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{{VFD}}{{Color title|hotpink}}
{{Color title|hotpink}}
<font color=hotpink>
<font color=hotpink>

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This article is about the color. For other uses, see faggot.



~ Pink on pink

My armor is NOT pink, it's lightish red!

~ Donut on his pink armor
“It is hard to read this page!”

Pink! Pink! Pink is so pretty!

~ Oscar Wilde on ██

Opposite of yellow.

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The colour pink was first invented in 1872 when the colour red had a one night stand with the colour white.

Pink is a vile color that Tom Cruise himself wrought upon humanity to destroy the world of men.

Pink is a color often made by applying KY Jelly to homosexuals. This is sometimes described as "being in the pink," though the expression can also mean that one is not sick.

NOTE: The term pink should NOT be confused with Punk (however, some of them have pink hair).

"Pink" was not a color word known to Shakespeare, even though he was a flaming Elizabethan. In his day, the term faerie was used instead.

For that totally awesome singer/songwriter who Avril Lavigne, Christina Agorilla and Kelly Clarkson tried to copy, see P!nk.


An example of the color Pink, which may appear blue to those currently taking one of several varieties of methamphetamines.

Usage, symbolism, colloquial expressions

  • Pink is like red but not quite, which is why YOU get attacked at 49ers games, Buccaneers games, Republican conventions, and Blood hangouts.
  • The leader in the Giro d'Italia road bsinger icycle race wears a pink jersey (maglia rosa); this reflects the distinctive pink-colored newsprint of the sponsoring Italian La Gazzetta dello Sport newspaper. The pink coloring makes the rider easy to identify so that the other cyclists can beat the shit out of him for wearing such a queer shirt.
  • Pink is my new obsession.

As in the optional literal.A as in blue etcetera

  • Similarly, the (London) Financial Times newspaper has, since 1893, used a distinctive salmon-pink color for its newsprint, mainly as a way to suck discretionary income out of homosexuals and spit it into the stock market.
  • Pink is one of the two main colours of the Invisible Pink Unicorn. the other colour of course being invisible.
  • P!nk is the most incredible singer in the world AMEN.
  • In Catholicism, a priest will don a pink vestment in order to alert the altar boys that it is time to apply the ceremonial lubricants to their private parts. However, in Protestantism, a pink candle is often used instead.
  • Pink's on the lips of your lover.
  • Pink is traditionally used on maps for territory ruled by the British Empire, for members of the Commonwealth of Nations, and other famous gay neighborhoods.
  • Pink gets me high as a kite.
  • Pink, being a 'watered-down' red, is sometimes used in order to praise a watered-down Republican ('Pinko').
  • In maps of political parties in Portugal, pink is used to represent the areas where it is not safe to touch anybody's olives or grapes.
  • Pink is the new kind of lingo.
  • When the monkey wrapped his tail around the flagpole, we saw his asshole, and it was pink.
  • While the West typically refers to adult films as "blue movies," in Japan these films are often called "Pink Movies." This is because when clothing is removed from little Japanese people they are revealed to be pink.
  • Pink is my favorite crayon.
  • Pink is the color of the snooker ball which has a 6-point value. A pink Ben-Wah ball, on the other hand, or in the other hand, is worth 69 points.
  • Pink can mean the scarlet coat worn in fox hunting, a.k.a. "doing it doggy-style with the hounds."
  • "Think Pink!" is a song by Barbra Streisand, about Norsemen using longboats to explore the upper reaches of her nose.
  • Pink is what happens when white is aroused, bleeding or embarrassed
  • Pink is the manliest color in teh worldz

Boys & Girls favorite color is "PINK"

What is your favorite color is pinks!!!! you want your pink party? FINES boys favorite color is pink. FINES girls favorite color is pink. All colors are created equal, and that includes pink (but does not include purple). So neither boys nor girls should hate on pink.

Hot pink

Hot pink broke off from pink at the 1914 Pink Party Congress. While the two pinks have not had formal relations since that time, (even going to war in 1969 over which color would get to rule San Francisco), the Roman Catholic pope has tried to heal the schism by dressing altar boys in both varieties of pink underwire braws.

The Pink Race

Often mistaken for white people, the Great Pink Race is the great gift Hitler brought to our generation. Often called rednecks for their extreme pink colouring, they believe in using a pretty shade of genocide (red) and eugenics (white) to turn the whole world into rosafarbenehautubermench (pink-skinned-super-men).

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