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*[[Oingo Boingo]]
*[[Oingo Boingo]]
[[Category:Political parties]]
[[Category:Political parties]]

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For the religious among us who choose to believe lies, the so-called experts at Wikipedia think they have an article about Communist party.
Communist party

Nobody parties harder than the communists! Anybody caught partying harder than the communists will be rounded up and executed.

“Now zat, *hic* iz good Vodka”
~ Oscar Wilde on Communist Party

“In Soviet Russia, party invites YOU!!
~ Russian reversal on Communist party

A party described as a Communist party usually involves too much vodka and not enough Ukrainian girls.

They are extremely unpopular amongst big corporations (with the possible exception of companies that make and distribute vodka) because, after all, when everyone spends a night sitting around drinking vodka it is unlikely they will show up for work the next morning, or even the following week.

Big corporations have subsequently hired Bill O'Reilly to use his superpowers to crush out this enemy of capitalists by turning them all into stone.

Communist parties are known to involve many games of chance and skill, such as "pin the bill on the Capitalist" and snipe hunting. There is also extensive bickering over whose naughty bits is bigger: John Lenin's or Karl Marx's in a ceremony dedicated to the god of Communism.

Mass organizations


Lenin pimpin' at a Communist Party.

Communist parties tend to start around 8 p.m. with party members arriving at the Kremlin, the maddest party in Moscow. Party members start with a traditional Russian vodka and powdered donuts. They then play a game of spin the bottle, the loser gets deported to Siberia, the winner gets a shiny new Kalashnikov ak-47 rifle. After the Kremlin the revelers head to a trendy new bar called Gulag's, Gulag is well known for his wild parties. Here they do Vodka body shots and listen to techno and generally rave about. At this point some of the lesser members of the party tend to go home while the die hard party people go and dare each other to do generally stupid things, such as grow moustaches. A keg stand competition normally ensues with the victor getting to don the Fuzzy Russian Hat of Victory. All the party members go home before 2 a.m. because of the Dr.B.Stinson principle of nothing good ever happens after 2 a.m. Some go home alone but some don't, some regret not going home alone the next day.

A day of heavy hangovers results, hence the need for Fuzzy Russian Hats that you all see them wearing, it makes the headache feel better and makes noises less painful to hear in their hungover state. After experiencing such a night of revelry, and the awful after affects, a spate of blaming "Capitalist Pigs" is in order, the party members blame the West for their hangovers, not the fact they decided to do Vodka body shots. Still, sitting behind their desks party members can't help but think how much fun the previous night was, and quickly swallow some Panadol and sink back into their seats.

Communism, it's a party!

People invited to Communist Parties

People Kicked out of Communist Parties

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