time!
Megatron: Hahaha....
Prime: Ironhide!
Prime: Take off every "Autobot"!
Ironhide: You know what you are doing.
Prime: Move "Autobot"!
Prime: 'Till all are one!

In Transformers: The Movie

"In AD. 2005, war was beginning..."
Ultra Magnus: What happen?
Hot Rod: Someone set us up the Galvatron.
Hot Rod: We get signal.
Ultra Magnus: Main screen turn on.
Ultra Magnus: It's you!!
Unicron: How are you Autobots!
Unicron: All your Matrix are belong to us!
Unicron: You are on the way to destruction!
Ultra Magnus: What you say?!?
Unicron: You have no chance to survive make your time!
Unicron: Hahaha....
Ultra Magnus: Hot Rod!
Ultra Magnus: Take the "Matrix"!
Hot Rod: You know what you are doing.
Ultra Magnus: Open "Matrix"!
Rodimus Prime: Light our darkest hour!

In Blade Runner

Narrator: In Los Angeles 2019, Nexus 6 was beginning.
Batty: What happen?
Zhora: Somebody set up us the retirement!
Leon: We get signal.
Batty: What!
Leon: Main screen turn on.
Batty: It's you?!
Deckard: How are you gentlemen?
Deckard: All your Nexus 6 are belong to us.
Deckard: You are on the way to destruction!
Batty: What you say???
Deckard: You have no chance to tears in the rain your time.
Deckard: HAHAHA!
Batty: Take off every replicant.
Batty: You know what firey side of Orion!
Batty: Move C-Beam.
Batty: For great movie.

Altavista Babelfish Translation

Announcement 2101 war started.
(Explosion goes out)
Captain: By mistake is something of the earth which? You say!!
Engineer: That seems the way in someone putting in place the explosive.
Communication operator: Captain! The signal entered!
Captain: What!! B?
Communication operator: Range of vision comes to the principal screen.
Captain: Y!!
CATS: While using is it seems the gentleman way.
CATS: Cooperating with Federal Government power, the cat took over your entire basis.
CATS: I that and eventually the edge of your boat, presume that it is, oh.
Captain: Impossibility! T!!
CATS: Your cooperation thank you.
CATS: Cherish these several remaining times of your life.
CATS: Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha...
Communication operator: Captain....
Captain: As for aircraft everything of ZIG! It takes off!!
Captain: As for us those reliance which cannot do thing...
Captain: Future as for desire because of us...
Captain: There is your hand. ZIG!!

In Shakespearean times

In the year of our Lord 1501, a great war hath begun.

King: What doth take place?
Servant: Those fiends hath set up us the gunpowder weapon of destruction.
Messenger: Sire, a message hath been bestowed upon us.
King: Darest thou repeat thyself!
Messenger: In the main hall of our castle great, our enemy hath appeared!
King: Thou it be, foulest of them all!
CATS: I bid ye good-den, king and servingmen.
CATS: All thine kingdom doth now belongest to us.
CATS: Thou art on the path to the greatest of destructions.
King: What hast thou spoken now, foe!
CATS: Thy hast no chance to survive, fools! Makest thou the last moments of thine life.
CATS: I shaketh with laughter over thy stupidity, o king!
Messenger: My lord?
King: Send out every zig rider to the last man!
King: Thy knowest what done must be.
King: Zigs, go forth with haste!
King: For our cause is just, and may the lord show us mercy.

In Chess

By move 23, war was beginning.

King: What happen ?
Rook: Someone set up us the pawn.
Bishop: We get checked.
King: What!
Bishop: King to e5.
Enemy King: How are you gentlemen!!
Enemy King: All your piece are belong to us.
Enemy King: You are on the way to checkmate.
King: What you say!!
Enemy King: You have no chance to survive make your time.
Enemy King: Check...
Bishop: King!!
King: Take off every "Knight".
King: You know what you doing.
King: Move "Knight".
King: For great checkmate.

