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And that's Mama Luigi to you.
“It's yours my friend, as long as you have enough rupees!”
~ Morshu on his items for sale

Morshu is an obese shopkeeper in Goronu, known for selling only three things, lamp oil, rope and bombs in exchange for certain amounts of rupees. He is unable to give credit, not even to Link, his most frequent customer and Hero of Koridai. He has a tendency to say MMM a lot, which tends to annoy his customers quite a bit. Unfortunately, he is the only shopkeeper in Koridai, meaning people who live there have no choice but to buy from his shop.

He has gotten in trouble with Mayor Kravindish once, when he claimed that what he was selling was illegal, although Mayor Kravindish thinks he is illegal. He has however, been confirmed to selling bombs to terrorists that wish to blow up buildings.

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His archenemy is Ushrom, a fellow shopkeeper in Gamelon who surprisingly sells the exact same items to Link's girlfriend Zelda, who buys from Ushrom's shop quite frequently.


You want it?


Morshu is well-known for his greed, and will often demand high amounts of rupees from his customers in exchange for his goods. He is also somewhat violent, killing anyone who dares to try to steal from him by striking them with lightning. How exactly he does this is unknown, although this gives people good reason not to steal from his shop. He has an unhealthy obsession with his customer Link, to the extent he dreams of having a relationship with him, suggesting he is in fact a homersexual. He apparently enjoys harassing his customers, even giving them the finger.

Early Life

Not much is known about Morshu's past, however is it known that he was born in Koridai, and that his shop was built several years prior to Ganon seizing the island of Koridai. He was once part of a demolition squad, blowing up several things with bombs. This gave him the idea of selling explosives to people. He also decided to sell lamp oil and rope at his shop to people as well, for does who explore caves and for those who are kinky.

The Invasion of Koridai

During the Invasion of Koridai, Morshu often took advantage of the situation, selling lamp oil, rope, and bombs at high prices to Link and other customers that wished to defend themselves from the evil forces of Ganon that were attacking the island. This made him very wealthy, and he considered to start building shops in Hyrule after the invasion was over.

Friends and Family

Morshu is rumored to be related to George, the baker that lives to Gamelon, but this rumor is unconfirmed. He is good friends with King Harkinian, although he often tells him to stay away from his boy. His most frequent customer and his friend is Link, although rumor suggests they may be more than friends.

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