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The University of Nottingham is a world-renowned lumberjack training facility, which, since the Representation of the People Act of 1918 and especially the Second World War (which lead to its gaining of a Royal Charter in 1948), has broadened to become a place of learning for those too poor to afford the equipment needed to be a lumberjack. Women too, have been allowed to attend since the Sexual Discrimination Act of 1975, but since lumberjacking is deemed too ‘rugged’ for women, they are unable to get into the School of Lumberjacking and can either choose to go into the School of WAGging or study a subject like the other poor students. In its capacity as an educational institution it consistently ranks as high-end mediocre in league tables and is a famous second choice for those who failed to get into the University of Oxford, the University of Cambridge or Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.

The University of Nottingham was formerly situated in the very heart of Sherwood Forest, but, naturally trainee lumberjacks need targets and it is now surrounded by a very different kind of jungle; the urban jungle. The University has come under fire in modern times from lefties, for being at the heart of the genocide of Sherwood trees. However, lefties are unsure whom they would prosecute and whether the charges would be genocide or ethnic cleansing and so, much like other hippy organisations (see UN) nothing has been done or likely will. Ever. It is also said that the University of Nottingham is protected by ‘the Man’ and so even were the lefties to prosecute, the University would be cleared of all charges.


The University of Nottingham was founded by Robin Hood just after the Crusades as the Nottingham College of Lumberjacking. His lady companion Maid Marian needed some landscape gardening, but there were no lumberjacks in Nottinghamshire at that time. Indeed landscape gardeners would not arrive in Nottingham until the twentieth century; Mr. Hood realised that this would not do and so founded the college, so that they might at least clear Maid Marian’s garden of trees and it would be more pleasant place to go to.

Due to the College’s role in teaching men to be good with axes, it has always had strong links to the military. Henry V was so impressed on a tour once with the lumberjacks trained there that he took them all with him to France when he conquered it. Unfortunately, most of them died in a freak, petrol-fight accident before they could make a real impact on the campaign. However, from Henry V onwards, most of the Royal tree killing that has needed to be performed, has been performed by alumni from the College. A particularly glorious example of this happened in 1588. Queen Elizabeth I was well aware that the Spanish were planning a sailing expedition to Torquay and some, in fact, had gone ahead to make sure all their bookings were ok (this was an age before email). A cantankerous hotelier, a Mr. Basil Fawlty, grievously insulted the Admiral, Duke Manuel de Barcelona, and turned what the Spanish king, Philip II, intended to be a jolly into an invasion. Elizabeth was caught with her petticoats down and needed new ships fast, but nobody had ever cut down trees that fast. Elizabeth turned to the only establishment in the kingdom that had a slim chance of success. Alumni from the Nottingham College of Lumberjacking cut down 1 million trees in two weeks, falling short of their target by 15%, but a storm meant that the 15% would have been unnecessary anyway and the Queen rewarded their endeavours, foresight and efficiency by forming the Special Arborist Service (more commonly known as the SAS) in 1589, and to this day it recruits mostly graduates from the (now) University of Nottingham.

With the advent of the industrial revolution and the mechanisation of the lumberjack way, the Nottingham College of Lumberjacking was forced to change with the times or be left as a second rate learning institution stuck in the past, much like the University of Oxford is today, and became a regional centre of innovation. It fully embraced lumber mill technology and pioneered the water-powered band saw as an effective way of killing trees. It also invented the ice cream scoop at around the same time, twenty years before ice cream was discovered, but that is neither here nor there. The research that the Nottingham College of Lumberjacking carried out and the sharing of it placed the United Kingdom in good stead for the Napoleonic Wars; it has been said that the main reason why Napoleon was so angry and went to war with most of Europe was because he was a little Frenchman, who couldn’t get good wood. The British, at the time, got good wood often, and this was in part, due to the Nottingham College of Lumberjacking, and with their wood the British dominated the French.

