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Dethcentrik supershow
Dethcentrik playing this huge show in front of a shit ton of people
Origins A basement
Year(s) active High school graduation through college and hopefully beyond dude
Genre(s) awesome music stuff, grungecoregrind, pop
Labels The Majorest label ever
Members This one dude named Don Bevert
Machine Gunner
Former members {{{former members}}}

Dethcentrik is this really famous group of dudes that make the world's finest music, they are the biggest musical success since the last band you've never heard of.

Dethcentrik emerges

In the middle of 2009 this band called Dethcentrik formed, that's right, a band. Such an event is so rare it was obvious Dethcentrik was headed for success. Having so few bands in their local scene to compete with, Dethcentrik was easily able to gain critical success by telling old high school buddies "we started this band, you should check it out." People were so in love with the band immediately that kind words such as "you suck and you should quit" were regularly spoken to the band, normally online, a long-held tradition in town was to honor greats with such praise online.

Dethcentrik's Rise to Superstardom

Dethcentrik became one of the most famous bands on Earth when they officially topped 5000 MySpace friends, 1,000 Facebook likes, and their singer got over 150 twitter followers. A feat that hadn't been achieved by any band since the last band to achieve such a feat. Eventually they also began to get praised about how much they suck by actual publications and were placed on compilation albums with other really famous bands that you've never heard of but they're super famous. After accomplishing the extremely difficult task of getting on iTunes, which only super famous bands get on, the band was rightfully labelled sellouts by like two people, a huge musical compliment.

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