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== Hypnotherapy and Hypnosis the complete history ==
Hypnotherapy and hypnosis was made up by a strange guy called Anton Mesmer a good few years ago.{edit needed}
Anton got this idea of healing folk by slinging some desperate people into tubs of freezing cold water filled with iron filings, then waved a magnetic rod about the idiots. This severely traumatised his subjects with hypothermia therapy, however it made his subjects forget all about why they came to seek his assistance in the first place. They later got carried home after treatment forgetting their original neurosis due to it being replaced with life long psychosis.
Magnetism and Hypothermiatherapy was born. Later with a few misinterpretations by total @rds#, Hypothermia-therapy became Hypnotherapy as it's known today.
'''Modern Hypnotherapy and Hypnosis usage:'''

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