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{{Q|Ahhh, eel and leek crumble. 19th century food at its best...|Oscar Wilde|Worst 100 Foods of All time}}
{{Q|Ahhh, eel and leek crumble. 19th century food at its best...|Oscar Wilde|Worst 100 Foods of All time}}

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99 April Fools Jokes
98 Firefox extensions
97 Foods
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95 Harry Potter Spin-offs
94 Inventions
93 Locations
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89 Moments to Laugh
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86 Nonexistent Words
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“Ahhh, eel and leek crumble. 19th century food at its best...”
~ Oscar Wilde on Worst 100 Foods of All time
“Oh the shame... Oh the igmony. My you are a fine looking boy...”
~ Sir John Gielgud on something completely different
“Let them eat cake...Let them eat cake I say!”
~ DUFF on charm city cake fame


100. Penutbutter and Jellyfish sandwich on rye.
Jellyfish just doesn't work with the texture of rye bread.
99. Grapefruit Pudding Pops.
What was the "Cos" thinking?
98. Green Ham and Egg on your face.
Good help is so hard to find.
97. Carp Jerky.
Carp tastes great, jerkies are awsome but somehow this combo just doesn't work.
96. Escargo.
Goes against common sense to eat snails.
95. Celery
JUST NO! The devil doesn't even touch this shit!
94. Sprouts
those green peices of shit have been forced down our necks for too long just because some jackass said that there "good for us"
93. Marmite
it's tastes like anal rape feels
92. Krabby Patty with Jellyfish shit
nuff said
91. Fried whale penis
No explanation needed


90. Boiled whale penis
89. knuckle sandwich
sounds better than a punch in the face... oh
88. Salami and shit sandwich
87. McSallmonilla Shake
tastes as good coming up as it did going down.
86.Chicken Nuggets
they make our children phat.

Honorable Mention

British Food
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