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Most people don't know what's behind blue eyes, the brain, a soul or an empty dark void full of demons that will kill everyone, but then get killed by Chuck Norris. Whatever it is we don't know what it is and the more you know the more you know you don't know, you know. Anyway, there is much that we don't know that exists and there is much that we don't know that doesn't exists but, we must find out both in the name of science!

edit The Sea

Behind the Blue eyes may lay the sea one report said a girl drowned in a man's eyes later she stated that she was in love with him and simply was lost in his eyes and the media should leave her and him alone. A search has now started for that girl, the eye doctor said we were all crazy and should get life. The girl now mad punched a random man in face (unfortunately that man happened to be her boyfriend) and water squirted out of his blue eye.

edit The Brain

Of, course scientifically the brain is suppose to be behind the eyes although only one cases of having brain fly out of your eye after being punched was reported.A man punched Chuck Norris in the eye to check, soon remembered Chuck Norris doesn't have blue eyes, Chuck Norris mad then punched that man in the eye. On an unrelated note, 10 minutes later a space craft saw a huge crater with a blob of human organs in it. Police think that this and the missing girl are related and Chuck Norris ran into the mans eye to hide from the law. Police are trying to find them. On an unrelated note, the man said he feels very uncomfortable having someone star in his eye for 2 and 1/2 hours.

edit The Song??

Or this was suppose to be about the song. IDK.

edit The Song

Of course the song shows that Chuck Norris was behind blue eyes.

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