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{{Wilde|I deny everything. The orange ones are the best.|His [[Kitten Huffing]] habit.}}
{{Wilde|I deny everything. The orange ones are the best.|His [[Kitten Huffing]] habit.}}

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“I deny everything. The orange ones are the best.”
~ Oscar Wilde on His Kitten Huffing habit.


Infinite Sex Theorem is a mathematical proof developed by Oscar Wilde circa 1841. It was inspired by the infinite monkey thoerem or An infinite number of monkeys with typewriters. It basically states that if an infinite number of people had sex with another infinite people for an infinite amount of time, by the end of it they would all have aids, as well as every other STD known to man. It does not necessarily have to involve monkeys.

Mathematical Formulae

\sum_{sex = true}^{\infty}\int_{\infty}^{\infty}\frac{ \int_{0}^{\infty}\sqrt{|\alpha^{people} + \beta^{sex} + \gamma^{infinity}|}}{\int_{-\infty}^{0}\sqrt{|people^{\alpha} - sex^{\beta} - infinity^{\gamma}|}}  =  \frac{d}{dsex} \frac{(STD^s) + AID^s}{0^{\infty}}

Many claim Oscar Wilde was drunk or high (see kitten huffing) when he proposed this.

Practical Application

Using New Math and Lambada Calculus combined with undifferential factors and impartial logarithms to create psychohistory, this thoerem can be analysed and a cure to aids will be found. But since no one knows what undifferential factors and impartial logarithms are or where to find them these efforts have so far proved fruitless.

Contribution to Science

This thoerem combined with true theorem of the universe brought about the answer to the ultimate question. Evolution?. The answer however is hidden in a time capsule buried down toward the center of the earth. The Bush Administration has been searching for this for many years now but so far have found nothing but oil.Unknown to them Hitler was actually first to obtain this answer. It was so powerful that it killed him and then went back in time and killed him again.

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