In recent years, the biggest challenge that the University of Nottingham has faced is diversification; changing times and social mores, and law has required the university to allow women and plebeians the poor into its ranks. Pressure to admit poor people had been growing steadily in the Victorian era. The Industrial Revolution had led to a population boom and the Enlightenment meant that more and more people were questioning the old order. People began to think there was more to life than being really, really, ridiculously good looking working all day and being poor; they began to see education as a way out of poverty. Things couldn’t change though until everyone mattered and that change came after the Great War. Poor people were allowed to join Nottingham College of Lumberjacking, although the vast majority still couldn’t, for the first time after the Great War. To placate the critics, who rightly said that the College had not really changed at all since the vast majority still couldn’t enrol, the College renamed itself University College Nottingham, with the School of Lumberjacking as its foremost School and it created several other Schools, Faculties and Departments to educate people who just wanted to learn stuff other than lumberjacking. In recognition of the College’s efforts, it was awarded a Royal Charter in 1948 and then became The University of Nottingham.

With the Sexual Discrimination Act of 1975, it became illegal to tell women that they were not as clever as men and should anyway be in the kitchen, and the University could not reject female applicants on this basis (or for any other reasons due to their gender). Obviously, women would never make it in the cut-throat, men’s world of lumberjacking, and so the University created a school that would take rich people’s daughters and turn them into orange-skinned, blonde-haired bimbos WAGs, a post-modern take on the oompa-loompa fashion fad of the late seventies. Lumberjacking and WAGging requires students to have a rich parent or two and to have either gone to an independent school or have a keen sense of fashion, leaving many who might want to enrol feeling left out. For those people, the University of Nottingham provides facilities, at a cost, to learn to do other things. English, Psychology and languages are common choices for the females of this category, and engineering, maths and sciences are common choices for the males. It’s been said that the university is also pretty good at these courses, but since it’s not Lumberjacking, most people don’t care (see Nobody Cares).

In recent years, the University discovered that there was the potential for many axe wounds in the virgin rainforests of Malaysia and China and opened campuses campi in these countries. This has worked out well for the University because the Middle Class parents who send their children to become lumberjacks also like helping poor countries and the University is essentially helping the Chinese and Malaysians by teaching them modern lumberjacking methods for entirely commercial reasons.


The University of Nottingham has long since overgrown its Nottingham College of Lumberjacking campus, and has several other campi, both near to Nottingham and abroad. The main and oldest campus is University Park Campus. There is also the Jubilee Campus, Sutton Bonnington Campus, the University of Nottingham Malaysia campus and also the University of Nottingham Ningbo but to almost all students, but these are all completely irrelevant to most students.

University Life

During the first year at the University of Halls of residence, the students are accommodated in ‘Halls of Residence’. These were first set up during the reign of Edward I, almost a century after the College was founded. When the College was first founded, there were few students and they lived in the houses of their teachers, however, since the college was continually expanding, this became impractical and eventually the decision was made to make accommodation for teachers and students. They are called ‘Halls’ because they were so grotty and horrible, and the risk of sexual harassment from the teacher was so great, that the trainee lumberjacks frequently called them ‘Hell’ (link to Peterborough), however, God didn’t like this at all, since not only does He own the Hell trademark, he considered the remarks to be defamatory and not an accurate description and so threatened to sue. The Nottingham College of Lumberjacking thought it best to avoid a lawsuit and promoted calling them ‘Halls’ and this has stuck. Over the centuries, as the need for more accommodation has grown, more Halls have been built. Nowadays, they are not so grotty and horrible, but the chance of sexual harassment is at least as great if not greater. There are currently 12 Halls in the University Park Campus, beating Dante’s Divine Comedy by three. The University has more Halls on other campi but, with the closure of the Apollo space programme, nobody has been to them since 1975.

Ancaster – was a gift from Henry VI (the head of the House of Lancaster) to the College. However, not only was he broke due to founding King’s College and Eton, he was also crazy and didn’t include the L. Today the Hall is where boring people are sent.

Cavendish – is one of the first Halls, named after Little John’s great-granddaughter. It is also known as ‘Auschwitz’, ‘Warsaw Ghetto’ and ‘Treblinka’ because it was built by Polish builders from these places. Jews are sent to this Hall, as are other infidels, and as a result it has an ironically large Jewish population.

Cripps – is the Hall where OGs are sent. They are the sworn enemy of the Bloods and drove Bloods Hall out of existence in the 1980s with plasters and soapy water due to concerns about AIDS. This is the only Hall to have a clock, and this was a gift from MC Hammer, so he could ask people what time it was.

Derby – was a gift from the city of Derby. Nottingham and Derby are very close and so Derby was one of the first places to hear about the Nottingham College of Lumberjacking and send people to learn to lumberjack, so that they too might be able to one day go down to their gardens. All those from Derby were put together, and so when the Halls were built, a Hall was made for ‘all those from Derby and other foreigners’ and thus it remains.