In Star Wars

"A long, long, time ago, in a galaxy far away..."
Rebel:What happen?
Captain Antilles:Someone set us up the Star Destroyer.
Rebel:We get docking tube.
Admin:Main airlock open.
Tom:It's you!
Darth Vader:How are you Rebels!
Vader:All your secret plans are belong to us!
Tom:what you say?!?
Vader:You have no chance to survive make your time.
Vader: Ha ha ha...
Antilles:Take off every escape pod!
Leia:You know what you doing?
Antilles:Launch pod!
Antilles:For great Rebel Alliance!

In Dungeons & Dragons

In A.D. 2008, random encounter was beginning.
Player 1 (Leader): What happen?
Player 2: Somebody set up us the surprise fireball.
Player 3: We get chanting.
Player 1: What!
Player 3: Listen and spot check turn on.
Player 1: It's you!!
DM: How are you adventurers!! (Impersonating the evil wizard casting a fireball)
DM: All your HP are belong to us.
DM: You are on the way to incineration. (Almost completing another fireball)
Player 1: What you chant!!
DM: You have no chance to survive make your time.
DM: Ha ha ha ha... (Unleashes the fireball)
Player 3: Leader!!
Player 1: Take off every survivor!!
Player 1: You know what you doing.
Player 1: Move survivors.
Player 1: For great retreat.

In Czarist Russia

In A.D. 1917, October revolution was beginning.

Nicholas II: What happen?
Soldier: Somebody set us up the revolution.
Messenger: We get commies.
Nicholas II: What!
Messenger: Main letter open.
Nicholas II: (reading letter) It’s you!!
Lenin: How are you gentlemen!!
Lenin: All your means of production are belong to us.
Lenin: You are on the way to socialism.
Nicholas II: What he write!!
Lenin: You have no chance to exploit the proletariat make your time.
Lenin: Ha ha ha ha ….
Messenger: Czar!
Nicholas II: Take off every ‘kulak’!!
Nicholas II: You know what you doing.
Nicholas II: Move ‘kulak”.
Nicholas II: For great feudalism.

In Sesame Street

At 5:31 pm, letter "P" was beginning.

Big Bird: What happen?
Elmo: Somebody set us up the alphabet.
Big Bird: We get numbers.
Elmo: What!
Big Bird: Main counting turn on.
Big Bird: It’s you!!
BERTS: How are you Muppets!!
BERTS: All your "P"s are belong to us.
BERTS: You are on the way to learning.
Big Bird: What you say!!
BERTS: You have no chance to count to ten make your time.
BERTS: Ha ha ha ha...
Big Bird: Elmo!
Big Bird: Take off every letter "R"!!
Elmo: You know what you doing.
Big Bird: Move letter "R".
Big Bird: For great Sesame Street.

In Retirement Home

In AD 2006 Retirement was begining

Old Man#1: [farts loudly] Whhwhwat happen?
Old Man#2: (sleeping) somebody set up us the bomb... zzzzzzzzzzz
Old Man#3: We get signal, and it's interfering with my hearing aid.
Old Man#3: Main screen door open.
Old Man#1: It's it's it's.... you!
Old Lady(Katrina): How are you gentlemen?
Katrina: All your pills are belong to us.
Katrina: There no way to you to retrieve medication!
Old Man#1 (nearly deaf) : What you say?
Katrina: You have... (reads scientific name for pills) Nochanstus urvivmeic jortaim???
Katrina: HAHAHA(coughs badly)
Old Man#2(still sleeping): General... zzzzzz
Old man#1: Take off on walker.
Old Man#1: (struggling with walker)move walker!
Old Man#1: For greaaat... zzzzzzzzzzzzz

In n00b and 1337 5P34K

AYBmovie rsize

All Your Base Are Belong To Us. The Movie!!1!1

1N circa 2101 W4rz w4z b3g1n1n'

