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{{Q| 25% fun,75% malaria|[[Oscar Wilde]]|Camp Refugee.}}
{{Q| 25% fun,75% malaria|[[Oscar Wilde]]|Camp Refugee.}}
{{Q| I could see the AIDs in the water!|[[Ahgee]]|Camp Refugee}}
{{Q| I could see the AIDs in the water!|[[Ahgee]]|Camp Refugee}}

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“ 25% fun,75% malaria”
~ Oscar Wilde on Camp Refugee.
“ I could see the AIDs in the water!”
~ Ahgee on Camp Refugee


Camp refugee was founded in 2005 by the United Nations and ever since then campers have been happy playing games and activities created by us.We got several awards like The Geneva Convention for mostinhumane place ever jsut behind Quantamino Bay and Hell by God.Joining Camp refuge is a commitment and a once-in-a-lifetime expience in fact it will be the last thing you will ever do.Come join us for all this fun!

Camp Activities

There many camp activities ranging from circumzisions to contracting AIDs.Heres a full list below.

  • Build-a-AK - this is the best activity as you get to strip down an AK and rebuild it in 5 seconds.How fun is that!Winners get a AIDS vaccine,Losers get executed.
  • Relay races thru lakes full of pirannahs and landmines! - Is your little camper competitive? Well if he is then send him down to Camp Refuge to race thru 200 kilometers of malaria-filled water,pirannhas,and touch-activated land mines! How fun is that!Winners get a good job sticker and losers get there left hand-chopped off.(Note:that only boys can play this one,As we need to decrease africa's population for health and economic reasons.)
  • Who can run faster from a cheetah in 179 degrees thru th Saharah - Just like the top run this requires strength and teamwork as 4 teams of campers are put on teams wearing beef on thier backs while trying to run away from cheetahs in 179 degrees thru the Saharah.How fun is that!

  • Circumzise - This is for boyz only as it requries skill,presicion, and Penis.Boy must race against time to see who can get the outer layer of skin around there penis.First one to bleed is disqualified.
  • Hunter - This one is for your littlehunter as the camper is put on either HUNTER or GAME.Hunters have guns with real bullets,Gps,and survival kits,GAME have bright yellow close that never get stained, no gps,and if they get hurt,Who cares!Winners get to eat the other team for Dinner.Who do you think is going to win?
  • Scavenger hunt - this is a rather simple game as all participants are given fast actingAids or HIV and must find the vaccine before time runs out.
  • Hot grenade - Just like the original game of Hot potatoe,But this is with 10 people and a grenade that is time for 10 seconds before blowing up and killing all ten players.How fun is that!
  • Dog hunt - Just like Hunter except that the arena is a cage full of hungry lions and Michael Moore.The key to the game is to find the key to open the door to the cage and get out alive.

more coming soon...

How to Join

Your reading all of this and you say " WoW all this is super fun,I want to play in malaria filled water!".First you must contact us thru or hotline 555-555-5555 or wait 20 years for our brochure to come.Then get a 100 thousand dollar plane to come to Camp refugee