Florence Boot – used to be a fat camp, or ‘boot camp’ run by Florence, wife of + the Machine. However, Florence’s Boot Camp became too tedious to say and so people just call it Florence Boot. Chubbers are still sent here.

Hugh Stewart (also known as ‘HuStu’) – is one of the original Halls, named after two teachers. To this day it has suffered very little from the diversification, and comprises almost entirely of would be lumberjack trainees and their elite female counterparts, the WAGgers. It is a very prestigious Hall to get into and people should show deference to those in the Hall, where possible.

Lenton & Wortley – is derived from the Middle English words laenten, meaning ‘cheap’, and wortley, meaning 'covered in warts'. Way back when, before Nottingham College of Lumberjacking was attacked by an old, old wooden ship at the same time as the American Civil war was going on, the trainee lumberjacks did not have WAGs or other female students. Instead one Hall was reserved for the prostitutes that cynically extorted the men, and it earned the Hall the nickname laenten and wortley because the whores there were cheap but covered in warts. Nowadays the Hall is forced to house men as well, but the women are still cheap and some are indeed wortley.

Lincoln – was a gift from Abraham Lincoln. Before Abraham Lincoln became a born-again Christian [see reincarnation] he made a small profit capturing wild slaves and making them work for him in return for clothing, food and shelter. The USA at this time had no lumberjacks because after the American War of Independence [see Independence Day], all of the British left the USA to go to Canada, including the lumberjacks, which is why Canada is still so famous for lumberjacks. Abraham Lincoln saw a niche market and so sent some slaves to be trained in the art of lumberjacking at the Nottingham College of Lumberjacking. The USA was a deeply racist society at the time and he assumed that naturally, the College would want to segregate his slaves from other lumberjack trainees there. He was also worried that some of the people there would want to steal his slaves since there were no slaves in Britain at the time (England being even more racist and making slaves illegal). He thus donated money for a Hall for his slaves and it became known as Lincoln’s Hall, which in time became Lincoln. Nowadays it is still illegal to be a slave in England and so there are no more slaves housed in Lincoln. It continues, however, to have a high number of lumberjack trainees and also WAGgers. It is not as prestigious as Hugh Stewart, but people there like to think they are.

Nightingale – is the Hall where boring people go to, who have nothing better to do than complain about cutlery not being left to dry the correct way up. There’s not much to say about it, or them, as a result.

Rutland – is the Hall where gay men and sexually adventurous women go to. This has led to the famous chant, “Rutland take it up the arse!” Rutlanders claim to have the best community spirit of any Hall as result of their licentiousness, but many in the University frown upon their lasciviousness, considering that the Western World hasn’t seen so much debauchery since the Roman Empire.

Sherwood – is the oldest Hall and was named in honour of the place where Robin Hood and his Merry Men [see gay people] found refuge after being banned from Nottingham by ASBOs because they were wearing hoods. It grew out of Little John’s house, because he didn’t need much room and was extended over the years until other Halls were built. Sherwood was ravaged by diversity and there are now fewer lumberjacks housed there, but there are still a lot of people who wear hoods [chavs].

Willoughby – is a corruption of ‘will lobby’, a reference to middle-class, lefty students who disagree with the Man. It is the Hall where middle-class, lefty, Marxist, Guardian-reading students go to. Other students got so fed up of the students in Willoughby complaining but doing nothing that they derisively said of them that they ‘will lobby’. Needless to say, the middle-class lefties are often too stoned off marijuana to actually get round to lobbying, but are content enough that their disagreeing and ‘good intentions’ [final solution] are what counts.

Campus 14 is a ritual that most students at Nottingham take part in at least once in their time there, and is considered the modern equivalent of the Grand Tour [British Empire]. As with many rituals there is a certain dress code for the event. This dress code is fairly loose, and basically consists of pirate costumes, Zulu outfits, caveman clothes, or tasteless modern equivalents. Fashion and taste are not allowed. The students start in the Student Union Bar, Mooch, and go to each Hall bar before they close, and then back to Mooch for the fourteenth drink. For men, a pint of beer or cider or a double measure of spirits in each bar is required. For women the requirement is half that of the men.

This page is a work in progress
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