CoolComander: OMFG WTF H4pp3nz??¿?!11
Skywalker: 50M3 b1thez r4p3d 0uR a55eZ
n3rd1039: omfg!!111 5ign4l w3 g07
CoolComander: WTF!!?11!11
n3rd1039: lolololololol
CoolComander: stfu b1tch!
n00bc0m3r: AAAAAAAAA!
CoolComander: OMFG g37 d0wn teh Lock Caps U n00b!!!!11
n00bc0m3r: LOL!1
n3rd1039: CoolComander cum h3r3!
CoolComander: OMFG! TurN 0N teh Fi3rw4llZ!!1
CoolComander: 5t0P d0wnl04din' pr0n!!!1
CoolComander: tUrN teh fuckin' Fi3rWallz b1tchez!!11111lololol
CoolComander: OMFG sTFU n00b!!1

In the Tinned Foods aisle

In Celsius 2101, Warmth was beginning.

Captain Branston: What happen!?
HP Sauce: Somebody set up us the table!
Commis Operator: We get baked beans.
Branston: What? Main toaster turn on. It's you!
HEINZ: How are you bean fanatics !! All your beans are belong to HEINZ. You are on the way to being buttered.
Branston: What you say!?
HEINZ:You have no chance to be toasted, beans in brine. Ha ha ha....
Branston: Move beans, for great toastice! For great toastice, move every bean. Take off every bean fart.

Westboro Baptist Church

In A.D. 2101
War was beginning.
Homosexual Captain: What happen ?
Homosexual Mechanic: Somebody set up us the bomb.
Homosexual Operator: We get signal.
Captain: What !
Operator: Main screen turn on.
Captain: It's you !!
Fred Phelps: God hates you, you dirty fags!!
Fred Phelps: All your dirty stinking fag base are belong to us.
Fred Phelps: You are on the way to damnation.
Captain: What you say !!
Fred Phelps: You have no chance to be forgiven make your time.
Fred Phelps: Ha ha ha ha ....
Operator: Captain !!
Captain: Take off every 'Fag' !!
Captain: You know what you doing.
Captain: Move 'Fag'.
Captain: For great justice.

In Baseball

All your base 2

All four of em'.

In A.D. 2101
Baseball game was beginning.
Team Captain: What happen ?
First Base Man: Somebody set up us the ball.
Announcer: We get announcement.
Team Captain: What !
Announcer: Main teleprompter replay screen turn on.
Team Captain: It's you !!
Team CATS: How are you gentlemen !!
Team CATS: All your base are belong to us.
Team CATS: You are on the way to losing World Series.
Team Captain: What you say !!
Team CATS: You have no chance to win game make half time.
Team CATS: Ha ha ha ha ....
Announcer: Captain !!
Team Captain: Take off every 'Performance Enhancing Steroids' !!
Team Captain: You know what you doing.
Team Captain: Inject 'Performance Enhancing Steroids'.
Team Captain: For great loss of testicles.

In The Bedroom

All your base 1

In back of crowded party coat room
Sex was beginning.
Catholic School Girl: What happen ?
Vagina: Somebody set up us the sperm.
Uterus: We get pregnant.
Catholic School Girl: What !
Uterus: Main baby turn on.
Catholic School Girl: It's you !!
BABY: How are you gentlewoman !!
BABY: All your uterus are belong to us.
BABY: You are on the way to pregnancy.
Catholic School Girl: What you say !!
BABY: You have no chance to be virgin make your period.
BABY: Ha ha ha ha ....
Uterus: Slut !!
Catholic School Girl: Take off every 'Fetus' !!
Catholic School Girl: You know what you doing.
Catholic School Girl: Kill 'Fetus'.
Catholic School Girl: For great abortion.

