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|name = University of North Florida

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University of North Florida
Looking north from campus with JEA power station in background
Motto U Never Finish
Established 1950
School type Public
Head Cobra Commander
Location Jacksonville, Florida, U.S.
Campus 2,000 acres
Endowment $34.848
Mascot Ospreys

The University of North Florida is located in Jacksonville, Florida. It was founded in 1950 by a group of wandering alcoholics who washed ashore in nearby Jacksonville Beach. It boasts a large percentage of rednecks and is fondly referred to as U Never Finish (UNF) by its student body. Current University President Cobra Commander hopes to demolish the stigma surrounding this institution


Health center

Founders' Hall undergoing renovations in 2005.

The land the campus is currently on is a former landfill that closed in 1949 due to public health concerns. In 1950, a pack of drunkards began squatting in an abandoned cargo container which is currently Founders' Hall. Since then the school has expanded at an exponential rate despite not being accredited by the Department of Education


Since its inception the University has been notorious for changing its curriculum constantly. To date, the university has changed curriculum 24,354 times making it nearly impossible for most to graduate. Most freshman will spend at least ten years attempting to satisfy all of their requirements in four year programs with the university often changing requirements mid-semester. Popular courses include Basket Weaving, Evolution: Fiction, and Ghostbusting.


With a student body totaling 16,000 the University has only 4,000 parking spaces. An investigation was launched after "Bloody Monday" in which 1,300 undergrads died in a bloody battle amongst each other to obtain parking spaces before the first day of class Fall 2007. The investigatory panel concluded that the number of parking spaces was being limited by the University so they could keep the tuition money already paid by the deceased. The scandal forced the University to construct several new parking lots. However these news lots (18, 53) are located 32 miles from campus and a valid passport is required to ride the shuttle bus. In response to student outrage the administration produced two brochures entitled Where the fuck is lot 53?? & So you paid $90 to park in a different area code to ease student frustration. School developers also believed it was a great idea to build more useless buildings over the few existing parking spaces to cut the number of spaces even more.



A look inside the Thomas G Carpenter library.

The Thomas G. Carpenter library was originally built in 1973. During construction the project was drastically underfunded and mismanaged. Soon after building was completed the Environmental Protection Agency attempted to have the building condemned after it was discovered that the structure was ridden with asbestos and lead paint. Today the library is a place where students come to pass out

The Osprey

No one actually knows what an Osprey is. Some say it is a mythical bird, capable of world destruction and others claim that it is no more than a sea pigeon. One thing that is certain, is that the Osprey does not live on campus. This is evident by the large Goose population that has left a fine layer of feces over the entire campus