Law and Order: AYB

In dark alley, murder was beginning.
Novak: What happen?
Stabler: Somebody set up us the murder.
Cragen: We get confession.
Novak: What!
Cragen: Main suspect coerced.
Novak: It's you!
LAWYER: How are you Detectives!!
LAWYER: All your evidence are belong to us.
LAWYER: You are on the way to Internal Affairs hearing.
Cragen: What you say!!
LAWYER: You have no chance to keep jobs make your defence.
LAWYER: Ha ha ha ha ha
Novak: Detectives!
Stabler: Take off every excessive force complaint.
Stabler: You know what you doing.
Stabler: Intimidate suspect.
Stabler: For great brutality.

In Brad Pitt Moviefilm

In B.C. 210.1
Siege was beginning.
Paris: What happen?
Captain of the Guard: Somebody set up us the Trojan Horse!
General: We get spear.
Paris: What the?
General: Main shield hold up.
Paris: It's you?!
ACHILLES: How are you gentlemen!!
ACHILLES: All your Helen are belong to us.
ACHILLES: You are on the way to destruction!
Paris: [amid chaos of battle] What you say???
ACHILLES: You have no chance to survive make your retreat.
General: Paris!!
Paris: Take out every arrow!!
Paris: I know what I doing.
Paris: Move arrow.
Paris: For great movie.

In 300

In 300 BC. War was begining


Well... CATS Leonidas...

Xerxes: What happened!?
Persian: Someone set us the fire arrow.
Persian #2: We get spear through the gate!
Xerxes: What!!
Persian #2: Main Gate open! (shot by a fire arrow)
Xerxes: It's you!!
Leonidas: How are you gentlemen!!
Leonidas: All your base in Thermopyle are belong to us SPARTAAAAAAAAAANs!!.
Leonidas: (Slowing down time to dodge an arrow) You are on the way to death!!
Xerxes: (In the midst of battle) What you say!!
Leonidas: You have no chance to survive, make your time.
Leonidas: Ha ha ha.
Persian #3: Xerxes!! (Decapitated)
Xerxes: Take off every Uber-Immortals!!
Xerxes: You know what you are doing!
Xerxes: Move Uber-Immortals!
Xerxes: For great Persian Empire!!

In God of War

In whatever year God of War was on, War was begining.

Athena: What happen?
A god: Someone betrayed us.
Another god: We recieved message.
Athena: What?
some other god: Mirroring pool open.
Athena: It's you!? (In her mind: Fucking ginger bastard.)
Ares: How are you Athena?
Ares: All Your Base In Athens Are Belong To ME!!!
Ares: Your people are on the way to destruction.
Athena: What you say!!
Ares: You have no chance the save the moochers in your city make your time.
Ares: Ha ha ha.
Zeus: Athena!
Athena: Contact Kratos!!
Athena: You know what you doing.
Athena: Contact Kratos!
Athena: For city of Athens!!

In Windows Operating System

In 2007. Windows Vista was beginning

Windows Vista User: What Happen ?
Computer: Somebody set up us the UAC.
Windows Vista: We get error message.
Windows Vista User: What !
Windows Vista Support: Main computer turn off and on.
Windows Vista User (to BSoD): It's you !!
BSoD: How are you gentlemen !!
BSoD: All your RAM are belong to us.
BSoD: You are on the way to losing all your work.
Windows Vista User: What you compute !!
BSoD: You have no chance to backup make your time.
BSoD: Ha Ha Ha Ha ....
Computer: 'Press any key to terminate the application'
Windows Vista User: Take off every 'Vista Install' !!
Windows Vista User: I know what I doing.
Windows Vista User: Install 'Win XP'.
Windows Vista User: For great Windows.

All Your Base Are Belong To Jack Bauer (How friggin' quaint)

In 2007 AD, War against Terrorist is just begining

Osama bin Laden: What happen?
Terrorist #1: Someone set us the suicide bomb.
Terrorist #2: We get video message!
Osama Bin Laden: What!
Terrorist #1: Video playing.
Osama bin Laden: It's you!
Jack Bauer: How are you Terrorist!
Jack Bauer: All Your Base In Afghanistan Are Belong To Us.
Jack Bauer: You are on the way to death at my hands.
Osama bin Laden: What you say!!
Jack Bauer: You have no chance to survive, make your time.
Jack Bauer: Ha ha ha.
Terrorist #3: Osama!
Osama Bin Laden: Take out every missiles!
Osama bin Laden: You know what you're doing!
Osama bin Laden: Move missiles!
Osama bin Laden: For great Allah!

In the polling station

How are you gentlemen?

The poll was created at 14:24 on June 16, 2007, and so far 4288 people voted.

On Message Board

In A.D. 2007, flame war was beginning.
User: What happen?
Flamer: Somebody set up us the account block.
Flamer: We get PM.
User: What!
Flamer: Main inbox open.
User(reading PM): It's you!!
Admin: How are you gentlemen!!
Admin: All your threads are belong to us.
Admin: You are on the way to permaban.
User: What you type!!
Admin: You have no insults to post make your time.
Admin: Ha ha ha ha ....
Flamer: Dude!!
User: Call up every Anonymous!!
User: You know what you invading!
User: Hack site.
User: For great crapflood.

In Cherry Hill Temple

In A.D. 1992
Invasion was beginning.
Usagi: What happen?
Rei: Somebody set up us the Negaverse.
Ami: We get signal.
Usagi: What?
Ami: Main monitor turn on.
Usagi: It's you!
Jedite: How are you ladies.
Jedite: All your Earth are belong to us.
Jedite: You are on the way to takeover.
Usagi: What you say!!
Jedite: You have no chance to exile fight me.
Jedite: Ha ha ha ha...
Ami: Usagi!
Usagi: Take off every Senshi.
Usagi: You know what you doing.
Usagi: Move Senshi.
Usagi: For great Moon.

AYB (Lupin III version)

In A.D. 1967
Law was beginning.
Lupin: What happen?
Goemon: Somebody set up us the fuzz.
Jigen: We get handcuffs.
Lupin: What?
Jigen: Front door open.
Lupin: It's you!
Zenigata: How are you gentlemen.
Zenigata: All your base are belong to us.
Zenigata: You are on the way to arrest.
Lupin: What you say!!
Zenigata: You have no chance to escape make your time.
Zenigata: Ha ha ha ha...
Jigen: Boss!
Lupin: Take off every Fujiko.
Lupin: You know what you doing.
Lupin: Move Fujiko.
Lupin: For great thieves.

AYB Are Belong to the Blair Witch

In A.D. 1994
Film was beginning.
Heather: What happen?
Michael: Somebody set up us the horror.
Joshua: We get chilling ritualistic figures.
Heather: What?
Joshua: Main camera start rolling.
Heather: It's you!
Blair Witch: How are you filmmakers.
Blair Witch: All your camera are belong to us.
Blair Witch: You are on the way to disappearing.
Heather: What you say!!
Blair Witch: You have no chance to survive make your time.
Blair Witch: Ha ha ha ha...
Joshua: Heather!
Heather: Take off every compass.
Heather: You know what you doing.
Heather: Move compass.
Heather: For great documentary.

At Mahora Academy

In A.D. 2003
School was beginning.
Asuna: What happen?
Negi: Somebody set up us the water.
Chisame: We get signal.
Asuna: What?
Chisame: Main monitor turn on.
Asuna: It's you!
FATE: How are you children.
FATE: All your base are belong to us.
FATE: You are on the way to entrapment.
Asuna: What you say!!
FATE: You have no chance to escape make your time.
FATE: Ha ha ha ha...
Chisame: Asuna!
Asuna: Take off every mage.
Asuna: You know what you doing.
Asuna: Move mage.
Asuna: For great revelation.

Concerning the Hannah Montana 3-D concert

In A.D. 2008
Concert was beginning.
Fanboy: What happen?
Fangirl #1: Somebody set up us the ticket.
Fangirl #2: We get signal.
Fanboy: What?
Fangirl #2: Main screen turn on.
Fanboy: It's you!
CATS: How are you fans.
CATS: All your ticket are belong to us.
CATS: You are on the way to sellout.
Fanboy: What you say!!
CATS: You have no chance to watch make your time.
CATS: Ha ha ha ha...
Fangirl #2: Fanboy!
Fanboy: Take off every speeder.
Fanboy: You know what you doing.
Fanboy: Move speeder.
Fanboy: For great concert.

Guns N' Roses


Yet another National Archived file, taken from Gore's conversation with W. Axl Rose of Guns N' Roses

In A.D. 1990
Parental Advisory was beginning
W. Axl Rose: What happen?
Slash: Somebody set up us the Tipper Sticker.
Duff McKagan: We get signal.
W. Axl Rose: What?
Duff McKagan: Main screen turn on.
W. Axl Rose: It's you!
Albert Gore Jr.: How are you gentlemen.
Albert Gore Jr.: All your base are belong to us.
Albert Gore Jr.: You are on the way to receiving the Tipper Sticker.
W. Axl Rose: What you say!!
Albert Gore Jr.: You have no chance to be rated PG-13 make your time.
Albert Gore Jr.: Ha ha ha ha...
Duff McKagan: Axl!
W. Axl Rose: Take off every CD.
W. Axl Rose: You know what you doing.
W. Axl Rose: Move CD.
W. Axl Rose: For great band.

In Plain English

AD 2101―
A war has begun.

  • Captain: Tell me what on Earth has happened!
  • Engineer: It seems someone has installed explosives unnoticed.
  • Communication operator: Captain! We've received a signal!
  • Captain: What!?
  • Communication operator: Visual incoming on the main screen.
  • Captain: You!?
  • CATS: You seem to be fairly preoccupied, gentlemen? (with sarcasm)
  • CATS: With help from the Federation Government forces, we, CATS, have taken over all of your bases.
  • CATS: Before long, your ship will meet its end as well.
  • Captain: It-It can't be...!
  • CATS: I thank you for your cooperation.
  • CATS: Cherish these few remaining moments of your lives.
  • CATS: Ha ha ha ha ha...
  • Communication operator: Captain....
  • Captain: I order all ZIG units to launch!!
  • Captain: They're all we have left―
  • Captain: ―to entrust the hope of our future...
  • Captain: We're counting on you, ZIG!!

The average user's contribution to this page

In A.D. 4862
shark was beginning.
Captain: What happen ?
Mechanic: Somebody set up us the shark.
Operator: We get shark.
Captain: What !
Operator: Main shark neuter on.
Captain: It's you !!
Cats: How are you gentlemen !!
Cats: All your shark are belong to us.
Cats: You are on the way to shark.
Captain: What you neuter !!
Cats: You have no shark to neuter make your time.
Cats: Ha ha ha ha ....
Operator: Captain !!
Captain: neuter off every 'shark' !!
Captain: You know what you insulting.
Captain: neuter 'shark'.
Captain: For vast shark.

Captain: [Turning to viewers] I'd like to take a moment to be serious folks. If your AYB looks a bit like the above one, with random anime characters or a bunch of your friends replacing us in some way that you find greatly amusing, please think before you press that Save Page button. Too often have me and my friends been shoehorned into acting out scenarios as characters that don't make us laugh. We've resigned ourselves to being typecast - all we ask is that you show a little consideration before placing your work here. We know you'll do the right thing. For great justice!

In Wikipedia

Wp ayb

In Christianity


All Your Church Are Belong To Us

Currently, "All Your Base Are Belong To Us" is the most common message on U.S. church signs. The reasons are obvious, of course. But see God's Favorite Word (note: to view right click on link, click properties, then copy the URL, and paste it in your browser's address bar.)

In conclusion...

You have no chance to survive make your time. Ha ha ha...

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